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Their last dream

Fanfiction by irina orange

Rating / Classement [+18]

First published in French on February 28th 2012 on FFFR

Chapter 22

A very strange shop

Disclaimer : The universe of The Vision Of Escaflowne belongs to Shoji Kawamori and the studio Sunrise, I'm just borrowing it for this story.
Except for a few characters and places that I created for the occasion.


After the first day's welcome ceremonies, everyone was happy to go to rest. As a malicious hostess, Millerna had installed Hitomi in the room she had occupied on her first trip to Gaea, and Van was just in the next room.
Filled with happiness for herself, Merle had her own room, not a small one! The only room was almost as large as the apartment she occupied at Fanelia! It’s only in Asturia, she could have a room for her on a journey, as cat-girl, she was always despised.

Meinmet was also delighted with her housing conditions. After having gossiped more than reason, he had only one desire: sleeping. And he noticed that Asturia had a keenest sense of hospitality just for the immense comfort of the bedding where he slumped.

On their side, because of the wedding, Yiris and Folken were together. If the Prince was amused by the situation, his wife was still in her corner, grumbling.
He remained a philosopher, even if she wasn’t the most pleasant, the general had the merit of being always there. The Prince had been alone enough in his life to appreciate a presence, however strange.


The next day, while the men had gathered to discuss about the problem seriously, with the exception of Meinmet who had embarked on an exploration of the Palace accompanied by Merle, Yiris had amused herself by going through the roofs to spy the discussions about the thieves of energist to which, as a woman obliging, she couldn’t attend.

Having sent her special guest on a boat trip through the city, Millerna had planned a small niche to quietly talk with Hitomi.

“So, if you explain me why you came back ... now?” The young fait woman, curious.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t play the silly girl with me! I know you. When you left, ten years ago, we thought you would come back a few months, even years after, to reconstruct yourself. Indeed, it seemed obvious to us that you would soon realize that you couldn’t live without Van. And at the end, years have gone by, and a number...”

Seeing Hitomi staring at her cup of tea, unable to speak, Millerna filled the silence.

“Well, I'll stop bothering you. After all, the important thing is that you are there, with Van! So what will happen next?”
“Honestly, I don’t know...” She replied timidly, still concentrated on her cup.
“You cannot remain the lover of the shadow, it will be necessary to face the light! And again, you're lucky, Fanelia isn’t a very protocolary country, you can lead a calm life once Queen...”

As she spoke, Hitomi felt a certain uneasiness. Whenever she imagined herserlf as Van's wife, she was divided between the anguish of this new role that would confine her to Gaea and the fact of sharing the life of the one she loved so much.
Leaving her mind wandering, the young woman had a strange vision. A child, apparently a little dark-haired boy, sat on the edge of a window and looked at the starry sky. Suddenly, he seemed to turn to her, and stared at her with his green eyes.

“Hey, Mommy, do you think one day I would see my Daddy?”

Back to reality, Hitomi felt strangely bad. She had experienced a certain joy at seeing this child, who, in detail, seemed to be a perfect mixt between herself and Van, but on the other hand, the question he asked made her ill-at-ease.

Millerna, who had noticed her trouble, hadn’t dared to disturb her, she knew too much those absences for having witnessed it.

After a few minutes, Hitomi shook her head as she want to wake up weel. The Queen sighed in relief to see her conscious again.

“You're feeling good?”
“Yes, yes…” The woman responded with a forced smile.
“It was like you saw something?”
“Ah, yes, but nothing important, be reassured, I'm fine...”
“Well, if you say... I saw you once time finishing the heart stopped after one of this episodes...”
“I swear, don’t worry, I'm fine! All these awful visions are behind me, although I concede that sometimes I have some kinds of small flashes...”

Obviously, Millerna wasn’t convinced by Hitomi's explanations, but she decided not to insist further.

“By the way, I guess you know I have two adorable toddlers.”
“Yes, Van told me about it. Your situation shouldn’t be simple.”
“You said it...” The Queen sighed sadly. “By spending his time playing the invisible man, Dryden put me in an untenable situation. He had promised to come back, and finally he never gave me any news...”
“It must have been difficult ...”
“Over time, I think he resigned himself. He loved me in his own way, but I think he finally understood that I didn’t love him enough... Fortunately, Allen was always by my side. He’s also my principal advisor, but the lack of formalization of our situation is difficult, especially since the birth of our elder. If my sister hadn’t succumbed to the disease, I believe that the situation would have killed her.”
“Was Princess Eries ill for a long time? That's why she had renounced the throne, right?”
“My sister has always had a fragile constitution. Young, she caught a high fever, our Mother fell sick at the same time she, but she didn’t survive. Since then, Eries suffered punctually from the flares of fever that left her every time worse, she was lucid and knew that it would take her away young... And I believe that between her broken engagement and what happened to Marlene, she had been deeply disgusted by the men and preferred to remain alone...”
“Her broken engagement?” Hitomi asked, intrigued.
“It's true that I never talked to you about it. You know that when I was a little girl, I went to Fanelia, and at that time my father wanted to marry Eries to Folken, then you know what happened...”
“All this is very sad...”
“Eries had just said about Folken that he seemed to be nice, but I think it was a good idea in the head of my dear father who always looking for his interest everywhere... So, a few years ago, my sister had a last crisis, of an incredible violence, nothing could bring down the fever which finally killed her...”
“I'm sorry…”
“Dont be. You know, I've grown a lot in my head. I know how to manage my country and how to face with jokes, it's not necessarily easy, but I'm strong enough for that. I try to impose myself as a woman, a bit like this Yiris, but I cannot do it as well as she does.”
“It looks like she intrigues you.”
“I admit it, and she has the sense of the show! I had never had the opportunity to speak to her before yesterday, and she has lived up to her reputation. On an angle, I envy her freedom, although I’m the Queen, as soon as I raise my voice to make my opinion heard, even if it’s not that of my counselors, I find myself referred to the fact that I am a woman and those one don't’ know how to manage a country, so, even less the armies. Allen is particularly talented to tell me things nicely and, every time, I fall into the trap to finally yield...
At least, Yiris knows how to make herself heard! After all, only three people have managed to win a duel against Allen since he’s a Caeli Knigth, it’s a certain prestige that forces respect.”
“Three persons? ”
“Yes, Van during their last confrontation in guymelef, Yiris in a stupid provocation, and Gaddes!”

Hitomi was completely astounded. Imagining the faithful sergeant of Allen fighting against him, and moreover winning, was very strange.
In any case, this story made Millerna laugh.

“Well, it's a very funny stor. Since he had found her, Allen had always watched over his little sister Celena. However, this one is rather malicious, and often escaped. Her main interest was to look after what her brother was doing. Thus, she began to watch carefully the Crusade team, and in the long run, her gaze turned to Gaddes.
She took advantage of the slightest opportunity to greet him. Little by little, this attraction had become reciprocal as well as deeper and deeper. But recently, Allen discovered it and there...”
“And?” Hitomi asked curious to know what happened next.
“Well, even though he had great respect for his sergeant, Allen did not consider that he would make a suitable husband for his sister. Taken to pride, Gaddes found nothing better than to challenge him in a duel on a whim. And then...”
“The Crusade Crew had a singular idea, not very bad. But thanks to a stratagem, they managed to win Gaddes, who was able to marry Celena.”
“How did they do it?”

Millerna did not have time to answer, someone knocked at the door. Surprised, the Queen allowed the person to enter.
To the great astonishment of the two young women, it was Folken.

“Excuse me, Ladies, but have you seen Yiris by chance?”
“No, why?” Hitomi asked, perplexed.
“The meeting ended, and I saw her leave her hiding place furiously. I wonder if she didn’t going to make a mistake, the kind that could displease Van.”
“Sorry to be unable to help!” Millerna replied.“She will reappear. Given her love of food, she would be present for lunch. I’m sure that she alone will devour one half of the buffet of the reception on the day after tomorrow, at the risk of messing her dress...”
“Well, but it’s not sure that she would accept to present herself there...” The Prince said with a sigh.
“Would she be ashamed of anything? ” The Sovereign remarked amused.
“She knows she will not be welcome in the midst of the Ladies richly dressed...”
“Would you say that you have no dress of ceremony dress for her? ” The Queen asked, with some malice.
“I'm sorry, but I've only been married for three days, it did not give me time to make her a clothings trousseau...”
“A ... Well, I have an excellent address, with an incredible efficiency! You can go there this afternoon, Hitomi can accompany you, as well as Merle. This will remind them of something...”


“I cannot believe that!”

Merle was astounded at the store in front of her. Hitomi seemed equally surprised, Meinmet dubitative, Yiris suspicious, and Folken amused.

The front of the shop, located in the center of Palas was not at all discreet. Blindingly red, accompanied by a black writing that came out of it, the signboard was decorated with a giant portrait of… the Mole Man !
Faced with this debauchery of bad taste, a certain perplexity prevailed.

“If it’s an official supplier of the Queen of Asturia, it’s a myth that collapses!” Meinmet noticed.
“I never thought he would be reconverted into it, and even less that Millerna trust him...” Hitomi added.
“I’m not at all surprised to see him work in this. Knowing his vices, it was either that or the jewelery, but he would have been able to steal himself!” Merle concluded.

A grimace of vexation in her face, Yiris turned to Folken.

“I agreed to follow you, with the fine team, but now I wonder about the purpose of the maneuver, humiliating myself?”
“Millerna had an interesting remark. The big conference will be accompanied by a distinguished reception, and I thought it would be simpler for you to listen directly in the room. And in order to melt into the masses, I thought I would offer you a suit for the occasion! And so it was the establishment that she recommended.”

There are moments when we are unable to answer, it was the case of Yiris. She thought if, finally, Millerna's wish was not simply to ridicule her. And, Folken might say whatever he wanted, even adorned like a Queen, with her innumerable scars, the fat one across her face, she wouldn’t pass unnoticed anyway.

The visitors didn’t have the time to let the door close behind them. Three sculptural cats-women, with short dresses at the limit of indecency, welcomed them with enthusiasm.

“Welcome to the fashion boutique of the great Mister Mole! What can we do for you?”

A surpised silence frightened, then out of the back shop, the Mole Man appeared. Hitomi and Merle had no difficulty in recognizing him.
Still as paunchy, the little sunglasses badly adjusted, he concealed his baldness under a white hat embroidered gold thread, matching his jacket...
So dressed, he looked almost respectable, but the two girls immediately recognized his vicious mimicry.

“O Miss Merle and Hitomi, what a great joy to see you!!! I’m happy to see you in my modest stall! Don’t hesitate to ask, I have everything you need, at a rate of friends!” He said as he approached them with an insistent glance at the bust of the young woman from the Mystic Moon.
“Uh, is that...” Hitomi said, ill-at-ease.

A good nudge on the head, Merle interrupted the conversation.

“Me alive, I would never buy clothes here! We're coming for someone else.”
“Oh, who is it?” The taupe man mumbled, half-stunned.
“She!” Merle replied, pointing at Yiris.

Usually, nothing frightened her, but there, the general of the Tusk army of Fanelia felt a certain stress seeing the hybrid creature approaching and stare at her with a look pervert.

“Hey hey, hello Lady! Nice to meet you, dressing you will be a pleasure with your fleshy curves, we can do wonders and...”

Too much, it was too much, a blow of stick went in the face of the old vicious. It was Folken who stopped the knock.
Looking at the piece of wood that had almost broken his teeth, the Mole Man raised his head to his savior.

“Well, it wasn’t a joke? You’re really alive?”
“Indeed, it seemed to me that I had seen you prowl sometimes in the palace of Asturia.”
“And you are here in what honor?” The merchant asked, embarrassed.
“My friends Hitomi and Merle, my uncle Meinmet and I came to see you on Queen Millerna's recommendation, to find an elegant outfit for my wife, Princess Yiris, for the great reception the day after tomorrow.”

Paralyzed by the extreme stupidity of the situation, the general couldn’t say a word, while Merle, Hitomi and Meinmet smiled, tense. Only Folken kept his legendary composure.

Thinking a little moment, the Mole Man realized that he was walking on eggs. Even though he was very strangely calm, the ghost Prince from Fanelia, wasn’t the kind of man with whose wife one could allow familiarities, especially because the Lady in question was an “ordinary” customer.

“Well, well, the merchant said, let's see...”

Without getting too close, he turned around Yiris who holding her stick ready to strike. He watched her for a long time.
Waiting for an unexpected blow, all remained silent. Then, stopping his analysis, the Mole Man turned to his assistants.

“Girls, take measurements!”

No time to understand, the general found herself caught in a whirlwind of seamstress meters.
The cats-women repeated numbers on the fly, which the Mole Man wrote with his pen on a parchment.

When the tempest had passed, Yiris fell back… on a chair laid quickly in a hurry by one of the young cat-woman.

She didn’t have time to say a word that a cup of tea was served to her, as to all the presents, while the Mole Man seemed in full reflection.

“Well, I see. It will take a cut a little wide, but retouched at the waist and with a good hem for the length.”

No need for translation, Yiris had just been treated as a small fat woman by a shabby tailor. This time, she was really going to make him taste the wood of her stick.
As she stood up, Folken held out his arm in front of her, asking her to be a little patient again, which she accepted, promising herself that next time, it was going to fly.

According to the instructions of their employer, the cats-women had gone to the reserve, and they came back with many dresses.

“Well now, the tests!” The Mole Man announces proudly.

Like furies, the three cats-women raised Yiris from her chair, so quickly that she dropped her stick.
Sitting on a comfortable sofa, Meinmet, Hitomi and Merle were split between fun and some fear.

The procession which followed was lived by the general as on of the most frightful moments of her life. Confined in a small cabin, she was dressed and undressed at the speed of light by the cats-women.
At each outfit, they presented her to the public who wasn’t convinced, while she defended herself by protesting greatly, Yiris complained, considering that she was deprived of all dignity.

It must be said that the choice had something to leave dubious. The first part of the fittings was made up of typical Asturian gowns, tight-fitting corset dresses with a lace farandole, tightly bound to the extreme, the general seemed to suffocate.
Then, the Mole Man choose more exotic outfits, frilly dresses from Egzardia, draped fabrics of Cesario, rigid costumes from Basram...
Faced with the tunics of Daedalus, the opinions were more favorable, but Folken considered the models proposed too ordinary, the same for the few outfits from Fanelia presented.
Disappointed at not being able to satisfy the demand, Mr. Taupe had gone to search his reserve looking for a solution.

In short, hours of humiliation for nothing convincing according to Yiris who had obtained to dress up her purple uotfits, offered by Mila, alone. At this moment, despite the interminable neckline, she seemed perfect compared to the rest.
Suddenly, adjusting her knotted belt, her gaze was attracted by a small hole in the wall, through which she saw... an eye!

A great noise made the assembly jump, the general had pulverized the divider of the cabin to seize the Mole Man by the neck. Plaqued against a wall, his feet in the void, the vicious old man had realized that, this time, he should have refrained from ogling his client from the backroom.

“You, I'm gonna blow you up! Old pervert!”

As she was going to give him a good punch, Folken took her by the shoulder.

“You put his shop on fire and blood, I think he has understood the lesson!”

Yiris looked angry at her husband. This latter grabbed her arm ready to strike firmly while keeping his eternal calm.
Having too much need of changing the air, the general let go, picked up her stick, and went out, grumbling about the shop under the lost eyes of Merle, Meinmet, and Hitomi.

Suddenly, a trap door opened and a mole-woman appeared. Curvaceous, nice dressed, hair in a bun and small glasses well put, she was accompanied by a little taupe child and followed by spider-men, whose sight surprised Hitomi enormously.

“But what happened here?” She asked furiously.
“Calm down, my sweety, it's nothing... ” The Mole Man, embarrassed.
“It's nothing, you laugh at me!” The woman shouted as she realized the extent of the damages.”
“Mom, I think Dad had been scolded again by a lady he looked at...”
“David, shut up, it's a matter of adults!”

Disappointed, the little mole-boy dropped on a stool with his arms folded.

“While the spiders and I are working hard. You're doing stupid things! And you, strip of noodles, she said turning to the confused cats-women, you cannot watch after him?”

The Mole Man remained mute, he was afraid of his wife. Briefly, a cat-woman murmured something in her ear and she turned to Folken.

“Ah, my lord, what can I do to make you pardon my husband's behavior towards your wife?”
“I think she has already done justice to herself by damaging your shop!” Folken answered remained unbelievably phlegmatic.
“Sure, but…”
“Listen, I keep this incident to myself, if you accept a little work that will require the skill of your spider-men.”
“Well, let me listen to you!” The intrigued mole-wan answered.

For a few minutes, Hitomi, Meinmet and Merle recovered their minds while sipping tea while the staff, aassited by the son of the owners, was cleaning the store.
In a corner, Folken was speaking with the Mole Man and his wife, who were taking notes.

“Nevertheless, Merle noticedn  I never thought he would end up married and dad.”
“In any case, he hadn’t changed!” Hitomi replied.

Meinmet had said nothing, but he thought no less. He had seen strange things in his life, but never an official supplier of that kind...

His conversation ended, Folken returned to the group.

“The case is settled. It remains for us to find Yiris.”

All left the shop, greeted politely by employees both embarrassed and bored. Just after the door was shut, Lady Mole Let her anger burst upon her husband.

Finding Yiris was easier than expected. After chatting with passers-by, the group arrived at a pastry shop that had sold an enormous basket of cakes to a “little fair Lady, scarred, completely enraged".
This clue made possible to quickly find the track of the young woman, sitting on a low wall near the harbor devouring the treats in order to calm down herserlf.

Folken invited his wife to return to the palace, she replied with an evil look and stood up. The ride took place in total silence, except that all could heared Yiris eating loudly, grumbling.
Version française ici => Leur dernier reve - Chapitre 22

This time I did it fast I am a dummy!  I must say that I like this chapter very much that I had a lot of fun when I wrote it :D (Big Grin) 
So the translation was easy

So, I hope you will enjoy it :) (Smile) 

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