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Supernatural - Archangel Dean


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Day 299: Kenshin


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Samurai Champloo - Jin

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Beautiful But Deadly


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Forest snuggles


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Love Reaps part 13

I watched him, I watched as he paced restlessly, ripping his hand through his hair. He was definitely not what you would call…a flower child. I laid calmly, hands behind my head on the hotel bed.  It was quite entertaining to observe him fretting over nothing…in my opinion that is. "Calm your farm," I serenaded in an almost ghostlike voice. His dull eyes whipped over to me. I shuttered, and hurriedly brought myself to sit back up.   "With you around, I don't think I can ever be calm." Daemon retorted harshly. I lowered my gaze. He was trying to make me feel guilty. "Look, it wasn't my…" "It was your fa


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hades and persephone 2


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Halloween Rules stamp

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Supernatural - Archangel Dean

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Cherry-Flavored Death Blow

My eyes can't ignore your beauty, It's a cherry-flavored death blow, I will savor, I will not go. I promise you, it's my duty, I will make you forget, make you smile, Though I haven't seen you in a while. But this is a dream. This cannot be real. I was sitting alone, Not moments ago. Have you ever whispered Sweet nothings to an empty room? I forgot your voice, But I will see you soon. My head is floating above me, Am I finally going crazy? Or is my heart just getting lazy? Please, love, please come and see, Or I will crawl below the ocean, And life will move back in slow motion. But that's just a dream. It can't be real.


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Blind Dead

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