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Swamp Demon


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(Music: Theodor Bastard – Tapachula)
This piece does not have a specific mythological basis, I just finished one of my sketches, but if you can correlate this creature with already existing forest/swamp monsters, I will be glad to learn something new :) (Smile) 

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Nov 14, 2017, 11:09:45 PM
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I'm working on a comicbook in which each page is done by a different artist and feel this would make a fabulous Page 12

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Looks like my mom😂

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Looks like a wendigo. Awesome! I love the antlers. 
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This creature is AWESOME. I love it soooo much! Love 
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Reminds me of the swamp witch/demon monster thingy from the LEGEND fantasy movie from the 1980s!!!
Perhaps she would also be easily flattered by compliments and a bit vain-then one could be head her!!!lol
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I kinda wanna make my own desc for this creature..

Here I go:

Due to mankind taking down much of nature, certain demons were created by Mother Nature herself to protect nature. There are different kinds of these demons: Forest, Swamp, Sea, etc. They are powerful beings with high pitched screams. Their horns are full of magic which they can channel out of their horns to send out deadly spells. The two horns have different kinds of magic, and these types of magic cannot work without the other. When the demon makes a spell the two types of magic are channeled into a ball between their horns, thus mixing them together before the spell is cast.
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Very Witcher-like Vibe ; ) i like it
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This is really good - Reminds me of a wendigo.
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Or like a Forest Demon ; )
You're getting better and better with every piece. This one here is just outstanding!
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This is pretty cool
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She looks a little stressed.
Maybe a good night´s sleep and a warm cup of tea will help.
And a manicure.
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why not call it; marsh huldra?
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this is gorgeous
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this is like true detective
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The beautiful creature needs to have a long distance relationship with a wendigo across the swamp and they only get to meet at a certain time like if the swamp was low enough for the wendigo to get across Let's bounce 
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Is it normale that I find something really cute in it? :D lovely
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Is it normal that I find it irresistibly cute? :D lovely
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I love this thing! Wanna have one? What do they eat? Wanna have one! Can i adopt it?

Hell yeah it looks super cute:heart:

Greetings from Germnay
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Fafnir. A cool pic

If I would be asked what kind of creature it is, I would say, that it is a mix bedween the irish Spriggan (with the wooden attributes and appearence) but also an eastern European kobold called Leshy that is said to misslead wanderers foolish enough to follow it into the woods and swamps.
The plantlike body reminds me also of the farming godess maty syri zemlya (not sure if I wrote the name correctly) but the name should mean Mother of farming earth.

And last but not least I had to think of a female Ent from Tolkiens Lord of the Rings novells, maybe fallen into darkness by her creepy eyes^^
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