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2018 FFM Day 31: My Name is
My name is Danuel Forstar, and I commit suicide for a living. The way I see it, if you’re immortal, you ought to have a little fun with it. New lives, new faces, no attachment. And no one could catch you if they tried.
It’s the biggest scam in the world, and I’m behind it all. Get caught? Commit suicide. Hightail it out in a body bag, escape. Repeat.
My name is Kisan Park. Face twenty-three. Oh, yes, I keep track. It pays to know who you’ve been to know where you’re going.
I’m sitting next to an snoring old geezer I once swindled out of a million bucks on a flight to Vegas. He was pretty pissed at the time, but bygones be bygones, and he didn’t miss any of it.
“Sir, wake up, they’re serving dinner.”
My name is Tomas Ikov. I died over a thousand years ago, right around the First World War. The face is new, but the name is not. And now
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Mature content
2018 FFM Day 30: Grace and Liberty :iconirennia:Irennia 0 0
2018 FFM Day 29: Sound of a Heartbeat
Thud. Thud. Thud.

The crossbow dragged down the stairs.
Thump. Thump. Thump.

Hard leather boots on stone steps.
Sunlight touched her silken black hair and recoiled from her amber eyes. She leaned over the balcony and hoisted the bow to her shoulder.

A silver arrow lodged in the boy’s untempered armor. The ground reached up to catch the boy as he fell, thirsty for his blood. The breeze moved through the seated, naive people, sucking up their breath.
Thump. Thump. Thump.

Hard leather boots on stone steps. The shadows embraced their mistress, shrouding her hair and putting out the piercing lights in her eyes.
The crossbow dropped to the floor.
Clank.     Click. Click.

The gate rose slowly, reluctant to relinquish its prisoner. Across from it, its twin rose readily, eager for slaughter.
Tep. Tep.

The girl stepped out timidly, having seen the fate of her predecessor.
ROARRrrr -

A hungr
:iconirennia:Irennia 1 2
2018 FFM Day 28: It is a Duty
It is one of the most beautiful planets I have ever encountered. Vibrant flora and fauna coupled with rainbows curving and dancing in the sky have struck and stayed in my heart. Whenever their sun rises or sets, it leaves a dazzling legacy of its time above them, streaking the sky in red and orange. Truly, I would have loved to live here peacefully if not for this war.
But it is defiled, drowning in its own waste and our desolation upon it. I look down at the wheezing body at my feet. We are not permitted to take life outside of battle and the commander has denied all medical treatment. Whatever is left of their population will be under our rule from this day forward.
Xytur trudges up to me, “The general says clean up will take us another few days. Unfortunately, an unexpectedly high number of humans are not dead yet, so we have to wait.” He looks as worn as I do. This war has not been easy on any of us.
I cannot help but ask, “Do you really think it was necessary? Ye
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2018 FFM Day 27: Reflection
We learned not to look into the mirrors.
Every man-made mirror was ripped apart and melted; everything reflective covered. Broken mirrors were worse than whole ones because it meant more eyes. People moved away from the water, or else built covers over them. River- and ocean-side cities suffered, but it was better than facing the reflections.
In 2971, just past the Spirit Revolution, scientists had discovered that mirrors record every spirit that passes before them.
Ludicrous. Insane. Foolish. Fake. Everyone kept trying to deny it. We had had mirrors since the beginning of time! Whatever a mirror’s effects were, they certainly weren’t dire. And they weren’t – until Tellov Yan discovered how to access the recorded spirits.
“Ygrov, don’t! It isn’t safe.” My mother yells. “Don’t!” I ignore her and jump over the puddle. It was one snapshot in a near infinity. Who was g
:iconirennia:Irennia 1 2
2018 FFM Day 26: A Quiet Evening
It’s a quiet evening. The cattle are lowing, the crescent moon is glowing softly, the trees are shivering slightly in the breeze. I’ve just finished collecting all the silver dung and tucking it away. Tomorrow the cattle dung shipment will come in and I’ll do what I always do. Can’t have the master finding out too much, or he’ll bankrupt the farm. The bourgeois really don’t know how to save money.
If it weren’t for the incident where something must have run into the stream water, the farm would already be bankrupt. Luckily, all our cows now shit silver. The master isn’t a bad person, just spoilt, is all.
From across the farm, I hear the guard dogs kicking up a ruckus. They’re usually quiet unless they have good reason not to be. I’d better see what this is about.
Pitchfork in hand, I stealthily skirt the fence. The dogs’ snarling and growling isn’t dying down, and the closer I get, the more I think it probably isn&
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2018 FFM Day 25: In Different Ways
“Don’t let go, Casimir.” Debra whispered, her voice a gentle rasp, tinged with age and hope. Casimir kissed his wife’s hand. He loved the hands that had carried their children, built their home, given him comfort where there was none. Her eyes still sparkled, even as death’s shadow grew long over her.
Every wrinkle in her old face was another reason he loved her more. Casimir was not ready to let her go. But he was prepared to. “My dearest love, wait for me. I will see you again.” He whispered.
At the moment when the light winked out of her eyes, Casimir broke into silent tears.
It was not her husband of twenty years that came to her as the darkness came to claim her, but the visiting boy that she had met in her fifteenth year, Andrel.
Fresh as the spring that brought him, eyes wide, arms strong, hearty with every word - and forever out of her reach. Tirrel had been betrothed to the village head’s son since birth, a
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2018 FFM Day 24: The New Evolution
She leaned casually out the balcony and tipped her cup, sending a stream of water onto the pavement below. The human body can go without water for three days. I have been without for two. There was a quiet bustle from the apartment below Katrina, though quite loud for the times. This era was being touted by the lay people as the New Evolution - human beings suddenly all becoming decent. But Katrina knew better. She idly traced the bumps on her arm where she’d taken blood. What will it take to prove the lies?
Voices from below drafted upward and as Katrina listened, she smiled.
“I’m telling you, we’ve tried everything. I’ve hunted through the detective archives for all their methods. None of them have turned a single trace of who could have planted this here!” David insisted, gesturing at a bloody knife set on the counter. “Even in the days when crime was rife, the
:iconirennia:Irennia 11 16
2018 FFM Day 23: Who Dis?
New phone, who dis?
“Phone? Dis? We did not consider the evolution of language when we sent the message.” Halmond said, addressing the Greater Council.
Rivark shook his head, “We did consider it, but we did not know how far the message would go. And even we cannot predict how our own etymology will evolve. At the very least, we recognize ‘new’ and ‘who’.”
Rereading the message, Halmond couldn’t explain the disquiet he felt. “From that, we may extrapolate that the Savior is curious as to who we are. But ‘phone’ could mean ‘threat’ or ‘enemy’. We can guess, but we have no way of knowing.”
Soaj nodded his agreement, adding, “Council, it also appears that they have reached an era in which prefixes may exist without their central counterparts. Given the prevailing meanings of ‘dis’ in our dictionary, Brother Halmond’s suggestion that ‘phone’ may m
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2018 FFM Day 22: Then Why Make Me?
“Then how did you want me to be? How else would you have designed me?” P7 cried. “Why would you give me such freedom, only to curse me for how I’ve used it?” His hands gripped the sides of the table, applying pressure until the metal slowly caved.
The professor looked at his creation with sorrow. “I thought I’d made you to be more. That is all.” Sitting prettily behind the glass, the professor offered P7 a small smile.
P7 knew that smile to be fake. It was well that P7 had not been designed to have facial expressions, elsewise he would have betrayed his mounting hatred and intention. “You made me to be more? More than what? More of what? Did you really think you could chase the power of evolution, and at the same time try to hinder it?” P7 yanked the table off its bolts and hurled it at the glass.
No one was prepared for it; the entire room had been built to exceed P7’s strength capacity. Yet, there he stood, free and st
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2018 FFM Day 21: On Ganymede
As the sunrise stream flickers in, Eskivver shoots a prayer of thanks to Syreen. The light hits and reveals the glorious depths of her artwork. Having the artwork face the east window was a brilliant idea because the shifting rays of sun through the aperture allowed for full appreciation of Syreen’s craftmanship.
Eskivver knows there is nothing that quite compares to live skin works - the pale skin giving way to glistening raw red patterns, the muscles writhing like snakes underneath, warping the landscape and creating the design afresh every second. It is divine.
The pieces are so difficult to come by, and so hard to maintain, but worth every effort. He was thankful Syreen had taught him her preservation technique. If not for her, Eskivver would be struggling in the deep infinity of space, missing the sun that pins branches to sky, the moon that builds bridges on the sea, the breeze that kisses better than a lover.
But here, he could at least have this beauty in fr
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2018 FFM Day 20: I Think I'll Take You Home
Ugh, a friend’s ex. Swipe left. That’s my last ex. Swipe left. Another friend’s ex. Swipe left. Ooh, an old ex. Swipe left. That’s not cute. Swipe left. Why would he have a girl in the photo? Swipe left. Nope. Mama’s boy. Swipe left. Wait, didn’t I swipe left on this guy an hour ago? Or does he just look similar?
I throw my phone to the side of the bed, annoyed. My friends and I couldn’t have already dated all the passable bachelors in this town! But then again, we’d all lived here most of our lives. It was possible, I suppose.
How long had it been since I went on a date? Ronald had promised to clear half my tab if I could hold out a week. Shows how much faith he has in me.
I count the days on my fingers. Ten? A week and three days! Guess that means I’ll go for a drink. I hadn’t seen the geezer in a while, and I know Ronald likes to baby me a little.
Slouching out of bed, I thro
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2018 FFM Day 19: What Are We Doing Here?
The Bounty-Hunter:
The things I do for a hundred-thousand credit. I’ve followed that cephalo-feline through hell and highwater, but somehow landed myself in this tiny little space surfer with an idiot for a captain. But it’s of no particular matter. I’m here for work, and so long as I keep an eye on that six-eyed cat tentacles freak, I’ll collect my paycheck.
But Captain Vuur is making this exceedingly difficult. “No!” I say, “That mechanism is not for dropping the planetary anchor. If you try to do that when we pull up to a dock, you’ll blow the damn thing!”
He waves me off nonchalantly, “I know what I’m doing, pal. Don’t like it, don’t look.”
I want to pummel the man. He’s going to get us killed. “If you weren’t going to listen to me, you shouldn’t have hired me as your co-pilot.”
“Then you’re fired.” Vuurr mutters.
Before I can respond, Ymirri interrupt
:iconirennia:Irennia 1 0
2018 FFM Day 18: Pizza Delivery
Dristen skidded to the edge of the roof, hooked his harness to the zipline, and kicked off, clutching the straps of his backpack.
The office had kept him late, but if he rushed, he could still make the pizza delivery.
As he hurtled over the city, Dristen took a moment to appreciate the fruits of his work. The colors almost throbbed in the noon light - glistening chartreuse, turquoise, vermillion, and more. Plants hugged and powered the steam generators. The billboards flashed a cooling LED, sustained by luminescent phytoplankton.
It excited him to think that in a few weeks the highways would finish the conversion into symbiotic aureum quasi-concrete; more so than the usual changes because it was his invention. For so long, he’d been developing the compound. And finally, after years of research, the mass roll-out was almost complete.
He just had to make this delivery and he could get some sleep. The break system deployed and Dristen slowed to a stop over the platform. Quickly chec
:iconirennia:Irennia 1 2
2018 FFM Day 17: Signed, Eric Silton
My name is Eric Silton. This is an international apology.
My friend, Nathaniel Tresl, and I are responsible for the global collapse of the plastics, electronics, and makeup industries in the past five years. I have decided to come clean about our actions that caused economic disaster. As incredulous as the following may sound, it is true.
We happened across a turquoise mechanical pencil and in time we discovered we were able to rewrite parts of people’s lives. It was an immense power, and we were heady with the implications of what we could do.
A difference in the environment, in poverty, in politics, in everything, really. We could do it all. But we were naive. It seemed so straightforward. I suggested we rewrite the histories of those in power, to change their perspectives and push the world in a better direction. What we should have seen, but foolishly didn’t, is that changing one life creates a ripple effect.
All we did was write out their decisions about certain polici
:iconirennia:Irennia 0 4
2018 FFM Day 16: Stupid Apricots
Zucchini is for summoning, avocados are for barriers.
Life is hard enough as it is without having to memorize the magical properties of vegetables. But in this instance where I, Tatiana Fruso, am being hunted by hell hounds for no particular evil other than the accidental abduction of the devil’s daughter, life is a hell of a lot harder when you forget the magical properties of vegetables.
So here I am, with enough apricots to raise half the dead in the world, but not a single avocado against a very present hoard of hounds.
It’s such a pity that rigor-mortis stays with the dead even when they’re back.
:iconirennia:Irennia 1 4


Daily Paint 2202. Fountain Penguin by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2202. Fountain Penguin :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,813 70 Daily Paint 2201. Slow Cooker by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2201. Slow Cooker :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,341 93
The Ruminations of a Multiheaded Monster: ON SALE
Hello again, everyone.  It has been a busy year for all of us, but it’s finally time to announce our very first publication.  LitConquistadores launched a publication opportunity this past July.  Our gallery folders were open to any and all FlashFictionMonth participants.  Over the course of the month, we received 78 submissions.  Of those 78, we compiled the best 31 flash fiction stories and published an anthology.
The Team that Made it Happen
None of this would have been possible without a brilliantly dedicated team of readers and editors.  Thank you to BlackManaBurning, GDeyke, MagicalJoey and WindySilver.
Sadly, MagicalJoey passed away before she could see her hard work in book form.  :heart:
Truly though, this would not have happened without these wonderful deviants that gave so much of their own time to read through all of the entries and later assist the writers with edits.
The Proceed
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 30 7
Rootbeard's House - Interior by Chris-Karbach Rootbeard's House - Interior :iconchris-karbach:Chris-Karbach 290 28 don't let me be alone by NanFe don't let me be alone :iconnanfe:NanFe 495 7 Daily Paint 2179. Tipping the Scales by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2179. Tipping the Scales :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,832 118 Filigree Fighter by Logan-Pearce Filigree Fighter :iconlogan-pearce:Logan-Pearce 72 5 Christmas Owls by sandara Christmas Owls :iconsandara:sandara 3,437 114 Blood Brothers by andreasrocha Blood Brothers :iconandreasrocha:andreasrocha 1,343 13
Mature content
Me too 2018 :iconakrasiel:akrasiel 13 48
Light As A Feather by sandara Light As A Feather :iconsandara:sandara 3,006 82 'Katara's necklace', sterling silver pendant by seralune 'Katara's necklace', sterling silver pendant :iconseralune:seralune 91 30 Daily Paint 2149. Cattail by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2149. Cattail :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,794 81 Flowering Shelf Jewel by fairyfrog Flowering Shelf Jewel :iconfairyfrog:fairyfrog 20 3 Daily Paint 2129. Oakapi by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2129. Oakapi :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,632 138 WaterLight City by wlop WaterLight City :iconwlop:wlop 4,133 95


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