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December 28, 2020
Room for Happiness by irenillart99
Featured by Moonbeam13
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Room for Happiness


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Hi everyone! This is one of my entries for the HuionTablet
contest "There's no place like Home". I called this piece"Room for happiness"
There is a mental exercise that consists of turning your dreams into reality through the thought and meditation. When I start to create my future this is the first image that comes to mind, I visualize myself in my living room with my pets, my cat and couple of cockatiels, doing what I like the most, on a good tablet while I enjoy a good cup of coffee.
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ı am new in Deviantart. This picture is amazing and ı think you are so talented. Can ı use this for my business?ı do not know how ı can obtain copyright of this photo.

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Hi! I made this illustration for a Huion Tablet contest and I won the third place, one of the requirements to participate is that if you win, the copyright of the illustration belongs to Huion, they would use it to promote their products, in this case the tablet. I can't give you the copyright of this illustration but I can draw for you a very similar illustration :)

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Really nice and poetic, my compliments!!:D

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So adorable! Gives me a good feeling. Such a pleasant scene!

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Everything is literally perfect

love the cat pose

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awww I like cockatoos YEEEE THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!♥️
This is LoFi girl when she grows up
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so gorgeous!!!

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love the warm colors, very cozy!

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this is wonderful and i wish i could live there!

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I wish live there too

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it's soooooo beautiful omg it's soooo amazing

Very nice and beautiful art. Keep it up!!


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Very nice, colorful piece. I just got one of these tablets not long ago; so far so good with it.

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I'm working to buy one of that tablets

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Wonderful ✨🧡
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