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Tomorrow is the season finale of BBC's Sherlock ;___; I need a shock blanket!! :icontearplz: :iconcryforeverplz:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love this man!! I've been drawing him a lot lately, I had to share one of the paintings!!

Is anyone watching this??

Used many refs from various screencaps of course, I can't draw him from memory... YET.

It looks quite different from my usual cause I drew it entirely in Photoshop with some cool brush that imitates a traditional painting brush, while I usually work with SAI. I think I prefer Photoshop for lineless now!
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Hey, your art is lovely. Especially Sherlock!
I'm part of a team of fans who are working on a game based on the BBC version of Sherlock, it's called; Sherlock: The Game Is On, and we are looking for illustrators who would like to contribute. If you are interested, then please  check out our website at and send in an application. If you have any questions, we can answer them here on DA. Feel free to ask anything! :D
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omg so beautiful *-*
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Sorry if this is random/creepy but this is great digital art and it's been featured in my journal here: :happybounce:
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That's so sweeet <3 Thanks (:
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Gorgeous piece. Love! Love! Love!
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This is like the sexy version ;)
What brushes did you use?
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Thanks :hug:

Just the default brushes in SAI in low opacity (:
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So amazing! Wonderful skill. Love the show so much! And you captured the shape of Benedict Cumberbatch's face amazingly. The facial expression is so Sherlock. :D
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Thank you so much <3
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i just can't stop staring at this!! <3
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Oh god so sexy
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Excellent work with this B-)
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Wow, that looks great. Seriously good job!
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