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The Yule Cat


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(Music: Stuzha - Winter Forest)

The Yule Cat (Jólakötturinn) is a huge and vicious cat from Icelandic folklore who lurks about the snowy countryside during Christmas time (Yule) and eats people who have not received any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve. (cats are very serious about fashion, you know, haha) It’s all connected with the culture and traditions. Sheep husbandry occupied an important place in the farm life of Icelanders, after the autumn shearing of sheep, all members of the family worked hard to process wool. As a rule, the work was completed just in time for Christmas time, and those who worked hard received a new thing to wear (and for sale). To encourage children to work, parents scared them by Yule Cat ❄
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AspiePieTheFag's avatar

Adorable and scary at the same time...

AshleysCreme's avatar

Would've been a beautiful wallpaper for my new 4k monitor. Feelssadman.

Awwwwww, beautiful kitty 😻

theangelofdeath2's avatar
Hand-Sam-Art's avatar

Looks cute, but sounds Serious . . . yet also reasonable.

That is a lovely floofball

LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

That's one big ball of fluff. Imagine the hair balls! XD

IamNoOneSpecial1's avatar

Now that's a mean kittie...

CMoretzfan19's avatar

oh I heard a creepypasta about the Yule cat. it's crazy how serious it is about new clothing. I'm glad it lives in Iceland though because sheering sheep for clothing would be hard in Canada.

IllyDragonfly's avatar

The more I know about creepy winter holidays the happier I am. XD I miss Halloween, especially in December! XD

Misteriem's avatar

Giant kitty, yay!

The best way to motivate kids is to scare the bejeezus out of them. Apparently.

dreamlok123's avatar

i love the cat's tail in like black smoke and her eye's is perfect and it's glowing ow amazing is that and also the way he pose i really love it i like cat's so yeah your piece of work is so amazing nice work keep going... :)

eternalsailorchaos's avatar

I LOVE this piece! Also, I love the idea of a giant Christmas cat roaming the countryside, now THAT's a cryptid I wish to find.

Lugia20711's avatar

A big fluffy kitty!

Absolutely beautiful 10/10!

Legion1a's avatar
TzaoTao's avatar

I'm envious of the Icelandic, they've maintained some interesting traditions and folktales unlike Denmark

Emilou1985's avatar

I love it! Strange customs are amazing.

Dmitriy731's avatar

На вашем рисунке он хоть и огромный но выглядит совсем не злым.

LycanNekimaya's avatar
Hikari-Hellion's avatar

Meanwhile I'm the weirdo who'd just give the Yule Cat catnip and cuddles. FLOOF!

pookiesaurus4's avatar
Unless you received new clothes, you will be eaten.
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