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(Music: Theodor Bastard – Darkness)

Many of you decided that my Swamp demon looks like Wendigo, so I decided to show exactly how I imagine this creature :) (Smile) 

Wendigo is the curse of the North American continent, the monster who lives in the woods and feeds on human flesh. Wendigo can imitate the human voice and lure the victim into the forest, he moves very fast and can not be killed with a shot. Initially perceived as a symbol of insatiable hunger and a hungry winter, later began to serve as a warning against any excesses of human behavior.

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Hello! Sorry to bother you, I have a YouTube channel and I make some videos about legends ... In one of them I will talk about this legend and I would like to have some images about it and I found your drawing interesting since I need something like that. Could I use it for my video? Of course I would leave credits to you. thanks for your time

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aye! or this one!

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This wendigo looks like Elias from ancient magus bride

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Ya know I wonder who's responsible for the idea of horned wendigos. I don't mind it, but I'm just curious.

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;A; This is incredible!<3
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this is possibly the best Wendigo artwork I've seen. Such awesome style and so many nice touches
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Читал разные произведения где упоминается Вендиго, и для меня это очень жуткое существо. Вы нарисовали его очень хорошо!
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What I really adore about this one, is that you made its back look like tree branches, plus it is surrounded by all those trees around which makes it look kind of spiritualy connected to the gloomy forest around and it makes it look like a master of its forest where it can control all the happenings and the creatures!! Powerful drawing.

The wendigo CAN be killed, buts its gonna be difficult. In order to kill it, you need to take a silver bullet, and shoot it in the chest. But its WAY easier said then

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Since you love horror stuff if you ever watched Hannibal TV series you should do a Ravenstag. I love your art work 
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Would you mind if i used this in English short story I'm writing for school? All credit would go to you of course.
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Thank you very much!
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Dude, don't criticize the artist. This is their interpretation of it.
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A Wendigo isn’t a meme.
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Maybe your not reading this correctly. Iren is calling this peoce of her art a Wendigo. It is her art, she names it. Not you. And if you want to know what normal people call a meme, go on reddit.
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       .... AND (TO ME) POSSIBLY THE PERFECT RENDERING OF (The) Wendigo [[ its True Form? ]]
[[ This PERFECTLY captivating yet HORRIFIC rendering automatically made me recall this:
 ^---- one of the scariest tracks from underrated, under-appreciated horror flick 'Ravenous' (( c.1999 of my all-time favorites))

[[ Oh BTW: I got here from Google searching for visual / aesthetic inspirations for my resumed endeavor to produce workup/mockup concept art of....
... The Morrígan!!! (( <--- ALSO A FREAKING AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL -- maybe TRULY PERFECT -- PIECE!!!! ))

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Absolutely wicked! In a good way.:D (Big Grin) 
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dang... this is...

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