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My Current Clip Studio Paint Brushes


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freely use and modify these brushes and use them for personal and professional work alike.
You MAY share brushes you've made using my brushes as a base, as long as you share them for free and direct people back to this original post.
You MAY NOT sell these brushes or any derivatives of them.


Edit 01/07/2017 Added 5 brushes: Oil Sponge, Oil Bristle, speckled 5, paint blend, paint blend speckle

Oil Sponge is one of my new favourites. When you press down hard, it lays down colour, but if you only use it very lightly it acts as a blender. It has a reverse curve, in that it's larger when used softly, and smaller and sharper when you press down harder. It might take some getting used to, but can achieve some pretty sweet results when you get the hang of it. Oil Bristle handles in a similar fashion, just with more of a bristled look. The bristled one has a speckled effect if you just tap it, and spreads out with a furry sort of effect when used in very short strokes. It's fun to play with.


Having recently upgraded from Manga Studio to Clip Studio Paint I have my current set of brushes backed up in this convenient little zip file, so I figured I'd share it with you, too. Clip Studio Paint is the exact same software, only it's more up to date. The installation process moved all my settings over, but of course I recommend backing up any and all relevant files before upgrading, should you choose to do so.

Switching from Manga Studio 5 over to the corresponding version of Clip Studio Paint is free. The current version of CSP is 1.6.2, and I've noticed a few extra settings here and there, but no major changes, so whether you want to upgrade is entirely up to you. There is a new timeline and animation feature, but I haven't tried that yet.

There's some overlap between this set and my previous set, which you can find here.
That's also where you'll want to go for installation instructions and the likes.

The brushes that have the 'Mix ground color' option visible in the 'Tool property' window are meant to be used both with and without the blending options. They can have very different effects depending on whether the 'mix' box is ticked or not, and also depending on whether you're painting on the same layer as the underlying colour, or a new one, so do feel free to experiment. I tend do switch the mixing on and off quite frequently in the brushes I use the most, often laying down solid colours with mix off, then blending them in with mix on.
If constantly switching mix on and off interferes with your work flow, consider having duplicate brushes, one with the setting on and another with it turned off.

Too many brushes, you say? You just want a simple set to wrap your head around as you get acquainted with Clip Studio? I hear you, and I've got your back don't you worry!

If I had, had, HAD to limit myself to 5 7 9 brushes, these are the ones I would pick:

Variable Rectangle

This is my go-to brush. I use it for sketching, for blocking in colours, you name it! With mix off, there's a nice variation in opacity. With mix on, it's a good solid brush if there's no underlying colour, and has a nice painterly feel if there is underlying colour. What can I say, I like it!

Variable Sponge

This one behaves much like the variable rectangle, but it's got a jagged, messy edge, and the blending is stronger. Good with or without mix. It has a nice feel to it, worth trying!

Variable Ink Smudge

The tip is from one of my scanned ink splatter images. It has a nice, pleasing texture to it. The blending aspect is quite strong, so remember to switch mix off if you want a solid colour.


It's just a hard, round brush with solid colour. Good for sharp details and the likes. The line varies well with pressure, so you can get a nice thin line even at bigger sizes. Don't be afraid to make it small either, gives a nice, crisp thin line even at smaller sizes.

Simple Round - Block and Blend

A good round brush for laying out colour and blending it. Incidentally, all of the 'block and blend' brushes use the same mix settings. Yeah, I need a better naming system. Oh well!

Digi Bristles - Block and Blend

Has that digital paintbrush feel, particularly when blending.


Gives a soft, speckled look. Use for things like the illusion of pores on skin.

Speckled 4

Speckled 2-4 do pretty much the exact same thing. I recommend trying them all and picking one you like. With mix off, they give off a stroke of tiny dots, a little like a noise filter. With mix off, they do a nice, soft blending thing. I find myself using them more and more. Give them a try! Or, you know, not. Whatever rocks your boat.

Ink Paint 8

Freckles? Stars? I don't know, I just really like it.

That's all for now.

Remember to tell your loved ones that you care, and to smile at strangers (it freaks them out).
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