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Triss Merigold

(Music: Adam Skorupa - Peaceful Moments (OST The Witcher))

I love Triss so so much, although I never choose her in the game, as for me, Geralt is not worthy of her :D (Big Grin) 
Decided to abandon a luxurious neckline from the game in favor of the book canon

Geralt and Yennefer by IrenHorrors  Iris von Everec (Witcher3) by IrenHorrors  Ciri by IrenHorrors  Yennefer de Vengerberg by IrenHorrors 
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Jul 5, 2019, 1:42:54 PM
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I've been playing the first Witcher game for awhile and I definitely on team Triss. I liked Shani alot, but I felt betrayed once Shani displayed bigoted views of magic users.

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Great to see how you illustrate a woman in pants and such!
It's a great look!
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She looks wonderful! I'm Team Triss myself after doing the canon romance with Yen in my first Witcher 3 run. He is definitely not worthy of her, but I chose her as my romance for the current run because I'd like to see it play out. The books have proven an interesting read so far. Thank you for such amazing work!

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Nice! Love the bg!
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She's looking great there. :)
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lovely piece.  love the soundtrack from all the games! and ofc the games as well.. excited for the show!!!
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wonderful style and great work. I love all the little details.
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she looks beautiful ;w; <3
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This is so beautiful! 
so she works on alchemy while at home?
awesome picture!!!
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Immediately noticed that you changed her outfit according to the books :D I love this! 
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I personally see her as more of a mother figure to Ciri than Yennefer is. She was an important part of Ciri's childhood, teaching her the ins and outs of womanhood when Geralt and his witcher pals were being oblivious morons. XD

And she likes to play with fire. I do love me a good fire mage.
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Strange how people can see character/storylines so differently, but hey. I love the artwork, but not the character. Sadly she triggers me. 
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Lovely piece. I really admire your illustation skills!

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Very nice ambientation
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I like how you drew this shirt to cover her neckline, though it would be nice to see her scar. 

In my opinion, Eskel would be better option for her, but that's me.

Your art style is so unique. 
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She looks great!
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