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Ladies of the Wood


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(Music: Percival - Ladies of the Woods)

The Crones, also called the Ladies of the Wood, are three witches from Witcher3. They are named Brewess, Weavess, and Whispess.

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Those old crones give me chills.

SpaghettNeo's avatar

So haunting!! I love it!!

scifieric's avatar
That's wonderful!
IamNoOneSpecial1's avatar
I thought at those three above were the three sister of fate from Greek mythology... oh well; close enough I'd say.
MicahSchulte's avatar
Amazing piece. I really like how one of the witches has the strands of fate and a little creeped out how one has a string of ears.
Hand-Sam-Art's avatar
At first I was going to say this could pass for Macbeth, but then ... Do I see one of the "witches" with 4 legs?!
SammyW28's avatar
Any relation to the witches from Macbeth? 
Bruno-Bluthgeld's avatar
The witcher rules (along with this pic).
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Schpicy's avatar

This is great. I love the macabre imagery hidden about.

Kyouken0w0's avatar
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I believe they are vaguely based on the Greek Fates and the Norse Norns, which is also where Shakespeare got the inspiration for the Weird Sisters. I assume the game designers gave Weavess the extra legs because she is meant to be part spider, but I'm not clear on the symbolism of the other two, why Brewess has a basket on her face for instance.
Or Slavic Rodzanice. There is three of them and they have the same role as Norns or Fates
EricGodbach's avatar
vraiment un beau tracé, vif et précis
awesome picture!
TzaoTao's avatar
Nice work, 
pleasantly creepy but also alluring,
but not the four-footed dame, really quite creepy
QueenIchigoHatsune's avatar
:sing: Double double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Double double toil and trouble. Something wicked this way comes. :sing:

:evillaugh: "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Open locks, whoever knocks."

How spooky they are, and I love the way they're drawn. :clap:
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StreamofRC's avatar

Oh wow, that's so cool :O

interesting and stunning
Westmetal's avatar

Always thought this was scarier than the ugly forms.

RidersofArmageddon's avatar
Element of surprise.
grassa48's avatar
I was thinking Macbeth, since I don't do video.
pizzawithoutcheese's avatar
oh this one is freaking epic. I am gonna favorite and drop u a watch

Robin Wonderwoman Sfw Preview 400 500 Patreon by pizzawithoutcheese
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