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One: I'm really into Final Fantasy right now. As if you couldn't tell from the fanart. I don't know how long this fascination with last, but it'll be fun in the meantime.

Subset of one: Because of my discovery of Final Fantasy, particularly FFVII, I'm working on a couple fanfic ideas that I may turn into a fancomic at some point. If I can manage my time well enough to work on it.

Two: My webcomic is no longer hosted by ComicGenesis. Probably should have updated about that sooner, but not that many people seem to have discovered the comic through DA in the past. Anyway, Mary Quite Contrary is hosted by Blogger now.
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VII (over and over and over...)
  • Drinking: orange juice
Well, aside from still plotting and planning a business that isn't going anywhere until I have a source on income, not much.

There is one shining accomplishment, however:
I have a webcomic!

Check out Mary Quite Contrary when you have some free time.

I've also joined a club.


The Character Creators club looks like a good fit for me. I have more characters than I know what to do with! ^^;
Man. That was a long absence. My computer was in the shop getting a bunch of bugs scraped out of it, so I just had the old family computer to do online stuff on. (How old is it? It uses Windows '95.)

Anyway, just an explanation for why I haven't been around in a while.
WOW! Thanks, DrSmiles, for the subscription! ^_^ Now I can sell prints! This is great!

Now to save up money so I can continue the subscription after the three months are up.

I had a great Christmas with my family. I've also been trying to learn how to drive so I can be a little more independent from mass transit. Winter is not a good time to do this. oO

Other than that, not much to say here. I update my LiveJournal more often, anyway.

So, this'll appear on the front page of my Deviant gallery, right?


Anyway, what should I say about myself? Well, I'm an artist (duh), and I really like anime and manga. Mainly shonen manga like Rurouni Kenshin and YuYu Hakusho. Cool fight scenes and bishies! Weee!

Oh, I'm also trying to make some money with my artwork, but that hasn't gotten very far yet. (Seems you actually need money in order to make money, and seeing as I'm broke...)

I do have a couple of shops with Cafe Press where I can host merchendice featuring my art for free. Great! Now if only someone would buy the stuff. *hint hint* ^_^

The shops are Angelic Warriors and Fox and Pups.

Let's see. Anything else? Not for now I guess. I really need to get the hang of this thing. ^_^