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Profile Template OC Fandom List
 It has been brought to my attention that my former Fandom OC List has become outdated as I began organizing my OCs in Zodiac based Profile Templates «Zodiac Profile Templates». Following is a new and subject to update list of the current Fandom OCs that I will be entertaining creating art, stories and RPs with.
The Pseudo-Zodiacs «Pseudo-Zodiac Profiles» will be identified by Name of Constellation/Zodiac Sign.
If you have any questions about why I am including Ophiuchus into the list or "WTH are Pseudo-Zodiacs?", please click the previous links as I explain it there and I don't feel like repeating myself... All other questions you can always comment below. Thank you and enjoy ^^

 Sailor Moon

   - All the Cookies. As I mention in
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Pseudo-Zodiac Profiles
I know what you're thinking: "WTH are Pseudo-Zodiacs?!?" Well, alow me to elaborate...
A while back, I decided to group up a set of Profile Templates to use in OC creation for all my favorite fandoms. As a base for this, I chose the Zodiac Signs. Thus, the Zodiac Profile Templates were born. Thing is, as I continued to organize the list, I realised there were several characters I had created before the Templates that had been forgotten during their organization. These characters are what I call "Pre-Templates". Because the Profile Templates weren't made with these characters in mind and they don't quite fit in any of the current profiles without changing them, I have decided to add what I call "Pseudo-Zodiac"s for these Pre-Template characters. Taking on the earlier explanation on the Ecliptic (source), there are several other constellations that are
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Pseudo Zodiac Concepts by Irisa007 Pseudo Zodiac Concepts :iconirisa007:Irisa007 3 2
Zodiac Profile Templates
Some time ago, I decided to group most of my existing OCs and characters into what I call the Zodiac Profile Templates, 13 character type blueprints for my female OCs and references for future OCs, just so I don't go out of control with OC creation (remember Irisa's HUGE Winx OC List, no thanks...). The idea to use the Zodiac came from the idea of creating Sailor Moon OCs based off the 13 Zodiac Signs (not entirely realizing I was almost 20 years behind pretty much everyone else that ever created Sailor Moon OCs based on Zodiac Signs...). I then proceeded to use and adapt preexisting or/and add characters to fit in each of the profiles. After some research of traits and personality elements I really feel I have a solid, eclectic group to be developed in the future and whom I will spread... pretty much ALL over the place.
Now, I have been constantly saying I created 13 Zodiac Profile Templates but the official
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Sagittarius Concept WIP by Irisa007 Sagittarius Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 0 0 Aquarius Concept WIP by Irisa007 Aquarius Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 2 2 Aries Concept WIP by Irisa007 Aries Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 4 2 Capricorn Concept WIP by Irisa007 Capricorn Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 1 2 Scorpio Concept WIP by Irisa007 Scorpio Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 7 4 Taurus Concept WIP by Irisa007 Taurus Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 4 7 Cancer Concept WIP by Irisa007 Cancer Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 5 5 Leo Concept WIP by Irisa007 Leo Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 5 4 Virgo Concept WIP by Irisa007 Virgo Concept WIP :iconirisa007:Irisa007 2 3

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Pseudo Zodiac Concepts
Ok, so I have finally finished ALL of my girls' concept art. Did you think I was done when I posted the last of the Zodiac Profile concepts? Well, you'd be wrong ;P

Truth is that after I grouped most of my characters into the  Zodiac Profile Templates
Some time ago, I decided to group most of my existing OCs and characters into what I call the Zodiac Profile Templates, 13 character type blueprints for my female OCs and references for future OCs, just so I don't go out of control with OC creation (remember Irisa's HUGE Winx OC List, no thanks...). The idea to use the Zodiac came from the idea of creating Sailor Moon OCs based off the 13 Zodiac Signs (not entirely realizing I was almost 20 years behind pretty much everyone else that ever created Sailor Moon OCs based on Zodiac Signs...). I then proceeded to use and adapt preexisting or/and add characters to fit in each of the profiles. After some research of traits and personality elements I really feel I have a solid, eclectic group to be developed in the future and whom I will spread... pretty much ALL over the place.
Now, I have been constantly saying I created 13 Zodiac Profile Templates but the official
, I discovered that I had left out some other beloved characters whom I could not insert in any of the created templates afterwards... This caused quite the dilemma as I wanted to include these beloved characters... And so, I came up with a loophole, giving them Pseudo-Zodiacs, pretty basically, names of constellations which are located near the Zodiac Constellations and near enough to the Ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun through the sky). I explain this much better in my list which I will be uploading right after and afterwhich I will link here... --> Pseudo-Zodiac Profiles
I know what you're thinking: "WTH are Pseudo-Zodiacs?!?" Well, alow me to elaborate...
A while back, I decided to group up a set of Profile Templates to use in OC creation for all my favorite fandoms. As a base for this, I chose the Zodiac Signs. Thus, the Zodiac Profile Templates were born. Thing is, as I continued to organize the list, I realised there were several characters I had created before the Templates that had been forgotten during their organization. These characters are what I call "Pre-Templates". Because the Profile Templates weren't made with these characters in mind and they don't quite fit in any of the current profiles without changing them, I have decided to add what I call "Pseudo-Zodiac"s for these Pre-Template characters. Taking on the earlier explanation on the Ecliptic (source), there are several other constellations that are

Now, a quicky about each of my girls:

- Aquila, Mags. The oldest character among my Pseudo-Zodiac, Pre-Template characters, Mags is short for Magdalena who is heavily inspired by Top Cow Productions' comic books entitled "The Magdalena", with a few differences I specify in her profile. Originally, Mags was created for a Blade crossover/fan story together with Wesley Snipes' Blade character from the movies. Having been forgotten since, I have recycled her for a joint story with my good friend Millie, :iconprincess-of-asteria:, in a Buffy&Angel&Resident Evil crossover.

- Orion, The Mark. The main character in my very first actually written fanfiction written for Summon Nights: Swordcraft Story: Terra's Song you can find here:; just be aware this was the first thing I had ever written and posted publicly and as such, is a little rough...

- Auriga, Raine. I cannot go into many details about this particular character as she'll be a part of my ongoing Final Fantasy VIII genderbending story: Twisted Fantasy, which you can find here: You won't, however, find Raine there... yet...

- Hydra, Kasumi. Kasumi a.k.a. Safiya was the first named OC I ever created for the Sailor Moon universe, which had a story and decent background (had a Sun Sailor once... never developed her...). This is a portrayal of her civil form together with her School Uniform. Now, the reason it looks untidy is because Kasumi is a bit of a tomboy and she likes to play around with the kids and the boys, always running, jumping and occasionally falling down and only in anime can a uniform look pristine throughout all of that... I'm slightly more realistic ;P. For further details about Kasumi/Safiya and her Egyptian inspired Sailor form: Safiya of the Horusae (Remake).

- Pegasus, Sina. Sina was created in response to a contest by :iconenchanted-fairies: in which one had to create an OC, look and story, for one of Pokemon's villainous group. You can find all about her here:…. The way she looks above is actually her Team Rocket Leader look as described (for better or worse) in the Epilogue of the short fanfiction created for the aforementioned contest: Crystal Skies.

- Cetus, Pippa&Mira. This is the one and only (as far as I will be able to control myself...) Pseudo-Zodiac to contain 2 characters. Pippa is the Original Cetus, an OC created as a side character for Millie's Dragon Ball&Xenoverse&Sailor Moon crossover story, AND one of the main reasons I had to create the Pseudo-Zodiacs in the first place as the background I had devised for her didn't fit into any of the Zodiac Profile Templates I had created. After Cetus was chosen, the particularities of the constellation (which I explain in the aforementioned soon to be uploaded Pseudo-Zodiac list), it felt like the perfect background for a Resident Evil character which is how Mira was born... I have said it before and I will say it again, I will do my best NOT to make more characters based on existing Pseudo-Zodiacs...

- Corvus, Xana. Xana is a rather particular case... Based off the Iberian Lynx, Xana was originally sketched as a Zootopia OC shortly after I saw the movie and was nearly immediately... forgotten and abandoned... Yes, I am not proud of that. Recently, YouTube recommended a few comics' videos which sorta got me into Zootopia again and shared with me the idea of a new post-movie plot which I felt had real potential. That sketch was forgotten, but the Iberian Lynx inspiration wasn't so I recreated my OC and I am particularly proud of how she turned out ^^

- Sextans, Willa. Willa (previously unnamed) was an OC I had made... Hyne knows when, once when I read Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion manga. Watching part of the anime afterwards, I was fascinated to create a Mind-Breaker whose power manifested through her voice. And the character above was born and that's it, that is everything I had on her till I recently discovered her and started to elaborate on her bit by bit ^^

All art above belongs to me
So, I got to do this one in the late hours of the night yesterday when I couldn't get this image out of my head... This is Geoff, a character by :iconpurplepiemage: and one of her main OCs in the Resident Evil group/RP :iconbreakoutbiore-rp:. I don't know why my mind went back to Trigun and the image of Vash chained in that jail cell for this one, but that's where this pose came from. I've surprised myself with it, to be honest, and I would have actually liked to darken the image some more but I'm always afraid that I will mess up the image, so I don't...

This is for you, Purples, I hope you like it ^^

All art above belongs to me
Geoff belongs to Purples
Plane Model Building
Following a character update wave by :iconprincess-of-asteria: for the :iconbreakoutbiore-rp: group and OCs, Little Eli gained a new hobby and a new buddy/male role model to practice his hobby with. While talking about it with Millie, I just had this image in my head and I just couldn't go without making the image into a reality for everyone to see.

Sorry, I couldn't be bothered with painting it... it was meant to be just a sketch...

All art above belongs to me
Eli belongs to Millie
Chris belongs to Capcom
Yellow Bug
YES, because the most important thing in that WHOLE image is definitely how good that car turned out!!! I don't like drawing cars... whenever I tried when I was younger, they ended up looking like cardboard boxes with wheels...

That said, I wanted to do something particularly special for Millie's birthday this year, and this was what I came up with ^^ The young woman by the car is Millie's Resident Evil OC: Kara Wells, her main in the RP Breakout :iconbreakoutbiore-rp:. This is her following a character update and complete overhaul... The car may be the focus, but I believe Kara, in her revealing white lace top, turned out cute as well ^^

All art belongs to me
Kara belongs to :iconprincess-of-asteria:
 It has been brought to my attention that my former Fandom OC List has become outdated as I began organizing my OCs in Zodiac based Profile Templates «Zodiac Profile Templates». Following is a new and subject to update list of the current Fandom OCs that I will be entertaining creating art, stories and RPs with.

The Pseudo-Zodiacs «Pseudo-Zodiac Profiles» will be identified by Name of Constellation/Zodiac Sign.

If you have any questions about why I am including Ophiuchus into the list or "WTH are Pseudo-Zodiacs?", please click the previous links as I explain it there and I don't feel like repeating myself... All other questions you can always comment below. Thank you and enjoy ^^

 Sailor Moon

   - All the Cookies. As I mention in «», the idea to create the Zodiac Profile Templates came originally from my intention of creating Zodiac Sailors. Now, I haven't started thinking about their story, adventure or pretty much anything about them(apart from their Sailor Uniform, I do have those sketched around somewhere...), but there will be something here.... eventually...
   - Hydra/Scorpio main character, (Safiya of the Horusae (Remake)) Horusae Sailor Nefertii Tefnut, a.k.a. Safiya a.k.a. Renge Kasumi, is my main character in a co-op RP story with :iconprincess-of-asteria: Millie's Titan Sailor Asteria a.k.a. Kaneko Reimi. Highly based in ancient Egyptian Mythology and Design, Safiya would serve the ruler of her planet for a few years before an incident sends her and her sister Horusae Sailors into a hellish After-Life realm from which she manages to escape with the help of Titan Sailor Asteria. Many, many years after, both souls reincarnate in Crystal Tokyo. It may take a while for them to find each other again and remember their ancient bond, but they will be together again facing new threats for the path they have chosen...

 Final Fantasy

   - Sagittarius main character, Raniya is an Archer in a Final Fantasy XII fanfiction mained by Millie's Tiona. In this story, Raniya is a rookie&noobish Clan Member who is taken under the wing of Millie's main character who teaches her the ropes and ways of a clan hunter. Raniya is extremely skilled with the longbow, often compared to a Viera also due to her out-of-the-ordinary tall stature. Though always good intended, Raniya is very clumsy (except while wielding a bow) and prone to accidents and constant screw ups... She's pretty much a handful to mentor... 
   - Aries main character, (FFVIII - Revir Dey) Revir Dey is a Gunner and Engineer in a Final Fantasy VII & VIII crossover fanfiction. Together with Millie's and  :iconpurplepiemage: Purples's OCs, Revir makes a Trio with Mirage and Wynn (respectively) to battle a new threat in a FF7&FF8 fusion world which will bring them to face Sorceresses, Sephiroth clones, Galbadia Military and Shinra, and others so as to save the world from a new hidden threat... Details are WIP ^^
   - Cancer main character, Arashi Storm is a Jack-of-All-Trades, though not necessarily a Red Mage, as she will be able to use magic and any type of weapons though she prefers swords and guns. Arashi is part of a Final Fantasy VIII AU fanfiction whereas instead of being pulled into the world of the video game, the world of Final Fantasy VIII is being pulled into the real world and together with inter-dimensional warriors, she must find the shards of the Crystal Pillar spread throughout the Earth in order to save both worlds from fusing together and assuring their mutual destruction...
   - Ophiuchus main character-ish, Ultimecia is a canon character for Final Fantasy VIII but also the basis for Aurora, my main in an AU Final Fantasy VIII story. I was originally working on this story with my very good friend :iconcelestialrage: Rosy, but I'm afraid that much like Twisted Fantasy (which I still want to continue and finish... eventually) it has been put a bit on hold as we live in near opposite sides of the world and it has been hard to coordinate... I might pick up this story at a later date, though, as I really liked the premise...
   - Auriga/Gemini main character, Raine is a character in an AU Final Fantasy VIII story. Details about this character's would result in MAJOR SPOILERS for one of my other Final Fantasy VIII fanfictions, Twisted Fantasy so I won't go into aforementioned details... I will say that Raine is a curious girl and her story would revolve around her adventures in a new plot post Final Fantasy VIII game storyline...

   - Irisa is the name of my Cid-like character in the main Final Fantasy Franchise. Quite basically, I have envisioned an OC for each of the numbered Final Fantasy games, all of them named Irisa (because I suck at names and couldn't be bothered to get a name for every single character) and each and every one of them belonging to their respective 15 (currently) worlds of the Final Fantasy games. These Irisa's stand aside the Profile templates I have recently organized and as thus will not be included in any Zodiac Template description, I just felt they deserved a mention ^^.

 Resident Evil

   - Capricorn main character, Zola Dlamini was 12 years old when the outbreak of Raccoon City (game version) took place. Having lost both her parents to the BOWs, she was later rescued by USS agent: HUNK who was impressed by her apathy and lack of fear while roaming the streets as one of the dead. He trains her as an agent for the USS, making her into his partner after Umbrella Corp is dissolved and both go into the mercenary life together. Apart from a minor part in RE2 events, Zola will not be part of any canon/official game&CGI movie of the Resident Evil franchise though she may have encounters/interactions with canon characters outside canon events.
   - Aquarius main character, Maria Fonseca was 20 years old during the outbreak of Raccoon City (game version) took place. A hacker and computer expert, with some firearm training, Maria survives the early days of the virus outbreak finding herself in the vicinity of the Raccoon City's Police Station around the same time Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield roll into town. She partners up with Leon while trying to escape the Station and the City never replacing Claire or Ada but bringing a new dynamic to the escaping team. Maria is friend's and a character in a co-op story with Millie's Noelle pre-RC, during and post outbreak.
   - Aries main character, Thereza Dey is a member of S.T.A.R.S. Delta team (OC team), being a recent addition to the RC tactical squad before its disbandment following the Arklay incidents of which she played no part in (her team was assigned to other duties). While not on S.T.A.R.S. duty, she works as a mechanic in her father's shop whose logo is "It takes a Dey". Thereza plays a part in the solo arc of Millie's OC pre-event story for the :iconbreakoutbiore-rp: group. In it, FBI agent Kara Wells is investigating Umbrella prior to the 1998 Raccoon City outbreak and Thereza helps her infiltrate their lab so she can gather the evidence she needs.
   - Cancer main character, Kate Blair is actually my main character in 2 Resident Evil stories.
     1- The first Kate Blair, actually my very first RE OC, was just your ordinary teenager celebrating her sweet 16 by going into a Mall to watch a movie for her birthday with her older brother and some friends. While in the theater, watching some silly zombie horror movie at half price due to a malfunction in the AC, the Mall is the target of a BOW attack, a sales pitch to a tweaked version of the T-Virus. As all her friends die one after the other before the specialized team led by Chris Redfield (later updated to be the B.S.A.A.) can come in to rescue the few survivors, I originally intended for Kate to be infected and gaining abilities instead of becoming a mindless Zombie... but since the release of the Resident Evil movies and the Alice character, I have reconsidered and not planning for that anymore....
     2- The second Kate is part of a 3 main character story, the other main characters belonging to Millie and to Purples. In this AU of the Resident Evil world with a slight Uncharted crossover, the story arc starts in the 1990s while the girls, and some of the canon characters, went together to High School, eventually jumping to 20 years later for a High School reunion where old and new flings can develop. Also WIP.
   - Leo main character, Everly Devine is a character who, together with Millie's and Purples' OCs (caught on the pattern yet?) are the protagonists in an AU Resident Evil story where the Raccoon City outbreak of September 1998 never happened and the Arklay murders were nothing more than some rabid animal attacks or some Cannibal Serial Killer living in the woods. In this story, the 3 young women are best friends since high school and keep in touch afterwards, and it basically revolves around... well, their Problematic love life... 
   - Libra main character, Erin O'Malley is a character in a co-op story with Millie. Erin comes from a large family who take service to their country very seriously and her 4 brothers all have taken to the military life. Though Erin has the same duty-bound spirit, she always felt her talents could be better served helping others in a different way. She joined the Peace Corps straight outta college where she majored in Psychiatry. A field doctor on the field, she finished her tour shortly before the Terragrigia incident and joined the volunteers who helped with the aftermath of the incident and its survivors. That was when she met Sinclair Adams and was introduced to the good work made by TerraSave. Sinclair was impressed by Erin's determination and skills and proceeded to recruit her. Some time later, Sinclair is kidnapped by an unknown entity leaving his son as the only witness and Erin tries to approach the teen to find out what happened to her friend. When the entity that took him comes back to clear up loose ends, Erin is caught in the crossfire and kidnapped as well. Millie's Kara Wells, FBI agent, is then charged to solve her case, getting the attention of the perpetrator and getting herself taken as well. Stuck on an abandoned amusement park with BOWs lurking at every corner, the two young women must find each other and fight for survival...
   - Scorpio main character, Ava Moore is a character in a multiplayer role playing story named BreakOut :iconbreakoutbiore-rp:, portraying the attempt of survival and escape of a group of people from Raccoon City during the outbreak of 1998. Together with her brother Sebastian and several OCs belonging to other Deviants, including Millie and Purples and :iconxcrystal-phoenix:, they must scavenge, fight and travel the heavily infected streets of Raccoon City, having to work together in order to achieve salvation...
   - Cetus/Pisces main character, Mira will be a new character in a TIP (Thought In Progress) story. The (current) sole exception for the Pseudo-Zodiacs, which were pre-template characters that didn't fit into my Profile Templates, Mira was created after I cleared the way for the other Pseudo-Zodiacs and this idea came to me and I just couldn't let it go... In this RE AU, Mira is the product of genetic engineering, Dr. Spencer's final project before Wesker kills him in the early events of RE5. Suffering from violent blackouts resulting from an instability of the T-virus inside of her, Mira moves from place to place leaving unwanted destruction in her wake. Her followup story may contain some canon characters outside canon events, and it may even have some other template appearances...


   - Pisces main character, Maris is the updated version of a previous standalone character taking the place of Pokemon White/Black II's female protagonist. I liked ALL the ideas for my standalone protagonist replacements for the games in every region, but as I feel that with the introduction of the profile templates and an OC who will travel through all regions, most of these characters have become unnecessary or easily blended as support/rival characters for those same regions instead of accumulating more stories to an already ridiculously long list of fandom stories... That said, the character I had intended for the Unova region had this funny little twist that I can't seem to be willing to adapt or discard, so I am keeping her even though I might change almost everything else for the aforementioned game...
   - Leo main character, this character has suffered a lot of changes/updates since I first envisioned her as my main Pokemon journey OC. Now called Beryl, she will be the front lady for an Original Region filled with my very own Fakemon Pokedex, I have yet even thought how or what to create... Beryl is a quiet and shy young girl who loves Pokemon but doesn't really like to see them fight and getting hurt, at least in the beginning. Living in the region all her life, it is when a young boy moves into her city and wishes to become "the best trainer" that she finds the courage and companionship to leave her home and travel the region as to see all the Pokemon roaming her land. Though the main character, she will appear much to be like a sidekick as the boy will be the one picking battles in whatever region system I have yet to elaborate, and Beryl will be satisfied with just observing Pokemon (a Watcher like Tracey from the anime) and drawing them in her notepad. She might actually end up making a sort of hand-drawn pokedex whose pages I will most likely use as fanart for the story... hmm, I like that.
   - Virgo main character, Amber was the second character I imagined for a travel story, however this one really wants to achieve the top and be recognized as the best, or at least one of the best Pokemon trainers of her generation if not of all time. Often mistaken for a boy, Amber is very competitive and her Pokemon mostly reflect that combative spirit as they are all willing to put out everything in order to win and achieve her dream. She's the best example of a female Ash with a most important difference: I will actually allow her to grow older as she travels the regions and not make her an eternal 10/11 year old...
   - Pegasus/Aquarius main character, (Crystal Skies Gallery) Sina was created for a challenge by :iconenchanted-fairies: which involved creating a character and story for one of Pokemon's villainous groups. Sina runs away during her early teens to join Team Rocket after they settled in Johto (events of Gold/Silver/Crystal). Starting off as a Grunt, she will have to face her fears in order to become strong as it is her dream. Passing several obstacles along the way, both physical and emotional, not only will Sina achieve her dream as she will accomplish things beyond her wildest imagination...

 Grand Theft Auto

   For the GTA franchise, I don't have a story or even a city picked out yet for any type of story. I had a few ideas in the past, but I've decided to revamp them and try to use all of the templates, in one way or another, in one or more stories throughout the cities. The following characterizations are just small descriptions of the potential each of the girls would have in a GTA story, playing with the moral ambiguity, or often lack thereof, of each character. I will not include in this list any Pseudo-Zodiac characters.
   - Sagittarius main character (currently nameless). I can imagine her living a regular life, full of accidents and mishaps and somehow being driven to some illicit action either by influence of her friends, caught in a situation she couldn't escape otherwise or one of those mishaps affecting some criminal and her having to repay a debt. Easily lead, one criminal act would lead to another and another as she'd mess up more often than succeed but her bubbling optimism would make it difficult even for the bad guys to dislike her, so they'd be friendly towards her, to some point, and she'd continue to follow their lead... they were all friends after all, were they not?, and one helps their friends no matter with what...
   - Capricorn main character (currently nameless). Now she would be a paramilitary, possibly dishonorably discharged or deserted from the military, she would work for a big company or as a freelance mercenary or get together with her "father figure" and join in whatever evil scheme/or interfere with a scheme of another character in the story...
   - Aquarius main character (currently nameless). Well, she'd be a hacker, rarely going into the field unless absolutely necessary, she'd start solo and then possibly be caught up with some agency or group either because she went against them somehow online OR she was hired for some job and is continued to be called upon for some unofficial cyber crime activity...
   - Pisces main character (currently nameless). I actually can see Pisces as either a cop (though working with partners could be a problem for her) or more likely as a vigilante, with a hood or mask, patrolling the streets in protection of those in need using blades as her weapons and driving fear into the hearts of criminals. Vigilantism focus (as a main) or frequent confrontation with a protagonist, I can imagine some pretty cool and interesting scenarios with this one... :D
   - Aries main character (currently nameless). A sort of "Q" for the criminal underground, running a car workshop&junkyard as cover, I can imagine Aries not going into the field per se, but supplying the protagonist or antagonists with a range of custom weapons and vehicles and explosives which would make any mission just that more interesting ^^
   - Taurus main character (currently nameless). Most likely an antagonist though she does have some protagonist or support potential, Taurus would be the typical rich girl whose parents have cut her off forcing her to resort to crime to keep up with her lifestyle. I can imagine her ending up running some sort of drug operation for her love of gardening so she could start with marijuana, poppy or other herbs with psychotropic properties... Her aggressiveness and hands-on persona could make for some intense confrontations with a possible protagonist or antagonist...
   - Gemini main character (currently nameless). Now this one would be a bit different from the others in the sense that her focus would likely be priceless artifacts and art pieces... I can imagine her either being a natural acquirer of said items (an archaeologist) and eventually fight someone trying to steal them OR she'd be the thief, a collector herself and/or hired by others but who would be rather selective for whom she worked and as likely to keep the "retrieved" piece for herself as she'd deliver it... 
   - Cancer main character (currently nameless). Cancer is one I have thought longer and harder on her being a GTA character, originally her solo fandom. Cancer would be a regular girl, early to mid twenties, usually bored and unmotivated for the "normal" way of life (study, get a job, get a home and family), her thrill seeking would get her on the crosshairs of some criminal enterprise who instead of making an example out of her would recruit her for some jobs to repay the debt and offence. Ending up being actually good and reliable, she would eventually have a choice to join them for good. Finally finding something everything but boring, with new challenges and skills to perform everyday, Cancer would end up fitting right in, doing what she was told though not necessarily how she was told to do them, but getting them done she would rise through the ranks and... well, haven't thought that far yet but there's a lot of potential here ^^
   - Leo main character (currently nameless). Now this is a character I rarely, if ever, imagine being bad or on the wrong side of the law... I can maybe imagine her being a hostage at some point and developing Stockholm Syndrome by falling for her attacker... I can also imagine her as an art student doing forgeries to pay some sort of debt, possibly from her parents or something... 
   - Virgo main character (currently nameless). I don't quite have a long-term life purpose for this template... I can imagine her becoming either a Gym teacher or a cop, her natural fighting and competitive spirit making her like a dog with a bone and never giving up till she "caught her man"... Definitely a cop in a GTA scenario, she would make it her life long pursuit to catch the one that keeps getting away...
   - Libra main character (currently nameless). Ok, initially I also imagined Libra as a cop, for her sense of duty, but recently by giving her a more sensitive side I can imagine her as some sort of doctor or psychiatrist to the good and less good people in the fandom. Like Michael's rip-off shrink from GTA5, but actually good at what she does, she could counsel cops and criminal alike and could make for an interesting banter scenario... She would also work like something akin a priest, knowing everyone's secrets and putting things together by listening to the different sides of the story, but of course she couldn't tell anyone about it... XD
   - Scorpio main character (currently nameless). I can keep the dancer side that I created for her RE character, she could have a minor role as an informant or romantic relationship of someone connected to the protagonist which can come in between that relationship. That would make Scorpio, who would likely in the beginning be a friend and help her fit in, possibly turn against the protagonist becoming a rival in love and/or in the field, trying to get others against her in someway or another...
   - Ophiuchus main character (currently nameless). Definitely an antagonist though unsure exactly what part or action she would take... Can imagine her as the head of a criminal enterprise, new in town or already settled, who'd rule by fear, power and money as she'd known nothing else who could motivate others to pretty much, be her bit$$$... She might try to hire the protagonist, steal her away from her current criminal enterprise or actually be the head of the one she joins in the first place though I like the former better...


   This single fanstory will be including the following 3 main characters in a sequel entitled The Man, the Mad & the Max, happening... hmm... over 60 years after the events of the show (TV, movie and early comics):
   - Capricorn main character, Madisyn, a.k.a. The Mad, will be the thug and melee battle expert. The Mad doesn't originally get along with either of her 2 fellow protagonists but the Man's equal disregard for unwarranted authority and her skills eventually earn her some respect. Together with the desire to escape a planet that can offer her nothing that matters to her, the Mad joins in the raggedy old ship as it takes off into space...
   - Aries main character, Manuela, a.ka. The Man, will be the captain and pilot, and occasional mechanic. Being a natural born rebel with a knack for mechanics and technology, the Man befriends the crazy old hermit woman living in a crashed ship in the swamps who teaches her all about the mechanics of her ship, showing it may not be as broken as she lets on. After the old woman dies, the Man and a couple of "friends" who want to escape their dead-end planet as much as she does, take the ship back up into space and to new adventures...
   - Taurus main character, Maxene, a.k.a. The Max, will be the chemist, cook and healer (with focus on herbs and traditional medicine). The Max comes from an influential family of the planet. She is entitled and conceited and pretty much despised by the Man and many other girls their age. Yet, what she often doesn't show is that she is hardworking, borderline independent and not as much of the perfect child as appearances lead others to believe. The Man learns this once in school when she gets in trouble and they end up in detention together. The Man respects her a bit after that as does Max, and when Man is getting ready to leave, she offers to take Max as well and she accepts as a means to get away from her family's name and make a name for herself.

 Chrono Trigger

   - Sagittarius main character, Jules belongs to the 1999 AD timeline and her story would begin in the week prior to the Day of Lavos. With an old connection to the original cast (one that might make people, as in IRL people, dislike her and the story, but I don't care it is relevant to the plot I'm giving her), Sagittarius will aid in the defeat of Lavos effort, without overshadowing the canon characters, and will later join a member of the time travelling troupe whose purpose has yet to be achieved...

 My Little Pony (FiM & EG)

   - Sagittarius main character, ??? is a pony who just moved to Ponyville from another unnamed location. ??? is overly friendly and it doesn't take her long to befriend pretty much everyone she meets and to settle into the town. ??? means well but she is very much prone to accidents and the not-so-occasional screw up, so she will cause her share of unintentional accidents and small-to-large scale disasters which in her attempt to fix she is more than likely to escalate... A walking menace, she will accidentally find her way into the alternative human world (Equestria Girls) and cause her fare share of havoc in both realities...

 Jewel Riders

   - Capricorn main character, Charlize who is mostly known as Ciara, would be a scavenger/poacher/bandit character with apparently no morals that somehow is chosen to wield the Steel Gem, one which allows her to control&shape metal and possess some level of magnetic abilities. Ciara is a character still a bit underdeveloped and I'm not yet sure of the story revolving her character, but I have a few details that I feel are interesting and a Criminal Jewel Rider (that is not an evil queen trying to kill the heroes and take over the land, but just committing some crimes and using the jewel for them and to get away with it) is a completely different take from the idea of Jewel Riders in the TV show and I feel it can make for an intriguing and engaging (darker) story...


   - Aquarius main character, Dulce is a gamer/gambler who actually works as a Beta-tester for several gaming companies, testing games and even pitching in on bug problems and game improvement. Aquarius receives a hard copy of a new Duel Monsters Virtual Online game able to connect gamers throughout the world and utilizing real cards to construct virtual decks, and so on and so on. Along with the copy is what she believes to be a complimentary gift, a golden bracelet with a strange eye symbol she remembers seeing in some promotional cards of the game and a testing virtual deck. Aquarius was never interested in Duel Monsters before but is willing to give it a try and the bracelet be shiny. She puts it on and boots in the game to play the story mode which also serves as a tutorial when something happens and she loses conscience... When she comes to, she appears to be in ancient Egypt, witnessing ancient Egyptians playing Duel Monsters with giant stone tablets. Believing that to be part of the game, she'll soon find out that world is all too real and definitely not just a game...

 Card Captor

   - Aquarius main character, Dulce is a young gamer and puzzle enthusiast who comes across a book filled with magical cards. I've recently added this and have been thinking about expanding the Clow influence on the world... The cards Aquarius discovers may be a variant/version of Clow or Sakura cards and the story would revolve around other objects of magic (thinking about a rivalry between Clow and Tarot cards ^^) often related to games and/or divination arts. Still very TIP (Thought In Progress) but I love Card Captor Sakura and wanted to do something with it.


   - Pisces main character, Marisa is one of the last direct descendants of the Belmont Family, and thus, expected to be a vampire/demon killer and protector of mankind. Following the canon events till 1999 AD (in the Castlevania wiki timeline) in the Julius Belmont's era, when the heroes are able to lock away Dracula's castle and domain in a parallel dimension through an eclipse that forces Dracula's spirit to latch onto a human host. Ignoring and completely disregarding one of the best games in the series, Aria of Sorrow, this story would take place in a split AU timeline in which Dracula's spirit actually latches onto Julius body and is slowly feeding off his soul and taking over his body as his own, causing him blackouts and forcing his body to do heinous things with the purpose of eliminating all possible threats to Dracula's return to power. This includes all descendants to the families who have thwarted his plans in the past, namely the Belmont family (including his niece, Marisa), Morris family and his own son, Alucard. In a "Buffy the Movie" kind of way, Marisa becomes aware of her heritage and is trained to defeat Dracula once more and hopefully, once and for all.

 Kingdom Hearts

   - Aries main character, Revir is actually originally from Twilight Town and was friends at some point with Seifer, Fujin, Raijin and Vivi before moving out of that World to Traverse Town before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. In Traverse Town, she learns the engineer and mechanic trade from her father and other locals (possibly Cid). She will not participate in the games' events directly and I am still unsure of what her part would be in any story in this fandom... I just wanted to fit her into the world that I believe suits her... I'm pretty sure I'll figure something out ^^.

 Legend of Zelda

   - Aries main character, Thereza belongs to an AU "Real World". While in elementary school, a new kid with strangely pointy ears and long blond hair is introduced to her class. The kid's history is unknown as he was just recently found with amnesia roaming the woods outside of town and doesn't talk much. Thereza immediately likes him, for some reason and she doesn't like a lot of people nor does she give him, Liam (as the only thing he remembered was his name started with an L) a chance to be anything but her friend. She protects him from bullies and helps him learn their ways, though being her friend doesn't earn him any popularity points, quite the opposite... Eventually, as they grow up together as best friends all the way to high school, Liam starts having strange dreams he believes are about his past and that only get more intense when it is announced the discovery of an ancient Sword&Shield near the place where Liam was originally found... With a possible clue about his past, Thereza vows to do everything possible, and even impossible, to help her best friend find out about his past, where he came from and ultimately who he really is...


   - Taurus main character, Frona comes from a Western country at the edge of the large and vast Ninja nation. Taking part in the Boruto timeline, Taurus is the princess of her country but is forced to flee alongside her mother and a few of her subjects when a previous adviser kills her father and takes control of the country, branding the escapees as traitors. Naruto, already the Nanakage, 7th Hokage, gives them refuge encouraging Taurus to experience life in Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, including learning their ways and joining the Academy with the other kids her age. Possessing a westerner's fencing fighting style and a mystical influence over plantlife, after witnessing the power of the Shinobi, Taurus decides she can become stronger if she learns a fighting style that differs from her country's, maybe giving her the edge she needs to return and retake her home as it is her dream. She'll learn she can actually perform Wood ninjutsu along with some basic genjutsu though her taijutsu is overshadowed by her fencing original style. Several years past, Taurus will return to her country and take it back for herself and her family. She would then institute a different system, something alongside that of the Hidden Villages, and likely "crown" herself the first Hanakage... WIP

 Soul Eater

   - Taurus main character, Milena comes from a wealthy and influential family that believes having their sole daughter as an acknowledged Meister could help raise their status even higher. Joining the DWMA during the leadership of Death the Kid (roughly 10 years after the events of Soul Eater mix of Manga and anime, but mostly Manga ^^) and expected to succeed and excel at everything, Milena finds it hard to attune properly with a weapon in spite of her arduous attempts at it, largely due to her imposing and overbearing personality. Fearing the anger of her parents for her failure, Milena is willing to endure the pains of a deficient attuning with a Weapon having tried using all in her class and even from other classes and grades... all apart from the emo/punk goth kid who seems to dislike her high and mighty attitude and who personifies the complete opposite of Milena and whose distaste is perfectly mutual. With a new threat looming on the horizon, will the both of them be able to surpass their prejudice and risk a possibly successful partnership...?

 Tomb Raider&Indiana Jones&Uncharted&Broken Sword

   - Gemini main character, Sílvia Machado (previous Sylvia Carter with a different background) is a Portuguese archaeologist, professor with a doctorate and focus on European medieval History and occasional guest lecturer in some European faculties. Sílvia is a mix of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft taking Indy's more academic approach with Lara's prowess and agility. Her main obsession lies in the Knights' Templars but she's knowledgeable for a bit of everything everywhere, really. For the Uncharted connection I was looking for a rival, someone she could race against on the search of something or another, while the Broken Sword connection leads to a more romantic interest...  (I'm all about George and Nico, trust me, but they spend as much time together as apart and Georgie needs a good woman by his side ;P )


   - Gemini main character, Sylvie Renaud is the daughter of french antique&artifact restorers who met, lived and married in Paris and left France to travel and work around the world when Sylvie was in kinder garden, taking her with them. They worked in archaeology sites all over the world, dragging Sylvie along through numerous countries, schools and cultures. One day, while working on a Temple of Athena in Greece, Sylvie was with them when the floor partially collapses and she falls into a previously hidden chamber. While her parents and other workers work tirelessly to get her out, she finds her own way discovering a previously concealed passageway to the chamber. Her parents fret over her and decide to return to France for her to have more stability to her remaining teen years. Sylvie is otherwise fine after her ordeal, and unknowing to her parents, actually uncovers a mysterious artifact and new special friend she doesn't disclose to anyone...


   - Cancer main character, (D-Cuddles) Arashi works as a singer-waitress in the early 2000s when she sees a strange looking, tall blue haired young man stumbling on the streets after her shift. Having a thing for broken strays, she takes him home to tend to his injuries, getting to know him. They become friends, companions and pretty much just find each other's company soothing and calming. 2D actually seems to be able to sleep and relax without the aid of migraine medication or other drugs and she is better at standing up for him against Murdoc, actually threatening him if he abuses 2D further on or out of her watch... This is basically a minor, side role just to partner up one of my oldest and (in my POV) coolest character with an equally cool and lovable element of one of my favorite (rediscovered) music groups.

Winx Club

   - Cancer main character, Eira is an Ice Fairy who joins Alfea in order to learn to control her powers, as she's the first known magic user in her family. I know what you're thinking "I thought you were out of Winx Club stuff for good, what gives?" Well, that is not entirely wrong. I got out of Winx not just because I had become uninspired to everything Winx related, but also because I felt that it completely took over my life. If you take a look at my art over the years, in the space of roughly 3 years I did little more than Winx related art (like, 75% is Winx Stuffs...). It became an Obsession, I had more Winx OCs than ALL my other OCs put together... I don't want to become as obsessed in something that I do only that one thing, but I do like the fandom and the art so I decided to move ALL my old Winx Stuff to the side and start anew with one, and only ONE, Winx OC fairy as a character in a possible future rp story...


   - Leo main character, Everly is the fated child with the power of imagination, creation and destruction. In an AU sequel to the original Ökami game, Amaterasu a.k.a. Ammy, returns to the Celestial realm with Waka, frees it from the ONI invaders and restores it to its former glory. Eventually bonding with Waka, they have several children able to switch from Wolf and Human form, power Ammy acquired on the Celestial realm. When one of her younger pups learns of the birth of the fated child on Earth, one who can as easily imagine the Celestials and Gods or the ONI to cease to exist, he decides to go to Earth and kill the child not wanting to risk the child choosing wrong. Learning of his rogue behavior, Ammy travels to Earth as well, assuming a more appropriate Human form and seeking the aid of the former Celestial Gods who have lived among the humans all this time also under human form...

 DmC, Devil may Cry

   - Leo main character, Everly Devine is an Angel&Human hybrid who is unaware of her origins and powers. While working on a Pizza place, she services Dante and glimpses with an accidental touch images of the war between Angels and Demons and the one, neither but both, standing between the warring hordes. These same images have haunted her dreams since her childhood. Immediately after Dante leaves, she is attacked by a Demon who recognises her Angel ancestry and looks to feed on it. Dante returns and saves her, not knowing who or what she really is and believing her to be a medium like Kat. Through their struggle to keep her alive from constant demon attacks suddenly aware of her presence, they learn the truth and being the first true (even if only by half) Angel Dante meets, he isn't sure what to make of it...

 Gokusen&Hana Kimi

   - Virgo main character, Kohaku is actually the love child of a Yakuza leader and an african descent gaijin woman, whom the Yakuza then marries. Kohaku is raised in the Yakuza world and develops an aggressive, competitive and tomboyish personality. When her parents die during her teens, some people in the clan don't believe she should inherit the clan as her own for she is gaijin, and her uncle who was always against the marriage AND who secretly always conspired against his brother for leadership, tries to take Kohaku out. Kohaku flees with the help of some who are still loyal to her father and her, taking refuge in the fictional city of Kamiyama (Gokusen canon). As a further means to hide her identity from her uncle who still sees her as a threat and is hunting her, she disguises herself as a boy and enrolls in the all-boys school Kurogin Gakuen where she is placed in the troublemaker class, 2-D (went 2-D to give her one more year with the boys from live-action's second season ;P), roughly at the same time the class gets a new teacher, Yamagushi Kumiko...

 Super Mario

   - Virgo main character, Amberlyn is the princess and future ruler of the kingdom of Oregem, a primarily mountainous and rocky kingdom where most people survive as miners and where most resemble moles, gnomes or rocky humanoids. Problem is, Amber doesn't like all the girly-girly requirements to being a princess and wishes for nothing more than to be free and able to live her own life. Days before she's to be officially presented to the people, she cuts off her hair and runs away from the palace under the guise of a young boy. Upon reaching a borderline village, she is shocked to hear the news that the princess of Oregem, a.k.a. her, has been announced kidnapped and several people are looking for her. She meets with a pair of hero-wannabes, twin brothers, who are looking for companions to join them on a quest to save the princess. Not really thinking it through but with thirst for adventure, she volunteers presenting herself as Ambert and joins the brothers and whatever companions they may encounter, travelling the realms and different kingdoms searching for herself...

 How to Train Your Dragon

   - Libra main character, Brenna is the daughter of a clan's chieftain of a village more inland than Berk. Known as the Clearing Village, her father and chief was actually Chief Stoic's cousin and both their children, Hiccup and Brenna, were at some point arranged to be married (when Brenna was a baby) for the Clearing Village lies between other two more imposing villages: the Valley and the Mountain villages, that constantly fight for territory and the promise of an alliance with Berk kept them at bay. After Hiccup came of age, in more sense than one, (1st movie), Stoic called off the engagement leaving his cousin not to talk to him again. Shortly after Stoic's death and Hiccup becoming Chief (2nd movie), his cousin reaches out inviting Hiccup to his daughter's wedding with the heir of the Valley tribe, which is when the gang learns of the whole previous arrangement. Arriving at the Clearing village, they discover from the Chief that his daughter has been kidnapped by the Mountain tribe who wants to take their territory, and he hopes that with their dragons, Hiccup can get her back. Meanwhile, Brenna is able to escape the Mountain kidnappers and ends up wandering the mountain woods looking for a way back to her village, when she discovers... something...


   - Libra main character, Erin is a Gargoyle whose egg was stolen from her London Clan and later lost, being discovered by an american family. With the appearance of a winged wolf, Erin was a handful and even though the family feared her at first, especially as they had little children at the time of her discovery, the fact she was also a baby had them feel for her. They decided to raise her as one of their children the best they could, embedding her with human values. She grew up with the couple's 4 sons (2 older and 2 younger than her) and even their families were aware of her existence and most interacted with her while keeping her secret. As her brothers also grew and started to leave home, either to pursuit their studies, jobs/careers or lives&dreams, she had a hard time understanding why she couldn't "leave the nest" like the rest of them and was stuck in their home. Used and enjoying gatherings, she would start sneaking out to check out the nearby towns especially if there was any kind of celebration or party going on. In some of her escapades, someone might catch a glimpse of her starting rumors and talk around town which will eventually threaten her family's way of life and even her own life...

 Avatar (ATLA&LOK)

   - Scorpio main character, Malin is the daughter of an undisclosed great Bender who dies shortly after she is born causing her to be raised by her parents' friends, all four kinds of benders. When Malin is around 3 years old, Korra also dies leaving the world wondering if after everything that happened, there will be a new Avatar. Meanwhile, Malin is raised surrounded by benders, learning every technique in preparation for whatever bending style she may acquire. At 14 years old, she still hasn't developed or demonstrated any bending capabilities and everyone around her tell her sometimes it just takes its time. One night, she overhears them talking how its possibly a shame and a disappointment considering her parents lineage, that Malin may actually never become a bender. Feeling betrayed for being lied to, Malin runs away. For the following 6 years, Malin has lived on her own as a freelance handy-woman, doing a little of everything from scavenging, trading, hunting, exploring and even some mercenary work. She's a skilled fighter and able to hold her own against benders as she had learned and trained with all types and is able to anticipate their moves. She makes a name for herself on the road, never staying one place too long but coming around if she fancied the place and the people. One day, she meets with an old friend in an Earth Bending quarry and she notices something about a particular worker when an accident happens: that Earth Bender can Air Bend!

 The Mortal Instruments (Shadowhunters)

   - Scorpio main character, Ava was born to a Shadowhunter and a Mundane in an AU world mostly focusing on the TV show (because I did read the first books up to Valentine's death but it was a long time ago and I remember the TV show better...). Her father, a Shadowhunter, was a member of the Circle and subject of Valentine's experiments with Angel Blood. While on a mission for the Clave, her father met her mother, a Mundane woman who was possessed by a demon and whom her father was able to save but not without becoming infatuated by her. Unknowingly to him, the woman became pregnant but there were still traces of demon blood inside her. Ava was born soon after Valentine's Uprising where her father was one of the casualties. Only Ava's aunt, her father's sister and also a former Circle member who was able to escape capture, was aware of her existence and ancestry. For some time, she only observed and when Ava's mother died and she was sent to an orphanage, her aunt infiltrated the institution so as to covertly watch and train her niece. When Ava was 10, her aunt attempted to initiate her and give her first rune, but the mark was quickly absorbed into the child's skin and held no effect. She tried going to a Warlock for answers but not even his magic held any effect. Figuring out the child was somehow immune to angel and demon magic, her aunt killed the warlock so that no one knew of her and went back to protect her blood, shunning the Shadowhunter way in order to protect her niece, which included ignoring Valentine's summons once he again attempted to attain the Mortal Cup.

 Harry Potter

   - Ophiuchus main character, Kamigawa Kiku is a Japanese exchange student from Mahoutokoro School of Magic. Coming from an everything but loving family, Kiku never felt love or affection and always hid her insecurities behind a rude and socially aggressive mask. When after her eleventh birthday her own parents tried to kill her in a Dark Magic ritual, forcing her to do Dark Magic in order to survive, her parents were arrested and as per Japanese Magic law, Kiku was expelled from school. Due to extenuating circumstances (self-defense), the Japanese Ministry of Magic allowed for Kiku to continue her magic studies just not in Japan. Requesting any other school to take her in, only Hogwards School of Witchcraft and Wizardry answered the call and Professor and Headmistress Magonogal herself came to Japan and brought Kiku back with her to Scotland, to her new home. Due to the differences in academic programs, Kiku starts out at Hogwards on the standard student's second year, and is sorted into Slytherin joining Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy...


   - Ophiuchus main character (currently nameless), Ophiuchus story in the weird and insane Bayonetta world is still undecided and pretty much unknown... I just thought she would be an interesting addition to the franchise considering her magic focus and borderline "special" personality ^^

 The Magdalena&Buffy&Angel&Resident Evil

   - Aquila/Capricorn main character, The Magdalena or Mags as she's called, is a holy demon hunter in the employment of the Church in a crossover co-op story with Millie (Do try and act surprised...). In it, Angel's soul is stolen by W&H and he starts wreaking havoc in LA. Kara (Millie's), the Slayer that preceded Buffy in the slayer line and a descendant of the Holtz bloodline, is resurrected by the Powers that Be to defeat Angelus when everything else fails. She comes to LA just as things start getting weirder when a strange virus starts affecting humans, vampires and demons alike. Mags, who has also been sent by the church to kill Angelus, gets in it with the Slayer as well and it all gets just that more complicated when the BSAA drops into the scene... This story had been put on hold for a few years but has now been revisited and possibly picked back up, stay tuned ^^

 Dragon Ball&Xenoverse&Sailor Moon

   - Cetus/Aries main character, Pippa in my main character, and a side character, in a crossover fan story by Millie. In this story, Millie's alternative Sailor Asteria together with Chibiusa as the new Sailor Moon, must band together with the Time Patrol (of Xenoverse... universe), and Trunks, to defeat a threat to the whole of Time and Space. Pippa is a Cyborg, as early as C-7, and appears as a 9 year old girl. She was created when one of the scientist's daughter contracted an incurable disease and the father used the available technology to try and save his daughter by turning her into a Cyborg. Unfortunately, the process was still in its early stages and flawed and not only did her memories of her life got corrupted, that corruption would cause her violent outbursts and blackouts. Frozen in stasis till her programming could be fixed, an accident in the lab buried it and killed every scientist that worked there, including her father. C-7 and other experiments on stasis were forgotten as the evil organization continued their experiments elsewhere. Many years later, after Trunks returns from the past and finally puts an end to the Cyborg wars, C-7's stasis chamber is finally drained of power and the pod opens, releasing her. Not knowing who she is, where and when she is, she roams the lands till she finds a makeshift orphanage where the children of the war are being taken care of. Thought to be just another orphan, Bulma takes her in... 

 Summon Nights: Swordcraft Story

   - Orion/Cancer main character, known only as "The Mark"(and also because I don't remember the name I was going to give her.....), she is a craftknight. After losing her Guardian Beast and her arm in a vicious assault, she loses her will and is taken to a coliseum like arena to battle others as a gladiator, quickly rising to stardom due to her battle skills and superior crafted weapons. Much time after, she rediscovers her thirst for challenge and adventure after two fated encounters with a cat-like Stray Beast, Lué, and a battle against a fellow skilled craftknight, Connor. SPOILER ALERT (sorta, since I have yet to continue the story past this point) The Mark decides to flee the Arena and together with Lué and with some help from Connor, the two successfully escape and start a new adventure, rediscovering and relearning all about what it takes to be a craftknight: together. 


   - Corvus/Libra main character, Xana Lyberian is an Iberian Lynx who comes to Zootopia with some School friends on vacation to have a good time. Unfortunately, she ends up affected by Nighthowler serum and becomes savage. After receiving the original cure which doesn't fully work on the upgraded serum, Xana joins Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to help solve the case of who is using the Nighthowler serum on innocent mammals, in the hopes of finding a more definitive cure for her occasional savage behavior...

Aquarian Age (Juvenile Orion&Sign for Evolution)

   - Sextans/Leo main character, Willa is a Mind-Breaker whose power manifests through her voice, especially her singing voice. Willa was taken from her parents as a child and raised by the Polestar Empire in a ploy to escalate the war between factions and pick up the pieces afterwards. Willa is able to move the masses with her song, human and other faction members alike are influenced by her power to do the Empire's biding. One of the factions sends an assassin to stop her, but he is unexpectedly surprised by her willingness to die by his sword...
Profile Template OC Fandom List
Ok, so I have this done for a while now but I didn't feel it was the right time to publish till I was finished with the Profile Template concepts and the Pseudo-Zodiac list and art. Now that those are done and published, I am uploading this list as well, merely a different way to keep track of my near-insane list of characters and their associated fandoms ^^

All above is all my doing... well, Millie helped out a lot towards the list getting that big... ;P


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Thanks for the watch ^^
HeartStorm4ever Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome. It was overdue ^^
TalviKettu Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017
I am not sure if you are still active here, but I wish you a really wonderful birthday dear! :glomp::huggle::tighthug: :cake::party: I hope everything is fine with you :)
Irisa007 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Heya honey :D Thank you SO much!!! It's true I haven't been around... at all... Stuffs, you know? But I come on now and again and your message left me very happy :D Thank you :love:&:tighthug:
TalviKettu Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017
it was great to hear about you after long time :) :glomp::huggle:
Irisa007 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it was ^_^ Thank you for remembering... you were one of the few that did :tighthug:
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ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Everybody is nervous about the lack of activity in Amix-Club, but I know you're trying to get time to work on it. Nice Tarot set, btw.
Irisa007 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I know... sorry about that.... I just haven't been feeling winx-y lately... :( I will try and get something done this month...
ZetaRESP Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Feeling Winx-y... yeah, that sounds about right. Maybe getting to see World of Winx may help you? I heard it's actually very good.
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