First Journal! AN, Azure Kite, and Other Updates

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So I guess this is my first journal! I'm also finally on DA. *thumbs up* I actually had made an account many months ago (7 according to my account, haha), but just didn't feel like filling it out and making it mine (also wanted to wait for new cosplays to be finished). But now that Anime North is over, and after much prompting from :iconthornrose:, I decided to do a mass photo dump of all my cosplays so far. I already like the community here a lot more than other social networking sites I frequent (Facebook and This place actually supports artists of all kinds, and I don't get a billion PMs asking how I made something/ where I got my Soul teeth from. -_-'

Anyhow, I can't believe it's already June 16th! I'm currently working on my Azure Kite cosplay (from .hack//G.U.), which I'll be finishing by Otakon. His Empty Skies (tri-blade weapon things) are at 60%. I've built the blades and structures for both, and I'm planning to rig the LEDs into them tonight. I hope to have them done in another week, and then move on to all the sewing of the cosplay. Prop making has been very refreshing after all the handmade bias tape that was Kallen. >.< (And speaking of which, I really have to get better pictures of her soon!)

I suppose I'll do a quick overview of the weekend of Anime North here. This year was very different for me. Don't get me wrong- I had a lot of fun- I just did so much group hopping. I wanted to see everyone (as I hardly ever see them outside of conventions). As a result, I felt like I saw a little bit of everyone and not a whole lot of anyone. Although, staying up until 4 am each day really helped on catching up on hangouts. (If you know me- that doesn't happen often! I like my sleep.)


- Wes, Michelle, and I arrived on Thursday and checked into our room at the Radisson. At first, they tried to give us a room with one bed saying that they didn't have the room we had requested when booking. No way was that going to work, as 3 more friends were staying with us that weekend. We went down to the front desk and...they gave us a corner room! :D I love how much space those have. It was perfect. Also saw :iconkakeranotsuki:, :iconchipface-zero:, and :iconthe-mirror-melts:
- So we quickly unpacked and then got everything together for pre-reg. Met up with :iconperilous-pillow: and :iconthornrose: and talked for a bit before heading over to pre-reg.
- Also met up with :iconxshedevilx:, :iconzacloudseth:, :iconkagura3:, :iconjeffyp00:, John, Froilan, and Stephen (I think that was everyone!) several times that night as well.
- Oh, and there was also a group of rather amusing drunk people (and a guy with no pants (?)) that randomly started talking to us in the DT as well. xD

I wore Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass R2 on Friday. As pathetic as this sounds, that was actually my first time wearing heels in my life. >.> So, my feet were hurting quite a bit until I finally decided to change out of cosplay by 8:00-9:00 that night. I got few pictures (which was fine as Kallen still needs to be perfected), but I did get a Hall Costume Award with :iconthornrose: as an epic Zero and :iconpaper-night: as the lovely C.C. :3
- The rest of our hotel group arrived in the afternoon so we checked them in.
- Went to the TCC and talked a bit with everyone- also saw :iconlaurentea:’s awesome Tira!
- Later, out of cosplay, a bunch of us and :iconthornrose: went to Boston Pizza for dinner, and shortly after that went to the Nominoichi where I got some really awesome stuff for super cheap. *thumbs up*
- Much later was just chatting with John and :iconzacloudseth: for a bit, the, uh, couple who explained a certain concept to the naïve ones in our group (>.<), and Bad American Dubbing with Wes, Johnny, Eric, and Michelle.

Today was another new cosplay- My Luxray gijinka (Pokemon). Besides a few issues with the tail, shoes, and contacts, I really enjoyed wearing this one.
- Went to the Dealers Room, and bought Cowboy Bebop. :iconzacloudseth: and :iconxshedevilx:’s awesome Spike and Faye duo reminded me that I have yet to fully watch the series.
- Also talked to Ackson, :iconrocknamlee:, and :iconallfrost: briefly, and saw :iconattyca: and :iconneon-hate-machine:’s epic original War cosplays.
- Had an unexpected photoshoot with :iconrocknamlee: (eleventh I really appreciated the time he took out for that and I love the photos he took. : ) He also got me into the Masquerade even though I had no wristband, and I was very happy to see :iconthe-mirror-melts: and :iconkukuzilla:’s amazing Shiva sisters!
- Before the masquerade I went to dinner with :iconichigo278:, Paul, :iconzacloudseth: and several others.  Also had some of the onigiri from the Japanese restaurant at the DT. It was delicious!
- Late night again hanging out with :iconthornrose:, :iconxshedevilx:, and everyone else (I don`t feel like typing out all the names again, lol >.<).

- I wore Soul today, and attended a rather disappointing SE photoshoot. Oh well. :P
- Saw everyone in their awesome Gurren Lagann cosplays, and was lucky to witness John, :iconzacloudseth:, and :iconxshedevilx:’s EBA dance when Carameldansen was attempted.
- Went to Swiss Chalet for lunch with Wes, Michelle, and Eric, in which I got my food returned (it was terrible!).
- Also met the lovely :iconlotusdatasept: and talked briefly again with Mike
-  Said a few goodbyes and left around 4:00-5:00 pm.

So that was my weekend! I'm very much looking forward to Otakon that is coming up soon and hanging out with :iconthornrose:, :iconichigo278:, :iconthe-mirror-melts:, :iconathelloren-wardancer:, :iconrocknamlee:, and Paul. I also did something kinda crazy- registered my Kite for the Hall Costume Award contest! That involves a walk-on during the Masquerade and a judging session. ._. I'm nervous already! (I haven't really competed before.)
Shortly after that will be Otakuthon, but not Fan Expo. Unfortunately, I can't take that much time off in August as my jobs revolve around the weekend mainly.

In Progress:
- Azure Kite - 20%

Possible upcoming cosplays:
-Taokaka (Blazblue: Calamity Trigger)
- Kusuri uri (Mononoke)
- Pre-time skip Viral (TTGL)
- Cooro (+Anima)
- Another version of Soul
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I know its been so long. But I've been meaning to ask how you did with Azure Kite at the Otakon Hall Costume Contest? (Though, I'm sure you did well. ^^b )
KakeranoTsuki's avatar
Oh yay, azure kite! And man, you're going to Otakon, too? So many people are going this year, I hope you have a blast. =)

Lol, I wish I got a chance to talk to you a bit or something. It was kind of a 'hi there, bye there' thing. =(
Iridescent-Fall's avatar
I love .hack//G.U. and all the crazy character designs! (As you obviously understand what with your epic Haseo cosplays!) This will be my first year at Otakon and it will definitely be awesome. Thanks! Any chance you can make it next year?

I know! AN was so hectic and passed by way too quickly. At the next con we'll have to find time to chat. :)
KakeranoTsuki's avatar
Yes, crazy character designs! <3 Can't seem to resist them, even though they're so painful sometimes. Dx

Haha thanks thanks. x'D I'm planning to redo my 1st form, since ehhh, the fabric I used was so bad. e__e; And make the alternate Xth form of Haseo, the black one with the emo hair. xD

Oooh I definitely want to go to otakon next year. *-* But I'll have to see, it's still so far away.

Yes! Though my next con will likely be Dtac. ='( There's always the internet. =D
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Otakon will be a blast. I'll be entering in the Masq so we may be able to keep each other company for a bit.
Too bad you can't make it to fanex :(
Iridescent-Fall's avatar
Yay! I'm glad a friend will be there. :) What cosplay are you entering?

I know, I really wish I could make it to Fan Expo. It's too bad Otakuthon wasn't in September or something. So many cons in August! And I`m sorry about not being able to help you and Guy out with the hotel cost there too.
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Rempo cosplay from Avalon code... but I haven't received my confirmation email yet and I signed up last week? How long did it take for you to get yours? If yet.

No worries we'll figure something out.
Iridescent-Fall's avatar
That'll be a fun cosplay! (I haven't played the game yet though :P). No, I haven't gotten any confirmation from Otakon about sending in the form. I'm wondering if I should send them an email or resend my info.

Do they usually give confirmation? Isn't it if we sign up now, we are guaranteed a spot (given we show up on the day of)?
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Yeah they say not to send it twice
also written "You are NOT registered until you receive a confirmation email."
I thought maybe I spelt my email wrong...but if you didn't get one either, then maybe they are backlogged.

ah.. read this in the otakon forum "As stated, after the registration has closed on the 21st, I will start going through and assigning numbers to everyone. " So I guess we can expect one soon.

I don't remember reading that. There are so many rules and regulations
Iridescent-Fall's avatar
Ah, okay. I guess we'll have to wait then and hope they include us. :p
Your assumptions are as good as(or better than) mine, as I've never registered for this sort of thing. The website is rather confusing to navigate.
the-mirror-melts's avatar
This is the first time I've registered for a masq. online so it's pretty new to me. I just read the instruction carefully because I didn't want to be disqualified. I almost signed up a costume that would. ^^;

Even if we don't make the cut here, they take in person registration on the day of. Worse case scenario we show up early.
xshedevilx's avatar
Hence why we shall be hanging out for your BIRTHDAAAAYYY SOON for more talking and shenanigans for sure!! ^.^ And have you actually WATCHED Cowboy Bebop yet? If not *nudge nudge* DO IT!! I felt the same as you do though. Didn't get to see as much of some people as I had hoped to but I don't regret the time I spent with everyone either. Especially the shenanigans that Kyle, John and I got into and did...Oh 44 hours awake and EBA dancing. We'll teach it to worries...we plan on doing it at Fan Expo again!
Iridescent-Fall's avatar
YAY! I can't wait! :D This year's birthday will be the best for sure!
I haven't watched CB yet (well besides the first handful of episodes). I'm hoping to do so soon when Kite has a bit more progress.

Lol, yes, AN seemed to be pretty crazy for you! (In a good way of course.) 44 hours of no sleep? Geez, I definitely wouldn't be able to handle that. :x You'll have to get someone to record the EBA dancing at Fan Expo, as I can't make it this year. Just Otakuthon after Otakon. >.< Perhaps next year!
xshedevilx's avatar
OF COURSE!! Cuz we're all there and going to make you feel all special!! I started watching Eureka 7 recently >< should likely continue with Durarara and Fairy Tail first though but oh well. How are you liking CB so far? And yay Kite!? Are you only bringing him and Kallen to Otakon? Who are you bringing to Otakuthon?

So much to do and sooo many people to see. >< Yeah I stayed up chatting with the guys, was totally worth it. I SHALL! No worries, I'll record a lot of Fan Expo since you can't make it QQ.
But lots of time to hangout at Otakuthon!!!
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