Long Overdue Journal and Small Update

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Has it really been so long since I wrote my last journal? I guess I've been neglecting my account for a bit. >.< I usually upload on other sites first and feel like I'm spamming everyone with the same pictures by the time I get to DA. But I shall do better to keep things updated now! *nods*

Anime North just passed in May and I had an awesome time this year. It went by way too fast. I also miss the onigiri from the Japanese restaurant in the DoubleTree. I tried making my own but they're not quite the same! xD My cosplays also worked out well for me. I wore Slicer TK Baka on Friday, and had people recognize me form the previous year, which was really neat. I wore Amaimon with :iconthornrose: as Mephisto on Saturday. Besides not being able to pick anything up or fix my costume due to the crazy long nails it was super fun! Can't wait for Otakon! And on Sunday I had a comfy (but hot) owl kigurumi, which I wore with a silver wig with a feather extension and avator goggles. I bought lots of fantastic things, saw and talked with my favourite people, and it was probably one of the best AN weekends I've had yet. Also thanks to :iconrocknamlee: for the two awesome photoshoots!

Otakon is coming up and I'm planning to wear Amaimon with Behemoth on Saturday, yukata version of Amaimon on Sunday, and island clothes Wind Waker Link on Friday. Baltimore always has such hot, humid weather, so light and cotton based cosplays are more than welcome. Amaimon's voice actor is also going to be at Otakon, so I must go get something signed by him! :3

Fan Expo is after that, and sadly I can't go to Otakuthon this year as it's only a week after Otakon (too much time off of work). I'm really hoping I can complete my Zekrom gijinka in time for that, but it depends on time (three jobs during the summer= busy). I may order the contacts soon (custom painted) and do a makeup test because I just really want more awesome contacts, haha.
I have a few other projects on the go/planned, like Fenris from Dragon Age 2, and a neat original costume involving two sets of stilts.

Also fairly recently I secured a job at a local costume store! I'm really happy about it- so much neat product, wonderful and fun people to work with, and plenty of knowledge to share and be gained. Plus I'm encouraged to wear wigs, contacts, and costumes while working. :D
I'll be uploading more backlog photos over the next little while, plus hopefully some progress shots sometime soon! Thanks for reading and I hope the con season is going well for everyone else. :)
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Holy crap she's alive!
Sounds like you hit a lucky place to work at too!
A bunch of us will have to gather for a dinner at Otakon and eat.
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I am! ^.^ And the store is still retail, but I actually feel accomplished when helping people find cool costume pieces. Food service is too repetitive. :P
Yes, we definitely should for Otakon! Let me know what your ideas are, and I'll try to check out gluten-free places too.
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Talk to Alex in that case, since she's the one who usually sets up our eating places haha.
I'll need to check out your store sometime lol!
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Have I told you you're my favourite recently?
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:D I'm also planning to make a Hyoi pear so I can run around making stupid seagull noises, hahaha. What are you wearing to Otakon?