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I think now is a good time to retire from one of my main hobbies.....3D rendering. I rarely do them anymore....but I can't get better on it, think I reached my limit plus I seen better renders done by other artist which puts my stuff to shame. So that's it...after 3 or 4 years of it...I'm done with 3D rendering and will miss doing it.


Eugene aka Irishhips

Hi everyone, It me again. Just to let people know I given up 3D rendering...why? I can't be bother anymore plus there are better 3D renders out and I get jealous of them and make me think that my stuff are I decided to call it a day. I hope you followers enjoy my 3D stuff...I know I'm gonna lose followers because of this.

On other topic.....I'm opening up to cartoon commissions, if anyone interested in my style. So let me know what you want and we can sort out a price.
I notice a bunch of people has been asking me for models I used in my renders....They're not mine!!!
I use models that are made by other people...not me. So please...stop asking me for the models.
They're not mine, so I'm not gonna send them.

END OF STORY!!!! followers.
First time writing one of these.....
I just wanted to say that from now on...I'll be putting my own stamp on work because the deviantart's stamp kinda ruins of the pictures.

Bye from now.

Eugene aka Irishhips