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How to Make Gifs Out of Videos

By IrisVampyria
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- Hi there.

This is a tutorial I made for making gifs on Photoshop CS3 or 4. I'm not sure if the process works the same way on older versions with Image Ready. You can try though and maybe tell me about it.

It took me some time and dedication to learn all this by myself. I hope this trick works for you too. It's not easy to do it and it also requires patience from you. Although, the final result is very good and you feel glad you actually did it :)

- Since I realised to many people yould like to learn this, I tried it myself and that's the way I do my gifs from now on. There's also another trick, made with Windows Movie Maker, created by my friend :icondarknessfadesaway: on EvThreads. She hasn't a tutorial on it though, but she's very good at graphics.

The only thing I have to say now is that I hope you enjoy the tutorial, leave your comments, if you have any problem with any step on the tutorial or any doubt, please don't hesitate to send me a note.

You can see the gif I created on this tut: [link]

Íris Santos.
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I downloaded YTD for this, I converted the vid into a .MOV
but when I open Photoshop and try and open it, it says:
"could not complete your request becase QuickTime Version 7.1 or later is required"
I got QuickTime player so why isnt it working D:
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I don't come here as I usually did. If you're still intersted I have an impecable new way of making gifs on Photoshop! It doesn't require much and it's super easy!
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What and now it's working! XD
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Sorry for the super late reply! Now I have a new and much easier way to make gif videos. If you still interested contact me :)
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Why it's dosen't work i have all programs what i need and video in right form :C And I have been spend 4hours for this :'D
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wow this is it really complicated
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Wow ! Thanks for the tutorial xD
It really helped me cuz smplayer always failed me and idk if there are other ways to do gifs ;~;
So I ended up following your tutorial haha :3 Thanks again !!
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I'm so glad it was useful :D
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Interesting. thanks!
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I'm glad it was helpful :)
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I've been trying to do this for the longest time LOL.
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I'm happy it's useful :)
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hi, i really want to try this, but whenever i put a link to download, none of them work :S
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I'm having trouble with YoutubeDownloader too. You can use this site to download video though: [link]
Then when you finish downloading, you can use Youtube Downloader to convert it if you need to :)

Hope I helped.
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i downloaded it, then i realized it didn't support mac :( do you know another one for macs? :)
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No, unfortunately I never really used a Mac either, ahah!
I'm so sorry I can't help you that way :(
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Thanks so much! I'm pretty excited to try this :D
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You're welcome :)

I hope you have fun with it.
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I can't wait to try it .
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I can just tell you it works!
Most people just keep looking for other tuts because this one requires you to download Youtube Downloader, I guess. But all I'm sure is that it really works!
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I agree with you.Youtube Downloader it's very useful. ;)
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Thank you a lot for posting this! It was mighty helpful.
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Thank God it was helpful. Thought no one would use it. Thanks ^^
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It was the only tutorial I could find on making .gifs that made sense! You did a good job. ^_^
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