The Start of Con Season!

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Yes, I'm still here! Just bad at updating my journal! XD Hello to new watchers and friends! Thanks for following my work, even with my spread out picture uploads.
I just completed my Zekrom gijinka last month in time for Anime North. It was a lot of work, probably the most time I've put into a cosplay so far (Amaimon is close though, with all those stripes and diamonds), but I'm very happy with the result. My favourite part of wearing it was when people would approach me from the side or my back, and then would see my contacts, and just be speechless or ask how I did it. It makes the cost of them very much worth it! I also had an awesome photoshoot with :iconrocknamlee: and I'm going to be uploading photos from that over the next little while.

Anime North was a lot of fun! I wore more duos with :iconthornrose:. We were Amaimon and Mephisto on Friday, and then Zekrom and Reshiram on Saturday. Sunday I just wore casual clothing (jellyfish leggings!). It was a great weekend of friends, buying cool things, onigiri, comfy kigurumi, and other such shenanigans. It always goes by too fast! This was my 6th year attending, which I can't believe. I still remember my first AN crystal clear, but I've done a lot and meet a lot of great people in that time! ^.^

Next up is Otakon in Baltimore and Otakuthon in Montreal, both in August. I'm going to start working on Oliver from Ni No Kuni soon, and I have a few other tentative plans. I'm thinking of attending a con in the fall as well, but have to still think about it/ figure out my budget.
Besides cosplay, things are okay. The usual hobbies and work. I have a few figure orders that are coming in that I've been really anticipating, such as Good Smile Company's Princess of the Crystal, Megahouse's Lancer, and my next Tales figure (Raven from Alter).
I hope everyone else is doing well, and I'm glad that summer is finally here! :)
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