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Gemelas Patil

Padma y Parvati Patil
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I always hated how the movies made them bookends, and replaced Lavendar's role as Parvati's BFF with Padma. Great illustration of the sisters!

ohh, slipped up with your ravenclaw colours :P loving the facial expressions though!
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It's amazing, I like this !
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siiii! puedo comentar en español TOT
es genial! me encanta como has hecho la nariz de pavarti, has conseguido que sean iguales pero ligeramente diferentes. es una serie de ilustraciones?
de todas formas, voy a pasearme por tu trabajo *o*
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primero pensé que la grafíca pequeña en el rincón fue sangre pero entonces hice clic en el imagen por google imagenes- jajaja el resultado es menos violento. Me gustan, son bonitas!
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Las gemelas bonitas! Me gusta tu estilo! :+fav:
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They look exacly how I imagined Padma and Parvati :)
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¿cómo los dibujó?
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jaja, muy bueno, chica.

(lo sieto para mi espanol T^T)
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your spanish is actually good :) although you've just said a few words :D
It's always good to practice ;)
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Really pretty! I love how diverse JKR is with her characters.
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Un dibujo fantastico! Estupendo, mi amiga!

(You are a girl, right?)
IriusAbellatrix's avatar
Gracias!! Yes, I am a girl XD :aww:
lilmissmanga's avatar
Good to know, good to know. Have you drawn any other HP work?
They are awsom ! :+fav:
Yay I loved this I'm a twin:) Twins rock!
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Twins do rock! And I speacilly love it that JKRownling put them in sepparate houses (ravenclaw & Gryffindor) because many poeple think they should be in the same house, but some of us keep reminding them that twins are identical only on the outside. :D
I wish I have twins, although I prefer them male. And yes, this wish appeared when I met Fred and George XD
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:aww: Ellas son muy bellas!

(Por favor perdone mi horrible espanol ^^;)
IriusAbellatrix's avatar
Gracias!! no worries :aww: my english is horrible...:boo:
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y son bonitas, cuando las dibujas
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