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No matter how hard I have tried
I cannot forget the impression
you left upon me
The impression in my heart.
In my soul.
My body craves
My heart is empty
without You
My soul needs to be
I have dreamed of you
Capturing me
Ravishing me
Owning me
Come to me and
claim what has always been yours
Take me into your world
Show me the light in your darkness
Fill the emptiness inside me.
That longs to be filled by You.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 2 0
I love you
How could I go,
Just walk away?
Nothing said
Nothing done
I love you so much
Melt down of sorts
Wishing I could speak
Say it all
Say those words
I love you
Nothing, nothing comes
No words
No thoughts
Run fast
Don’t let him get close
Panic stricken
It’s not the answer
I don’t know where
I don’t know how
I'm just reacting to
The panic inside
Where’s the magic
Where’s the wand
Turn back time
Bring you back
Deep inside
Where were the words
They've failed me
You need to know
I love you
I love you
I truly do
Is it too late for words?
Too late
Too late
Trapped inside
Deep inside
Inside the fear
Tattooing on my brain
I love you
Lost love
Lost chance
Live and learn?
Too late
Your gone
But still
I love you
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 1 0
My longing
My tears pour forth
Thinking of my past
The mistakes I've made
The hurt I've endured.
At times I feel
Unworthy of anyone's
Love and care.
I long, desire
To be cherished and adored
To be someone's
One and only.
I long for someone
To share my heart
My dreams, my all.
Someone to grow old with
To love till my dying day
Someone who's heart
Truly belongs to me.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 1 0
Let me be yours
Take me  
On a tour of the stars
Show me the path
To inner peace
Lift up my spirit
Where it longs to be
Show me your magic
Let me be your muse
You’ve shown me a world
I’ve only seen in dreams
Waterfalls and forests
Reflecting the silver moon
Lovers caressing
Along the beach
Lost souls found
Where we are meant to be
So take my hand
Lead me along the golden path
Show me your world
Take my heart
Hold it close
Our heartbeats in sync
Let me be yours
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 1 0
Let me go
You say that you love me
You say that you need me
You say you cannot live without me
You have no wants no desire
You think you're helping
You're not.
Pain in my heart
Emotions rage deep inside
Anger and hatred
Love and need
Hunger and desire
All wrapped up, twisting inside
Anger flares
to ignite the
Fire in my soul
Let me go
Let me be
I'll be ok
You will see
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 2 0
Enough is enough
Enough with the pain
Enough of the tears
No more hurting
No more fears
No regrets
I'm through doubting
I'm done playing games
I'm done talking in circles
I'm done fighting
I have filled
a thousand pages
of our lost love
But now one word
will suffice
and nothing more need be said, but.....
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 1 0
Internal fires,
smolder deep within.
Bursting into flames
ignited by emotions.
Uncontrollable anger.
Need to tear out the
very fiber of existence.
Building inside, burning.
Feeling as if one touch,
one word,
one movement
will break free the urge to destroy.
Sorrow, pain, anger.
Hateful actions,
angry words,
tears well,
tears fall,
leaving no trace.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 4 0
Dance with the muses
Dance with the muses
Play with the faeries
Commune with the Goddess
Drink in the stars
Ride the celestial skies
Discover the planets
Become one with the night
Until the morning light
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 2 0
To hold
To touch
To See,
To taste
To smell.
To laugh with,
To Cry or yell.
To be mad,
Or love so true.
To hug or
Is forever,
Without you,
By my side.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 2 0
What you do to me
You see right through me,
Right down to my soul
As if truly knowing me is your goal
I look at you and start to melt.
These feelings I don't understand.
I don't know if I can,
Or if I want to.
This connection scares me.
The things they make me want to do.
A touch from you drives me crazy
A kiss brings me to my knees
A look makes my heart melt
The sound of your voice soothes my soul
What I need from you,
Is to hear you say
you feel the same way too.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 3 0
Where I long to be
I’ve only just met him
but I can plainly see
in my hearts of hearts
where I long to be
I want his touch
on my skin
the gentleness of his fingers
making me his slave.
I crave his kiss
upon my ruby lips
the softness and passion
surely building
making me want more
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 2 0
Knowing we have love
If you love something,
Set it free they say.
I've done this time and time again
and there you stand, waiting for me.
Only the Gods and Goddesses know
what tomorrow will bring
I only hope it brings us home
to be together once and for all.
Home to my loving heart
And the dreams we both have shared
Of happily ever after
and of our family.
We have dreamt of this for so long
our future we have yet to plan
but together we can do anything
Knowing that we have love and faith
on our side
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 2 0
If Only
If only life were simple,
and dreams always came true,
If money weren't an object
there'd be so much we could do.
If only time could stand still
when all is going great,
if only we were masters
of our lives and of our fate.
If only we could smile,
at everyone we meet.
If only we could wake each day
with not a single regret.
If only it were easy
to always speak your mind.
If only we could do
whatever our hearts desired.
If only I had taken time,
to do the things I wanted to do,
if only I had spent
every single day with you.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 2 0
Sitting on a ledge overlooking the city, I see cars racing to beat the lights and people needlessly pushing and shoving.
A look to my left and I see a homeless man. His eyes hidden behind dark glasses, a can by his side, haggard looking and wearing tattered clothes with a can by his arm.
People walking by him push and kick him out of the way as if he were the old tin can.
A few people toss coins into his can in hope that he will get a decent meal or at least off the street for the night.
Two teenagers sneak up and steal his can. He doesn't even notice then running off snickering.
In today's society it is truly the survival of the fittest.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 0 0
All aboard
"All Aboard!"
The conductors call lifts me from my thoughts.
A tear starts to slide down my cheek as I take one last look around. This will be the last time I am here, for Grandmother has been put to rest.
As I climb aboard the train and we begin to move, memories flood my brain. As the scenerey flashes past I am reminded of when we last saw each other. Even though it was only a year, it seemed like an eternity.
My heart is full of pain and sadness, but I know she is better off. She spent too many years in that sick bed and now she is free at last.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 0 0
Paradise Lost
Sitting by the window I think of you.
A tear slides down my cheek as I remember when you held me close and whispered words of love into my ear.
We had dreams of forever, you and I. Yet now they are but a vague memory.
The thunderous skies outside remind me of that last night. We shared angered words and many tears. But when you left I never dreamed it would be the last time I would see you.
The white coated man's words shattered my hopes and fulfilled my fears. You are gone from me now. And I am realizing too late, my paradise lost.
:iconirishdragonfly7:irishdragonfly7 1 0

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Sun Oct 5, 2014, 11:19 PM

What do you do when things do not go the way you expected them to go? 

I have been trying like crazy to work through this situation and I am at a loss. I am sure this will be read into and supposition will follow. but in all honesty, I do not care ATM. 

I scanned a bunch of photos from over 20 years ago and I realize how differently my life turned out.  My parents, who shared such an amazing love were still here, and now are both gone.  The love I wanted didn't want me (or so I thought) and I had decided to go through with a life choice that garnered me my gorgeous Fae.   I would not change that fact for the world. She is my world. My bright shining light in the darkness and the main reason I am the person I am today. 

Oh how I wanted something different back then. I had bright shiny dreams of the future and hope and since I was not wanted by the person I wanted most, I chose to go down the path I did. 

Today, I have bright shiny moments and this horrible thing we call PTSD with Clinical Depression.  So life is littered with lots and lots of dark and dingy moments.  Lately, these have been way more than the happy moments. I am ready to give up and let them win. I know I know. I should hold onto the shiny, happy moments I do have now. I have the child of my heart, the love of my life and lots of fur kids. but for some reason, the emptiness is here and all i want to do is curl up into a ball and let it win. 

I am not writing, I am not reading, I am existing, but not living. 


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