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Weasley Twins

By IrenHorrors
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(Music: Harry Potter Soundtrack – Wizard Wheezes)

Pigmented ink fineliner, watercolor and a bit of Photoshop
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I really like this art style! and the twins look soo cool ! <3
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Double the trouble and twice the mayhem! XD
Creamowl's avatar
Guys ;-; <33 I love them ;3; you're so amazing and talent, i love your works ^3^
Dancingmyheartout4's avatar
Grew and Forge! Yes! You are amazing!💗💞
Arglos2002's avatar
Ahhhhh, reminds of the days when George still had his ear (or was it Fred, I can't remember)
meggie182000's avatar
You're right it was George who lost his ear in both the book and movie.
Lugia20711's avatar
I love these two.
BadCowboy69's avatar
What a pair of cuties!
Amyko-san's avatar
Wow! I like your artstyle!
IrenHorrors's avatar
Thanks! :heart:
(And sorry for extremely late reply, I just rallied and fined some time to answer you)
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It sort of hurts me to see a mirror in the background... Anyway, are those puking pastilles or nosebleed nougats in Fred's hand, or is that George?
thePeppermint1223's avatar
Seeing the shape of the sweet and the wrapper, I think those are Ton-Tongue Toffees from what I can remember ^^ I could be wrong, though. It's just that the toffees were my favorite and most memorable out of the Weasley twin's inventions.

I really like the Weasley twins, although they were initially a lot too reckless for my taste, they soon grew on me over the years. I guess your taste changes as you grow.
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It's in Fred's hand :) (Smile) 
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COOL Clap 
Weasley twins are my favorites :squee:
IrenHorrors's avatar
Glad to hear, thank you! Meow :3 
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I love this... :heart: 
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Thanks a lot for enjoying! Hug 
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Many thanks! Meow :3 
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