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The Black Sisters


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(Music: Peter Gundry - The Coven)

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The Noble House of Black: Andromeda, Bellatrix and Narcissa 🖤 I always wondered how is it possible that such different sisters were born in the same family?
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even their dresses match their personality, I love it!

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They are so beautiful. My favourite is Andromeda, for sure. :)
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Very well done! Clap Heart 
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Still a wonderful piece. You can really see the stylistic improvements in the comparison piece too. I personally love the clean lines/colors gradients and facial proportions. I also notice the change in Narcissa's hand, far more natural; well done. (Also a good decision to use a dark gold line in Narcissa's hair as compared to your earlier rendition. Makes it look far lighter both color-wise and weight-wise.) If you decide to remake this years later I'd consider altering Andromeda's hand as well. The way it stands the tea ought to be on the verge of tipping over and slipping, seeing as she doesn't have much of a grip on the handle. On the whole, everything else looks far more natural. What I mean is that everyone's bodies, clothes, hair, and so on sit well on their respective girls and within the scene as a whole. Very well done :heart:

PS: (Because I didn't mention it directly, but couldn't figure out where to add in within my talk about the three sisters) I love the mantel décor, far better then the earlier piece!
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Tbh the first thing I thought of was Abigail Williams
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I didn't even read the title, but my first thought on the middle woman was Bellatrix Lestrange. AND I WAS RIGHT!
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Either lots of sleeping around or lots of mutations from inbreeding.
and dearest Narcissa is the last...
awesome picture!!
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I was gonna say that I saw this picture before! xD haha, wow, I love these updates! Seeing your improvements are always a delight! :D
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Nice job on these characters! (I almost forgot about Andromeda!) It's true, even though these three characters are related they are nothing alike. (well, maybe except for not really liking muggles...)
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Q: I always wondered how is it possible that such different sisters were born in the same family?
A: They develop differently as they grow

I should know, my family is also of vastly different personalities. 
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You can definitely tell your progress as an artist, well done!
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Gosh they look so amazing, much more like how I pictured them
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Your HP series is amazing! :)
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Love your style
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Well it's obvious who's my favorite.
I want Narcissa's dress 😍
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