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June 28, 2013
Suggested by several deviants.

Dragon And Girl by ~irish-blackberry
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Dragon And Girl

This picture is an illustration to the book. I drawing this on the description of the author of the book. I would be glad to your comments.
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ajoj-majoj's avatar
Awesome. What book is it?
Charpatrick's avatar
I never thought that i would find a mirror that shows truth.
This is more than beatiful.
Thank You.
dianadragon's avatar
OMG it is so realistic so beautiful I love your dragons
PerGlizda's avatar
LexThomas's avatar
Ohhhh sooo cute. And Amazing 
Skerkrou's avatar
Very nice done! Beautiful colours and rich detail :) stunning! The only thing I could criticize a bit negatively is the anatomy of the golden dragon, which in comparison to the realistic depiction of the girl, looks a bit sloppy. But if it wasn't for the contrast with the girl, which to me looks to be drawn in a slightly different style, it wouldn't have any importance at all...I love the detail of the dragon's head :)
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
Wow, very beautiful picture, I love all the details, and how you drew the forest with the sunlight is amazing! :love:
And I just love the dragon and the little girl, so adorable :la: He looks like a protector to her.
Vorondara's avatar
So very lovely and imaginative! The details are truly amazing.
Eirenare's avatar
This is a delight for the eyes ^^ It´s overwhelming how much details it has, and it´s really beautiful.

I would like so much to know for what book this gorgeous illustration is >w<
Faithfeather's avatar
:D ooooo I really like this
burgonartworks's avatar
such professionalism, these are the kind of deviations that make me stop and view them more carefully, beautiful work.
lunaSerene's avatar
Wow! this is very beautiful, i really liked your colouring and the dragon :D
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
ZaubererbruderASP's avatar
What's up with the poor troll?
irish-blackberry's avatar
He is poor and sad because the picture is called "Girl and the Dragon", not a "Girl and the troll" :)
ZaubererbruderASP's avatar
AAAAWWWW, the poor Troll :(
onlyanaccount's avatar
I always like it when dragons look cute and non-ferocious.
Dragon-Artist92's avatar
Loroqueen's avatar
Wow this is really beautiful :D I really love your work, would you mind if I made a pixelart of this? O.O
irish-blackberry's avatar
Icon? I don't understand, what for?)
Loroqueen's avatar
just because I really love that dragon *_* (a but like this [link] )
JoseHolm's avatar
Impressive work! beautiful colors
fairyqueen77's avatar
That dragon is gorgeous! I love the contrast between the warm color of the scales and the cool blue of the eye.
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