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  • Irish-Artistes is an art community for Irish people and people who love Ireland. We’re open to everyone. Just click the join button! You don’t have to be Irish to join –  you just have to appreciate art and the Irish community.

General Rules:
  • Respect the members of this group. Inappropriate comments and fighting may result in being kicked out of the group. We want a friendly community and hope no one will have to be banned.
  • If you have something (an event, contest etc.) that you would like us to mention in a journal to our members, send us a note with the details and we’ll see what we can do.
  • If you have any questions about the group or have any problems, don’t be afraid to send us a note or leave a comment on the homepage.

Submission Rules:
  • Please submit to the correct folder. Folders are named clearly and deviations submitted to the wrong folder will be declined.
  • If you do submit to the wrong folder, you are allowed to resubmit that deviation to the correct one. An admin member will do their best to leave a comment letting you know what folder to submit to.
  • WIP’s, unfinished sketches and poor quality photos of drawings will not be accepted. We accept artists of all levels, but remember, we want your best art!
  • The featured folder is closed to member submissions. This folder will be filled by a selection of works the admins choose.
  • The contest folder is only for submissions to Irish-Artistes contests.
  • Each folder (bar the featured folder) has a limit of 3 submissions a week per member, and 5 submissions per week for contributors. We ask that you try not to abuse this system and if you are submitting to various different folders to limit yourself to a total of 6 submissions a week.

Folder Explanations:
  • Featured Folder: This folder is not open for members to submit to. Every month the admin team will select a number of pieces to add to this folder which will then be voted on by the members. The winning piece will receive a feature.
  • Photography: This folder is for photography, (landscape, still life, portrait etc.). If the photo is of an item you have made then submit to the 'Artisan Crafts' folder. Small amounts of re-touching do NOT count as photomanipulations.
  • Digital Art: This folder is for digital art, (digital paintings, photomanipulations, fractals etc.).
  • Traditional Art: This folder is for traditional art, (drawings and paintings done by hand). Deviations should be clearly scanned or photographed. Poor quality photos of traditional drawings will not be accepted.
  • Artisan Crafts: This folder is for artisan crafts, (handmade items such as jewelry, clothing etc.). Items in this folder must have been made by you and photographed clearly. Poor quality photos may not be accepted.
  • Literature: This folder is for pieces of literature, (poems and stories written by you). Visual writings should also be submitted to this folder (with proper credit given to the owner of the images used).
  • Resources and Stock: This folder is for resources (fonts, stock images, textures etc.) that are available for other people to use. Tutorials should also be submitted here.
  • Mature Content: This folder is for art with the mature content filter. Any art, digital, traditional etc. which features mature content should be submitted here. Art that doesn't have the mature filter but should will be declined.
  • Misc. Folder: If you are unsure of where to submit something, submit it here. This folder is also for things such as stamps, memes and emoticons.
  • Contest Folder: This folder is only for submissions to contests held by Irish-Artistes.

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