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I myself am strange and unusual 
Spider dance  A small portrait update of Lydia to celebrate the birthday of Tim Burton (this brilliant creator turned 60 today!)

Lydia is a moody, angst-ridden goth who feels isolated in the world. I love her so much! She is amazing in Tim Burton movie, and also in the cartoon series.

Art prints with this piece available on society6

Untitled by IrenHorrors

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Aug 22, 2018, 4:36:57 PM
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Girlfriend goals right here. Great job!

Colinidas's avatar

Is it me or would Lydia be an awesome witch?! I can totally see the Sandworm as her familiar!

Realmwright's avatar
She was so adorable in the cartoon. Have you done a version of that?
Xonter51stibium's avatar
Wow, even if I never properly saw the movie, she does look good. (And I just realized I haven't seen one of Tim Burton's movie... :faint:)
cartoonygothica's avatar
[A beautiful witch goth she is, here.]
CrazyWave23HD's avatar
Omg this is so freaking Cool
Zaloffshat's avatar
Love this! I especially love how the sand worm is more like a pet in this illustration. 
Tiny-Wolf-Draws's avatar
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice,...
CapiCuche's avatar
Yeees!!! Amazing one!!
Lucy-LuxLuna's avatar
She looks amazing!! ^^ I love her face and her dark palette :3.
aliciayellowlodge's avatar
Aw your style matches her so perfect!! Pure love for your artwork Many Black Hearts 
Kuato-Lives's avatar
Damn this is amazing! And Lydia was a legit goth chick, before Hollywood started trying too hard with their "alternative" looking girls in movies.
Mortchen's avatar
What do you mean by trying too hard?
Kuato-Lives's avatar
If it needed to be presented that the chick had "attitude" or wanted to be "other." Kind of like the ponytail-and-glasses trope movies use when they wanted to get across that the girl wasn't very popular, or considered weird even though if you took away both things she was a knockout.
Mortchen's avatar
huh, give me examples.
Kuato-Lives's avatar
October from that movie "Stay Alive." It's a horrible film anyway, but I thought they tried too hard. I'm about to deeply shame myself by even admitting I've seen this film but the "goth/punk/witch" whatever they'd tried to make her from "The Hot Chick." Those characters could've been normal looking girls with odd hobbies and interests and it would've been just as effective. Making them "alternative" didn't really add anything. Or Rachel from Carrie 2. Carrie in the original was just shy, awkward and had the misfortune of having a religious fanatic for a mother. What did making Rachel or her friend look alternative add to the story of an outcast with strange powers? (that being said I fucking love Stokes from "The Faculty." Maybe this makes me a hypocrite? I dunno).

I also think Hollywood tries too hard when they try to stick to the stereotype so much that it damn near becomes a parody. Like the chick in the 2nd Blair witch film. I know there are goths out there who do like to dress to the nines all the time with dramatic make up and they like cemeteries. But they made her so annoying and almost to the point of "look at me, look at me, I'm SO extreme and gothy." that I found it to be insulting. I can't speak for other goths, but I found her character irritating. I feel this is why parents think goth is a phase and their kids will grow out of it. My mother finally gave up that hope many years ago.

And shit I went off on a tangent as I am prone to doing. Did any of this make sense, dear?
wonderful picture!!
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My pretty little goth girl. XD She was such a heroine to me when I was younger, heck, she still is!
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