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StrawberryDvl T14-Maran by IRISIRIX StrawberryDvl T14-Maran by IRISIRIX
Modeling, Released: StrawberryDvl

Warning: Mature content (R-18 model), Prohibited re-distribute, comercial purpose.
It is prohibited to distribute this model without permission.
It is not possible to remove the part from this model and attach it to another model.

Next version scheduled.

Original information:… Petit:…

Modelers note:

What's new? Not that much, just some rutinary fixing and a few tweakings here and there.
*Asigned toon to materials that didn't have any toon at all
*Re organized material order
*Re named bones (at least the ones you might attach stuff to)
*Adjusted "disappear" morphs to not turn black while "fading"
*Adjusted "lips closed 2" morph to get a better labia appearance (it looks a bit chubby now) xP
*Now tight thigh is the default model appearance, however, when you turn stockings off, it reverts to a normal thigh mesh (it has a separated mesh for that tight effect)
*Each folder contains a normal model along with an IK Arm version.
*Readme / Rules had changed (regarding edition / distribution, etc) now I'm more flexible.
*I recommend using them with SimpleToonShader, since those models are Toon styled, but you can use any effect, of course.
*Ray-Cast might need some adjustment in it's values in order to not look weird due to my simple UV mapping.
I'll post Petite Maran in a few days along with Mimiku, with same changes except for the tight thigh stuff.

*UTAU: >>(re uploaded 5/12, nurse cap rig fix) This one includes a straight back hair .pmx file, just in case you want to add it or whatever.
*M-Ship: >>Can switch colour palette via morphs
*Valkyrie: >>(re uploaded)
*Cow: >>You can detach her tail and with morphs turn it into an anal bead tail (It has physics now)
*Bikini+Fox: >>Micro Bikini model has morphs to switch from human to fox (Ears and tail, hiding human ears and slightly modifying hair)
DL: (T14-Maran Petite: Default + Bikini)
DL: (Mimiku)
Petit version latest temp patch version (IRISIRIX) eye bone adjusted. neck weight fixed.
モーションによっては素体の破損が生じるのでtemp patchバージョンを推奨します。

Dunamis01 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
Mimiku is very cute!
Please make others~~~~
IRISIRIX Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2018
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December 8, 2017
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