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ALPINE MSR 1199 Fernando Alonso's 6 tenths edition

Finally I have finished this design and this time I am quite proud of it.

Here you have a link to the old iteration of the same car if you are interested:…

I didn't like it and that is why I knew I had to made a lot of changes to the design, and after all the upgrades it seems they worked.

Almost the same idea but with a much better drawing and this time it looks pretty different.

I thought it would interesting to convert it into an ALPINE car that is why it was always blue coloured. And a Fernando Alonso edition! with the famous 6 tenths he brings to any car he drives.

I would really LOVE to read your comments given this time the design is already finished, so please, leave one to share what you think. Good and bad critics will be appreciated!

From here you can buy posters or t-shirts for woman and man with this drawing, but without the ALPINE logo and the french flag, just in case.


Like all my designs, this car has been made using The Exhaust Theory, a creativity engine.

And if you like my work and want to support me:

PayPal :

Buy Me a Coffee :…

Thank you!

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