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Little bit more of mythology!
Nut (Egyptian: Nwt) is the goddess of the sky in the Ennead of ancient Egyptian religion. She was seen as a star-covered nude woman arching over the earth, or as a cow. 🌒✨

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So no nut jokes in the comments? No? Not even one? Alright then. I understand that we all are responsible and serious adults.


But I just can-Nut believe it!

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apt description.

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The mother of all the Egyptian gods & goddesses.  Has an unfortunate game.
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Aye Mother Night.
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Nut's always been a pretty interesting goddess to me. Most historical religions had a god or goddess of the night, but most didn't have a goddess who was literally arching over the night sky, with the night sky being her naked body.
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I like the star covered nude woman more than the cow version that is for sure!!!!!!!!!!
I love your unique style and your wildly expressive figures!!!!!!!!

Your gallery is very impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is absolutely gorgeous!!! 
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I love this depiction!!!
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Very much like my deity, Nyx! Beautiful job.
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Cool, dark and mystical. I love itPixel Icon: Ink-Heart (F2U!) 
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love it! egyptian gods are awesome hehe
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For some reason I feel like this would make a good symmetra skin....maybe because the way you drew Nut reminds me of Symmetra I don't know.
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My favorite Goddess.
kanoarogers's avatar
she looks very Ethiopian 
YuGray's avatar
aaaahh my fav egypt goddes *.* she loooks beatiful!
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Nice gesture!
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