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dw Clip Studio Paint Brushes [Free] [2018]
More brushes, yay!

As always,
You MAY freely use and modify these brushes and use them for personal and professional work alike.
You MAY share brushes you've made using my brushes as a base, as long as you share them for free and direct people back to this original post.
You MAY NOT sell these brushes or any derivatives of them.

If after trying out the brushes you're overcome with gratitude I do have a ko-fi page here
However, please don't buy me coffee unless you can afford to do so without it having a negative impact on your quality of life. I don't want anyone ending up worse off because of me.

I set out to make a basic all-round set, but as always ended up with far too many. I probably shouldn't have included half of them, but I've decided to leave them all in so you can give them a try and get rid of the ones you don't like.
I was about to list their various characteristics and usage, but I'm not sure anyone reads this bit so I might just as well not. If you are reading, please do note that most of them behave quite differently depending on whether or not the 'Mix ground color' setting is active.

I'm especially happy with the way the two 'Charcoal' brushes turned out, so please do give those two a try.

I do feel I should mention that the 'Freckles' brush is heavily inspired by a brush that's the 'Speckly Brush' in a set of Photoshop brushes by Loish, or the 'Snow' brush in a set by Jonas De Ro. It's not exactly the same, but it has very much the same idea.

I hope you enjoy these brushes as much as I do, and that they might perhaps inspire you to create something new!


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optimismeBoo Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know how to create Sinix Design's dry brush? :O Here's a link to his video: Frankly, I'm new to Clip Studio and I'm amaze how you put it all together.
iridescentdelirium Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017
I'm afraid I don't know how to replicate that effect in Clip Studio. I did, however make a couple of new brushes (just for you!) and added them to my set: My Current Clip Studio Paint Brushes

The one you're looking for is called 'Oil Sponge'. It doesn't behave the same way as Sinix's brush, but it achieves a similar effect of cutting and blending. The Oil Sponge brush behaves differently based on the amount of pressure you use. With a very light touch it's a blending brush, but as you press harder the brush tightens up and becomes sharper while laying down more colour. So you press hard to get those sharp edges, then blend it out using barely any pressure at all. 'Oil Bristle' behaves in a similar manner but with more of a bristled look.

If you really want something that behaves more like the Dry Brush Sinix uses but can't afford Corel Painter, you might consider trying Corel Painter Essentials 5. It doesn't have the exact same brush (I checked), but it has brushes that behave in much the same way. I mostly mention it because it's on HumbleBundle for another four days, for around 9 dollars. There's also a free trial of it, so you can try the brushes it has for free.
optimismeBoo Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much Llama Emoji-81 (Heart You) [V4] !! I've been messing around with the brush in Clip Studio. I already have Corel Painter 3, but I will not be purchasing a new software for a long time now as I just bought Clip Studio. Thankyou again! I can't thank you enough! The brush is close, and it does create that smudge effect I was after! 
oliveroso Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017
Gracias por tomarte tu tiempo