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.:Before The Fall:.

By irenukia
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EDIT: Made the neck shorter as advisedddd (:

I started drawing this right after watching BBC's Sherlock season 2 finale ;___;
First time drawing Watson, it shows. :'D


Thoughts on this last episode?

Because my feelings are all brb sobbing :iconcryforeverplz:
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This piece sums up the episode, not simply because it is the plot's climax but because it is the emotional climax as well. It is the point it the series that those who have read in the books know is coming and one the rest of the fans can sense. This conversation is the culmination of all the emotions of the previous episodes.

Because of this, it is a dangerous one to depict- you want to have the right amount of emotion and levity without going over the top or being cliché.

That said, I believe you've done a fantastic job.

Like I mentioned before, the layout could have been cliché, but you made it really work here- much better than if you had portrayed them facing one another. I also love how their clothes blend together, showing how they stand by each other through thick and thin (despite what Sherlock's actions may appear to be at first glance) and how they are linked; they think for themselves, but Watson has taught Sherlock how to feel.

I love the movement of Sherlock's scarf, especially how it frames the bottom of the piece almost like it's going to embrace Watson comfortingly. I love the streaks of light as well- it's like light coming from heaven, welcoming Sherlock into it's gates (cue me tearing up again).

I love the warm, soft colours here. The few "cool" hues (mostly the shadows on Watson's face) only enhance the warmth of the others. Even though the scene itself is heartbreaking, it's also oddly heartwarming, which you show through these colours.

And their expressions! Despite this being your first time drawing Watson (by the way, I find him extremely difficult to draw myself), you not only do a great job with his eyes, nose, and lips (though I do miss those darling bags under his eyes) but also nail the emotions he is going through at this point. With Sherlock, you do an even more fantastic job with his features (those cheekbones!). However, you also really show the emotion Sherlock is feeling as well. It's very difficult since we do not see him this emotional during the rest of the series, but it's something that despite all our doubts was within him the entire time. Here you show that. It isn't over the top- it is poignant and somber. You can tell he knows what's in store for him, and he's prepared to meet his doom.

Overall, beautiful work. The only criticism I have for you (besides the absence of Watson's bags, which really isn't necessary, just a quirk of his I personally love) is that Sherlock's neck looks a bit too long, or else at an odd angle. Other than that, this is a wonderful piece that I won't tire of looking at any time soon. <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I almost clicked on UNFAIR because you are way too kind haha :glomp:

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a crit, I really appreciate it.

I definitely agree with Watson's bags, by not drawing them I made him much less recognizable! I guess I'm not used to drawing older characters at all; I'm really unsure as to how to draw Watson in this style, I guess it shows. I think I just might need more practice with Watson!

Hehe I'm glad you noticed that I had blended them in - I was afraid that it might look like they were randomly standing back to back.

Whoops I see what you mean about the neck, CANNOT UNSEE, I will definitely fix that tomorrow because it bothers me!! Now it's sleeping time for me so I'll change it tomorrow but thanks so much for pointing that out!

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Haha, I know how you feel. Some people are too nice. I'm not one of them. XP

You're welcome! I don't do them often, but I felt yours really needed one, mostly because SOMEONE has to say how wonderful it is! ;)

Watson is a pain in the butt to draw- I've drawn him a few times, and it's very difficult. That's why I cheat and draw him as a chibi. XP But it's great for your first time! You just need to practice. ;)

I liked that effect- Them actually standing back to back wouldn't have looked as good, I think. Plus (at least for me) it would have been more difficult (because I fail at anatomy XD).

Haha, I'd apologize but I'm glad that you can actually go and change it. I have no computer skills so most errors of mine unfortunately go uncorrected. DX

Sleep well! :D
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so so much ;v;

Haha yep I'll definitely draw him againnnn, Watson is so cute I really want to do him justice next time!!

I hope i can change it without making Sherlock too short!
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You're welcome! :D

I love Watson! After Reichenbach, he needs a hug... :glomp:

I believe in yooouuuuuuuuuuu! ;D
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SaviroosjeHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome drawing, like the poses and colours! great job!
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Haven't seen the finale yet.

They've got each other's back; but something bad had happened; Sherlock is shaken to the core, and Watson can't help him.

Beautiful painting, their emotions are so raw.
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you'll see it soon, it's almost everyone's favourite episode ;D Thanks so much :hug:
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PryateHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful one, expressions and coloring are great.
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :hug:
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Chayo8683Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LLoré como nunca he llorado.
..Nah, mentira, lloro con todo, pero fue demasiado triste x_x.
Como dice la crítica, muy buen trabajo :)
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Jajjaa que dramatico pero es verdad jaja Gracias <3
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Chayo8683Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Soy demasiado drama queen jajajaja
De nada :hug:
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Wow, this piece is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love how you captured the emotion on their faces perfectly, plus the beauty of the shading and the colors.
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much :hug:
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This is basically amazing.
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much <3
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GOD. Just looking at this is making me want to cry. I can't even say how much I love this, and how much emotion you've captured in this.
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
;A; Thanks so much <3
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At first it looks like there're one man with two heads.
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I see it too hahah
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Terrific work here. At first I thought this was done in watercolour.
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irenukiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankss a bunch <3
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You are very welcome :)
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