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Headshot - 500 Points

Full body - 700 Points

200 Points per extra character
Half commission
Chibi - 900 :points:

Normal full - body 1000 :points:

Reference sheet/ custom character - 1200 :points:

Note me before pressing the button!


Hi guys.
I'll open commissions again. But due to very limited free time, I'll only be open to simpler commission types. Such as sketches and half-commissions. At least for now. I may open up monthly slots for full commission types eventually if I notice I can keep it balanced. 

But for now only the commission types listed below are open: 

What I'll draw:

-Animal and beast creatures.
-Fursonas.-Original characters

What I'll NOT draw:

-Humans and humanoid characters. (may make an exception with some anthros)
-Fan-art, any characters that is cannon to a specific game, movie, TV show e.g.
-Gore and any kind of mature picture or disturbing/gross fetish pictures. 
Some blood is ok, to a certain extent.

Payment methods

I accept payments through PAYPAL and the COMMISSION WIDGET.
Do not send the payment before I give the green light.

How to order:
1. Send me a note and tell me what you have in mind for your commission. 
2. I'll make a rough sketch of your commission. 
3. When you approve it, you then send the payment via PAYPAL or by using the COMMISSION WIDGET. 
4. I'll then complete your commission.


Head-shot- 5 USD/ 500 Points

Full body - 7 USD/ 700 Points

2 USD or 200 Points per extra character/extra details

Headshot by Irete  full-body Sketch by Irete 

Half commissions:

Pictures without backgrounds.

Chibi - 9 USD or 900 Points

Normal Full-body - 10 USD or 1000 Points 

Reference sheet or Custom Character - 12 USD or 1200 Points  

5 USD or 500 Points per extra character/extra details
(Carnot be used to get  an extra custom characters.)

Commission: Ti by Irete Commission: Wolion by IreteCommission: Toast by Irete 

Head-shot with sky BG:

15 USD or 1500 :points:

5 USD or 500 Points for extra character/extra details

Commission: Jai by Irete  Kiriban: Panya by Irete


I'm an artist in my late twenties with the aim of becoming a graphic artist. I have studied both in normal art classes and recently game developing which I hope to continue with.

I mostly draw animals and fantasy creatures, and have a special fondness for wolves.
But at the moment I mostly post TLK-fan art and Nintendo at times.

I paint both digital and traditional, but most of the pictures here are drawn in photshop.

:iconnorequests: :icontradesclosed2: :iconcollabsclosed: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen:



Note me if interested.


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OtakUnO1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
I would love to see a liger character, but I cannot make a decent reference sketch with my dominant arm in a sling. :( I had a while idea that Jungle Book 2 didn't happen and Shere Khan went to the pride lands after the end of the original Jungle Book after Mowgili chased him off and got together with a lioness. hehe XD
Irete Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Sorry about your arm. :(
He must have been really scared if he ran all the way to Africa. xD
OtakUnO1 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks. And I've been giving some thought to thr liger. I dont know if tigers are indigenous to africa or not may just be an unknown tiger, kashrug. Also been thinking of ideas for Zuris cubs. I had an idea for twins like her and Amani or Taka and Mufasa. Had a wild thought of one looking like scar by having it given during a fight with his brother - only they're really close with each other unlike Scar and Mufasa. A lot of ideas running around in my head. Lol
harmonyguard Featured By Owner 1 day ago
du vet Savu0211? jag har upptäckt att hennes the lion king oc's har en characters wiki. vet du hur man får personens fanfiction och oc's ha en egen wiki?
Irete Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Nej, ingen aning.
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Your Electrike looks great in our gallery :-)

Greets, Reinhold…
Irete Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Nice! :D Thanks for the feature
TotalDramaFan16 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  Hobbyist
I read your HC about Scar and I have to say...

It makes sense to me, it always struck me as odd that Scar chose a cub that wasn't his own to be his heir, and maybe since he was getting older (Near the climax, his nose fringe is gray) he would have to have an heir and I didn't know why he would want a male heir or a strong one, especially with he equally small Zira [Scrawny Lion + Scrawny Lioness = Scrawny Cubs]  
Irete Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2019
Agree. The only reason I personally can see Scar choosing an unrelated cub as his heir would be if he didn't have any other options, then I can also see him being more picky. 

I can see him preferring a male heir, but if his only options came down to a daughter or an unrelated male cub as his heir, I think he would have his own blood on the throne rather than some other male's. Scar looks like he could have been a runt himself and didn't seem to put much value in physical strength (didn't stop him from becoming king after all).
AntiHero902 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018
Happy holidays, Martina! You are one of the best artists & storytellers in here, IMO. I wish ya even more creative inspiration and success Wink/Razz 
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