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Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to open my Art Contest !

                                            :sun:THEME AND INSPIRATION:sun:

The main theme is... KING OF SUMMER, the fairy king of a magical land called Arcadia.

The King of Summer is a quite young boy with flamingo feathers among his blonde hair.
He emodies the spirit of Summer, so he has a funny smile, a bright laughter and a velvet jacket.

Last summer he had kidnapped a sweet lillte girl, called AnnaGiulia, and entertained her telling her a lot of
fairytales, meeting the peolple of his Court, the Court of Summer... satyrs, fairies, misterious noble lords and ladies.

The Court of Summer usually takes great masquerades and parties where gracious ladies dance with courteus lords
while the music is filling the air all around.

In the main story about the King of Summer, there also are some subthmese as: masquerade, the love between Spring and Autumn, two beautiful faeries that steal long hair
from a handsome young man, an ogre that enslaves kidnapped humans and force them to drag a heavy chariot, the fight between the Summer and Winter  and so on...

                                :sun: RULES :sun:

:bulletred: You can enter with as many deviations as you want  ( Only One may be an old deviation, the other  must be new, never before posted deviation);

:bulletred: Your submission can be Digital Artwork or Traditional Artwork (photomanipulation, vector, digital painting, painting, and so on...);

:bulletred: You can use the stock you want, but I suggest this one… by my husband :iconbarbieri49stock:
You have to follow all stock rules & dA copyright etc. rules, please! An excuse of "I didn't know" won't be enough to save your image from the discard switch if I get a complaint!

:bulletred: All entries must be submitted via NOTE to :iconirinama: Please place "Contest Entry" in the Subject Line and include a link/thumb to your deviation.

:bulletred: You have to link back to this contest journal in the description of your picture and this stamp King of summer by Barbieri49Stock

:bulletred: Your submission has to fit into the theme "KING OF SUMMER";

:bulletred: Artworks with racists, pornographic or violent content won't be accepted.

:bulletred: Please send a LARGE FILE

:bulletred: As the winners' deviations will be published in a real book, published in Italy, I ask you to allow  me to USE THE RIGHTS of the winners' deviation.

:bulletred: If there's a problem, or any questions, just ask me.

                                      :sun: DEADLINE :sun:

:bulletgreen: The contest starts today on   march 21st  2010
Deadline -  june  21st ,  2010.

                                         :sun: PRIZES :sun:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: First place :iconsomeconfettiplz:

1 year of subscription DA by :iconirinama:

:iconsomeconfettiplz:  Second place  :iconsomeconfettiplz:

1 year of subscription DA by :iconsvet-svet:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: Third place :iconsomeconfettiplz:

6 months of subscription DA by :iconirinama:

3 month of subscription DA by :iconnataly1st:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: Fourth place :iconsomeconfettiplz:

3 months of subscription DA by :iconirinama:

3 months of subscription DA by :iconmelgama:

:iconsomeconfettiplz:   Fifth place :iconsomeconfettiplz:

1 months of subscription DA by :iconirinama:

3 months of subscription DA by:iconangelia61:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: For all winners :iconsomeconfettiplz:

Digital Art dedication  by :iconalosa:
Exclusive stock   by:iconphatpuppy:
Stock pack   by:iconfairiegodmother:
Stamp  by:iconruskatukka:
Card deck which   by:iconjenadellagrottaglia:
Premade exclusive backgrounds by :icondesignbykatt:
Animated  an avatar by :iconlady-adonia:
Background pack by :iconobsidianfantasyart:
Exclusive textures by :iconnight-fate-stock:
Exclusive background and png stock by :iconmaureenolder:
Exclusive stock package by :iconiardacil:
Digital drawing, anavatar by :icondameodessa:
Foto by :icononixa:
Feature     by  :icontitusboy25:+:iconruskatukka:+:iconlady-adonia:+:icondameodessa:

:bulletred:  Thank you so much for all wonderful prize donation :bulletred:  



:bulletred: ENTRIES :bulletred:

:bulletred:  All the winners' works will be PUBLISHED as illustrations in a BOOK OF FAIRYTALES written by my daughter and published in Italy.
The names and the address to the web pages of all the winners will be also published in my daughter's book.

:sun: Prize donations are very welcome :sun:

:bulletred: Now go to work... We'd love to see many various entries :bulletred:

Big Hugs Irina
© 2010 - 2022 irinama
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the-suns-moon's avatar computer can't seem to find "" Is there some other way to get you the file?
kaito-len's avatar
here are my entries, hope u like it:D -len-

irinama's avatar
Thank yo so much for your entries:hug:
kaito-len's avatar
that's nothing! :hug: -len-
MelanieMaterne's avatar
ill give a journal feature for all winners. :wave:
irinama's avatar
Aww !!!
Thank you sooo much!!!
I adding you to my journal!
I waiting your entry !!:hug:
anndr's avatar
irinama's avatar
This is great !! :hug:
differentego's avatar
cool contest :thumbsup: maybe i´ll enter.
irinama's avatar
Thank you!!
I wait your entries !! :hug::manhug:
Amberrant's avatar
Hmmm....just asking but how old is the kidnapped girl - and is she from a city or countryside0like place?
irinama's avatar
Hello! The kidnapped girl is about 15 years old and the story is setted in a wonderful garden.
Anyway she's from countryside. :)

I will be waiting for your artwork and I wish you lots of Love!
sandysandy1993's avatar
i wanna join! i am already printing details of now hehehehe
irinama's avatar
OK !!!
I waiting your entry!
You're welcome
You're welcome
al6xandra's avatar
Hi, really interesting contest you have here!!! :D
I just finished reading all the details and I already have a couple of ideas that I'd like to try...
Just one question, though: the summer king has blonde hair but what about his eyes? I'm not a big fan of the blonde hair-blue eye cliche but I feel that I need to ask you, just in case!!! ;p
irinama's avatar
Wonderful! :D
I'm happy that you're interested in my contest.
Well, the King of Summer has green eyes, even thogh they can change with the weather.
So you can personalize his eyes as much as you want. :)

Lots of love!
skatergreene's avatar
does the king of summer have a name? :D
irinama's avatar
The King of Summer haven't name, beacouse he's the KING OF SUMMER
You're welcome
The-Fighter's avatar
How old is AnnaGiulia? Approximately that is.. I think this contest is very cute by the way, will give it a try :)
irinama's avatar
AnnaGiulia is about 15 years old.
She has black hair and dark eyes and a funny smile. :)

These are my general indications, you can personalize obviously the character.

Lots of love!
The-Fighter's avatar
Thank you very much! Just another thing, the fairies.. are they small fitting in a hand or a full size human?
irinama's avatar
I waitig your entry to my contest!!
The-Fighter's avatar
Oh, and also.. the size of the fairies? We talking small handfulls or the size of a normal person? :)
Thank you!
Zephirice's avatar
hello, you contest seems to be very great and cool ! however i have a question : are we free to manke our own king of summer and to make something with your "theme and inspiration" ?! because it will be hard for me to represent exactly what your said xD, if i participate ^^"
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