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Since posting my last journal update, I have:
  1. Published my fifth book (the Kickstarter overfunded! :D)
  2. Travelled around the world
  3. Created a Twine game 
  4. Participated in Inktober 2017 (all art was originally posted on Facebook and Twitter)
  5. And wrote 50,000 words of my sixth book for NaNoWriMo
Right now, I'm uploading all my Inktober drawings, and I'll be uploading some of the graphics I created for my Twine game (called The Tree and the Grave) soon after.

I'm also working on a secret project right now that will involve illustrations, and I'll be putting those up when they're ready.

After that, I'll be focusing on books for a while, so any art that goes up will be on an occasional, unplanned basis. My creative stuff tends to fluctuate like that- I get really in depths with things in an ebb and flow cycle, often with a few different things flowing into and out of focus in tandem with each other.

So when art flows into focus again, you'll know :)

Until then,
  • Listening to: Christmas music
Good news: the Kickstarter for Like Mist Over the Eyes only needs $755 more to be fully funded.

Nerve-wracking news: There are 7 days left to raise that $755.

7 Days to Go!!! by Irionuib

The two most popular rewards are:
  • Approached by Fairies ($35), which gets you the ebook (of both this and the first book in the series), the paperback, digital art featuring a ridiculous and awesome scene in the book, your name on the ebook thank-you page, and the tier 2 bonus features ebook.
  • Enter Adren ($10), which gets you the ebook, your name on the ebook thank-you page, and the tier 1 bonus features ebook.
So, if a story about an age-old feud between fairies and humans, uneasy trust, and a whole lot of magic sounds like your kind of thing, go here to help make it happen.

Thank you so much for your support already with my art - it really does mean a lot to me to know that you enjoy it. Art is meant to be experienced, after all. You're the reason why I create, and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

In addition to art, I also write books. (I think I've mentioned this somewhere before on here, but I'm not 100% sure.) To fund my next book, Like Mist Over the Eyes, I've made a Kickstarter. It's the second book in a series, but you'll be able to enjoy it without having read the first book. Here's the description from the back cover:

Sometimes there was a man weeping.
Sometimes there was a fire.
But always there was the sword.

Adren escaped with her life back in Watorej, but her tussle with the potion-maker has knocked something loose in her mind. Really loose. The dreams—if they even are dreams—are frequent and disturbing, and Adren finds it increasingly difficult to keep a grip on her own mind. Luckily Nadin is around to help out, but for how long? His human side, however slight it may be, ensures that he’ll eventually turn on her… doesn’t it?

For now, Adren and Nadin still search for the cure to the unicorn’s madness, and soon they stumble into an age-old feud between a fairy mound and the nearby human town. With one side seeing her as a plaything and the other as a threat to be stamped out, it’s up to Adren to find the middle ground—but doing so comes uncomfortably close to challenging her most coveted prejudices.

The long-sought cure might be merely one good bargain away, but as the game turns ever more deadly amid shifting allegiances and ancient legends turn out to be all too real, Adren must hold it all together before a full-blown war breaks loose. She has to conquer her demons or else everyone will face the consequences.

Especially the unicorn.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you might be interested in, check out the Kickstarter and see which reward tickles your fancy. :)

We're almost at the end of Kara's adventure! As the title says, there's only three posts left and, as a result, you'll be able to read all of them next week, on Tuesday, Thursday (!), and Friday.

In addition, on Friday next week, you'll get another post, this time with a look into what the next of Kara's adventures will be, including some really cute sketches of underwater creatures called squishies. :)

See you next week!


The update schedule for Kara the Brave is going to be different this and next month due to my next book coming out soon. \o/

Go here to find out more.
There won't be a new strip last week, as I think Kara's deserved a chance to sleep a bit. And then there's also vacation to consider. Also, did you know we're reaching the end of this story arc? Find out specifics on the website.


As of right now, patrons who pledge $3 or more on my Patreon will get each new strip of Kara the Brave a day early. The first is already up! :)

That's right, I officially have a Patreon page! If you love Kara the Brave and want to support the continuation of her adventures (as well as the publication of Kara and the Dragon, her sort-of origin story), as well as get some neat rewards, then come on over and sign up!

Speaking of Kara and the Dragon, I've been working on some sketches for the cover. As soon as I've got one I like, I'll be sharing it with my patrons who've pledged $10 or more. 

I'm also considering adding a new reward - getting each strip a day before they go online. There are just a couple details for me to work out before that becomes a thing, so I'll let you know when it happens. One thing that I can tell you now, though, is that if you pledge $5 or more, you'll definitely get this reward.

But enough of me… here's the Patreon page.

I’ve been hemming and hawing about this for a while now about this, but I’ve decided now. Instead of constantly postponing strips one day or one week as I try to manage the workload of the last semester of my degree, it’s best to put Kara the Brave on pause until that’s all over. I tried not to, but the only other thing in my schedule that could be removed to give me the time I need to post consistently can’t be removed without certain other things in place. And those things aren’t in place.

Thus, the graduation hiatus.

My last paper is due on April 15th, and I might go to the Calgary Expo that weekend (not with a booth, just as an attendee, as I’ve never gone before), but I have to work out some details first. So, to leave room for that (and some time to celebrate finishing my degree), the hiatus will end the weekend after that. Um. *checks calendar* Right. That’ll be the weekend of the 25th.

So, mark your calendar, set a phone alert, do whatever will remind you the day of what happens next in Kara’s story. And see you on April 25th. :)

Granted, I might post more/other art in the meantime, although my workload says that might not be the case. Even still. It's a big enough pause that it seemed best to finally use this journal thing here and say something about it.