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Simba's Pride: Before the battle
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Published: June 9, 2018
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Yay! I’m back….Well sort of. My busy time is over, but I’ll still keep commissions closed for now since I’ll be away for most of the next week.

Unfortunately, this spring gave me no time to scripting the next part of the MotP story-line. Since I have both worked and studied this spring while also making a portfolio for my applications. But hopefully I’ll get the story roll on again soon.

In the meantime, this has been a piece I have been considering doing for some time now. This one takes place right before the final battle between the Outsiders and Simba's pride in TLK 2. And is my take on why Kion is not a part of the battle.

It’s not my intentions to try to clean up the continuity issues between TLG show and the movies with this. It's just meant to be cannon to my main story and with my version of the lion guard. Which you can see the details for here:…

In my HC, Kion do not have the roar of the elders. If Kion really had the powers to send animals flying by roaring, the war in TLK 2 would have been over in like two seconds. Assuming he didn’t die, turned evil or left the Pride Lands before then that is.

Either way, hope you enjoy :)

English is my second language and I have done my best to find misspells and grammars.
But feel free to correct wrongs if you see them as long as you are polite about it.

Kion and Simba (c) Disney

“Dad, wait up!”

Simba and Nala halted in their path and looked over their shoulders. As they peered through the heavy rain, they spotted a golden and red shape making his way through the group of gathering lionesses. Behind him they could also spot the blurry shapes of a hippo, a honey badger, a cheetah and a white bird. Simba clenched his teeth together and his face got a grim look as his son came toward them.

“Lead the lionesses on, I’ll catch up to you later.” He told his queen. They exchanged a sad yet determined look. As they had gathered the pride for battle, they had both agreed that their children would take no part in this. If they themselves would not live through this war, they would at least die knowing Kion and Kiara was safe. Nala threw one last look at her youngest cub before meeting her mates eyes.

“Of course, but don’t be long. The Outsiders must be well across the border by now.”

Simba nodded and turned to face their son. Wailing a little between his teeth against the pain from the wounds Zira's lionesses had caused in their last encounter. It also reminded him of the low odds he faced in surviving this battle.

Kion was by now a teenager with a sprouting red mane that barely meet around his neck. But despite his young age and lack of a proper teacher. Kion had so far done his job well, going well beyond his father’s expectations. Simba had first doubted his son’s ability to lead the guard force, thinking he was still too young. Especially when Kion had ignored the traditions around selecting the new guard’s members. But in the end, Kion’s choices had paid of and the new lion guard had been surprisingly effective. For that, Simba couldn't be more proud of his young son. But this was a threat Kion wouldn’t be dealing with.

Kion then came up to his father, raising his chin and meet his eyes. “The lion guard is ready to do their part in defending the pride-”

“Turn back, Kion.” Simba cut his son of.

Kion's jaw almost fell to the muddy ground as he stared at his father in disbelief. “What!? But it’s the lion guard’s job to defend-”

“No!” Simba said firmly. “Not this time, Kion. This is something that I and the pride must handle ourselves.”

Kion’s surprised face then turned angry as he glared at Simba in defiance.
“Dad, you know as well as I do that it’s a lion guards duty to stand beside the king in situations like this! It’s-”

“I said no!” Simba growled. “As your king, I order you to bring the guard and yourself to safety!”

Kion flinched, but his face remained defiant.
“You still don’t trust me? Is that it!? We have dealt with these outsiders before and many other threats! How much more must me and my team do to prove ourselves worthy of your trust?!” Kion yelled as he glared at the older lion.

Simba now thought he saw tears streaming out of Kions angry eyes, but it was hard to tell in the pouring rain. At this, Simba took a deep breath and calmed his voice. The last conversation he had with Kiara had been a bitter one, he didn’t want to part ways with Kion on a bad note as well.

“No, Kion. That’s not it, this is not about trust.” Simba looked over Kion’s shoulder at the rest of the guard force.

“You and the Lion guard have proved yourselves many times over and I’m proud of you and your team. But this is not a band of hyenas or a few outsiders poaching. It’s an all out war and I don’t want you or your friends risking your lives in this. Zira will stop at nothing to destroy us and if she spots you on the battlefield, you will become a target.” Simba sighs before continuing. “I can’t risk that happening, son. Not with you or Kiara.”

“But...” The anger slowly melted from Kion’s face and left only desperation.
“… Dad, you’re hurt! You’ll never survive this...” Kion’s voice cracked at the last words.

Simba then dragged Kion toward him and hugged him tightly.
“I know the odds are not with us, Kion. But you have to trust me. As king, I must do my duty. I can’t ask your mother or the other lionesses to fight this alone on my behalf.”

He then turned his son's face to look him in the eyes. “But I still have something to ask of you. Kiara went missing just before we left. I sent Zazu to look for her, but he can’t cover much area all by himself. Go and help him search, find Kiara… And if this battle turns out badly. Take your sister and leave the Pride Lands. Find somewhere safe to live where Zira will never find you… Will you do that for me, son?”

Kion looked back at his father like a lost desperate cub. But eventually, his face hardened and he wiped his tears away.
“Yes... father. I promise you I’ll keep Kiara safe!”

Simba felt his chest swell with pride and tears sting in his own eyes as he hugged his son one last time.
“Thank you. I’m proud of you and your sister… even if things turned ugly between us. Let her know that once you find her... whatever happens tonight.”
Kion nodded. “I will.”

Simba smiled and let go of the younger lion. “Good. Now go…”

For a second, Kion just stared back at Simba. Like he wanted to say something. But instead he quickly turned around and ran of toward the rest of the guard force, leading them in a different direction, away from the battle. Both of them had refused to say goodbye, because it would have meant that there was no hope.

Simba watched as they fast became small dots in the distance before he hurried after Nala and the rest of the pride. Now more determined than ever to put an end to this war and the threat that been lingering over his family for far too long.

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Simba has a point. Ono and Bunga would be torn to shreds.
Irete's avatar
They all likely would, except Besthe maybe.
But they are all teens by this point and would not last long in battle against a whole pride of ruthless lionesses.
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ZhaoYun5Hobbyist Digital Artist
this sounds grim and touching, is there a "Next page" even if dark, I like seeing continuations from fan artists and fan fictions since the stories are like alternate universe which is a topic i like 
Irete's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my stories. :D  
No, this particular story is meant to be a one-short. What happens next is pretty much the events in the end of TLK 2.
But I have other fan fictions that continue the story after TLK 2 such as Hearts of Three and MotP.
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ZhaoYun5Hobbyist Digital Artist
whats MotP stand for, can ya send me the links ill read em immediately :)...I can read fan factions but i could never get into my schoolwork lol my teachers were boring
Irete's avatar
MotP: "Marks of the past"
The stories that would come after this one is: Hearts of three: Part 1. Then: Marks of the past - Cover

I also have some older AU stories for Zira and Scar, but they are not canon to my HC.…
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ZhaoYun5Hobbyist Digital Artist
marks of the past i already saw you did good on that one especially the first few pages with Senile simba in page 3 that part made me have feels
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Thanks :D I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
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Gojirafan1994 General Artist
Oh, how I wish it was canon!
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Thanks :D Glad you like it :)
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ErsalaaHobbyist Digital Artist
You did a great job at portraying their emotions, it really connects well with the storyline which you've also done an amazing job with! :D 
Irete's avatar
Thank you! :D I'm glad you think so. :)
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BlackRaptor1Hobbyist General Artist
I can see that being why Kion and the Lion Guard were not involved in the battle at the end of the movie. Makes sense.
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Thank you. :D
Well, it works for my stories at least. x)
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BlackRaptor1Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome. 
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Hodari12Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Kion, but Simba is right. He is a good father.
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This is a good idea for why Kion and co. aren’t in the battle, but only because your version of Kion has no Roar of the Elders.

The way I like to explain why Kion and co. weren’t in the battle or second half of the movie is that maybe they were on a mission outside the Pride Lands, maybe helping an ally pride (Maybe Malka’s pride since they can easily be fit into the canon universe) with hyenas or rogue lions that keep bothering them, and Makini went with them to heal any wounded.
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Yeah, that works too. It's my guess of why he was not around a lot of the time in my HC too.
But for the battle I decided to do it like this. Also, having Kion with the roar in my HC would create several story problems 
and I don't really want to have an excuse him not to use the roar every time something happens. So I felt it was better to simply remove it. 
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Yeah :(
Well Simba has his flaws, but he really loves his kids and tries to do what he thinks is best for them.
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XUhuruXHobbyist Digital Artist
This makes a lot of sense, I imagine this is what most likely happened behind the scenes. Great job! :) 
Irete's avatar
Thank you!  I'm glad it does. :D
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So sad! :( But it makes sense.
Irete's avatar
Thanks :)
Yeah, lucky their prediction never happened and it all ended well.
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TheSheInShenanigansHobbyist Artist
Ooh! Nice story! Keep up the good work!
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