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(Music: Inkubus Sukkubus – Heart Of Lilith)

Lilith 🖤🐍🦉

In Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She is also powerful witch patroness in modern culture.
According to most sources, Lilith was the Queen of Demons. Later legends also characterize her as a beautiful woman who seduces men or copulates with them in their sleep, then spawns demon children. However, some others interpret her character quite differently. Freedom-loving and strong woman, created equal to Adam, she turned out to be objectionable and was expelled, and only then found refuge among the darkness 🌑

Her more demonic look I did back in 2015:

Lilith by IrenHorrors 
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Lilith’s feet are very lovely~ as are really ALL her features.

Originally, Lilith was a Mesopotamian demon (named Lilitu) associated with the night and sexuality taboos (succubus) ; Jewish probably discovered and integrated her to their own mythology during their time in Babylon (597-538 B.C.).

As you say, the biblical Lilith carries a strong patriarchal vibe : she is intended to represent the foolish woman rejecting her role in society and place in divine plan - God and His will, in short.

That's what modern feminism likes in her : as the nineteenth century's romantics made the devil a Promethean figure, who tried to awake humanity by guiding them into Knowledge and was punished for it by a God who wanted His last creation to remain ignorant, the flaws Bible writers designated in Lilith's character appears virtuous traits in contemporary eyes.

The "modern" Lilith is a syncretism of both her origins : in a christian society, since mystical powers were labelled feminine (opposing and counter-balancing physical powers - strength and social authority - owned by men), Lilith, as the woman rebelling against masculine dominance, had to be a witch. It took little readjustments to make a night demon and a succubus into a witch...

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Very Alluring, indeed!!

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Me gustó mucho tu trabajo, creas un escalofriante ambiente con tus obras. Felicidades:o

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I like sex goddesses, she got them child bearing hips. 👍😎

Brilliant work, I'm certain Lilith is pleased

Lilith is THE feminist symbol

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For sex. 🤣 her name in Hebrew is Lilitu, a Babylonian female demon. The best kind of succubus.

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:) beautifully done!

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Excellent work :)

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Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. Men wanna be her, women wanna be with her. Or was it the other way around? Can't remember, I'm enthralled.

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Fantastic picture :)

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A seductive evil that can keep you warm in the coldest mists (before you burn in hellfire) :D Nice art, man!

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Ooh, she's back! Looking great, by the way.

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She's just sooooooo COOL. The character, the picture, EVERYTHING

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Print when tho?

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Oh heck yeah! Thanks for the link! I clicked the shop in the bio but I couldn't find it, so tyvm!

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The glow from the moon is a nice touch.

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You know despite the fact there is a cross and the picture is titled Lilith I can see a lot of pagan influences. The snake in old Norse symbolises the ancestor’s, the owl symbolises wisdom/knowledge, the moon crescent that is attached too the cross symbolises the goddess and the old Greek goddess Luna, am pretty much loving this ^^.
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