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A Rusalka (Russian: Русалка) is a water nymph, a female spirit in Slavic mythology and folklore, she is undead dangerous being, entices and pulls men into the water. 🌿💀

Young women, who either committed suicide by drowning due to an unhappy marriage (they might have been jilted by their lovers or abused and harassed by their husbands) or who were violently drowned against their will, must live out their designated time on earth as rusalki 

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In the heart of a dark and mysterious forest, there lived a group of Rusalki - female spirits from Slavic mythology. These undead, dangerous beings were said to entice and pull men into the water, their beauty an irresistible lure. But these Rusalki were different. They longed for revenge against the men who had wronged them in their mortal lives.

Their leader, a powerful witch, had taught them the dark arts, and they had become skilled in the ways of witchcraft. They used their powers to haunt the nearby village, cursing and tormenting any man they could. But their revenge was not enough to quell their thirst for justice.

One day, a young girl stumbled upon their hidden lair, and the Rusalki took her in as their own. They saw in her the potential to join their ranks, to become a powerful witch like them. Under their tutelage, the girl learned the ways of dark magic, and soon she was pouring herself into the cause of the Rusalki.

Together they spread terror throughout the village, and soon they had the whole town living in fear. The men were terrified to leave their homes, and the women whispered warnings to their daughters about the Rusalki's seductive power.

But as time went on, the girl began to feel uneasy. The power of the Rusalki was intoxicating, but she could not shake the feeling that their revenge was unjust. She began to ask questions, to wonder if there was another way.

When she confronted the Rusalki with her doubts, they turned on her. They accused her of treachery, of turning against them. And so the girl fled back to the village, taking with her the knowledge of the Rusalki's dark arts.

But instead of using her newfound power for revenge, she used it to heal. She became a new kind of witch, one who used her magic to cure and protect. The Rusalki watched from afar, longing for the girl's return, but knowing that they could never match her new kind of power.

With the girl's departure, the Rusalki retreated back into the forest, forever haunted by the spirits of their past.