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Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones

As close as I could get to the original toy line by Galoob.…

From l-r: Golden Girl, Jade, Onyx, Saphire (yes, it is spelled with one "p"), and Rubee.

This was made using DollDivine's RPG Heroine Creator.  Edited in Gimp to put all 5 ladies in one pic, to add the Guardians' original shields because I was not happy with the options in the game. Also added Rubee's crossbow and Jade's helmet since there was nothing equivalent. Everything else was created in the game.  Let me know if I hit close to the mark.

I absolutely LOVED these toys, they came out before She-Ra in my state, and I thought they looked SO much cooler. Their armor was cool, the shields were die cast metal and wearable as a brooch the kid who owned it, and they just put the She-Ra toy line to shame. She-Ra lost ALL her edge in toy form.

Golden Girl has suffered in obscurity because the cartoon which was to accompany the toy line -- the ubiquitous marketing plan of all 80's toys and the way which most kids became aware of new toy lines -- was never aired. To learn more, check out this website.…
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It's too bad it didn't get a show since there is some potential here.
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wow these look amazing, I love them :)
I do remember these in the "very early 80's", religious leaders called them barbarianism for girls, but offered no substitute in their place, (with the possible exception of tea kitties in dresses) kind of like what johnny quest must have gone through.No, I disagree! Waaaah! 
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That is so crazy since no one minded the barbarianism for boys that was He-Man toys and Conan comic books.

Honestly, I loved these figures, and it was my younger brother's suggestion to use them to play with him and his Castle Greyskull set from the He-Man line.  GG and the Guardians held the castle since the Sorceress of Greyskull was missing (it would be another couple of years before they got around to making a figure of her) and the Guardians, not trusting He-Man because they had no clue who he was, fought him and his forces to a standstill. I was even allowed to drop He-Man through the trapdoor in the floor, lol!

The characters stayed with me for over 3 decades now, always somewhere in the back of my head, because the description cards on the back of the boxes were never more than 2 or 3 sentences and rather vague as to who these ladies were and what they did.  I never saw the books in my toy market, nor board game.  They were just there in the store in 1985, and gone by '86.  I had to figure out for myself who they were.

Eventually, I began using the characters in my Star Wars imaginings.  At some point in the 80s, the Marvel Star Wars comic books did a story with people who looked a lot like barbarians, rather Conan-esque, (though now I realize that it was supposed to be more "John Carter of Mars," something I had never heard of back then) and since it was a story centered on Leia, I paid close attention to it.  It got me thinking that Argonia could be a planet peopled by a race of humans who had technology at their fingertips, yet still dressed and even battled more like "barbarians", and so I developed a whole story about where Argonia was, what its value was in the galaxy, how its leadership was structured, etc.  It does mean that Dragon Queen, Moth Lady, Vultura, and Wild One were basically dropped from existence, but having never had the figures except Dragon Queen, I had no emotional attachment to them to keep them around, lol.

In any case, if you would like to see how I re-imagined the Guardians as Star Wars characters and what roles I finally gave them, check them out here.
Guardians of Argonia by IrishSkye