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(Music: Kajiura Yuki  – Ensei)

In Japanese folklore foxes are very special creatures, they have great knowledge, a long life and magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom, A Kitsune may take on human form and may have up to nine tails. Chinese folk tales also tell of fox spirits called Huli jing, and similar creatures can be found in Koreian myphology - Kumiho. :iconfurrynuzzleplz: 

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omg xxxholic? sorry it looks like a page of that manga....... and yes sooooo watch that "love death and robots" show

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Absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about this drawing! <33

Have you seen the show on Netflix- "love, death, and robots"? There is a beautiful short on a kitsune in a steam punk world, its very sad but epic. This reminded me of that. Well done, all your work is breathtaking!

that's a Huli Jing since that episode revolves around the modernization of China

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Perfect blend of beautiful and spooky uwu
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Fantastic depiction of a Kitsune, or should I say 絵が見事ですよ!
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Fantastic work. She looks so mysterious.
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Really amazing, I loved the design. I hope to see more designs based on Japanese mythology, especially I would like to see one of Susanoo Wo and the Yamata no Orochi or the Nekomata
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What a beautiful Fox Spirit!
Ahhh!! She's so pretty i cANT-
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This Drawing is totally stunning! 💖
She looks so mysterious ♡
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This is beautiful!
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Beautiful amazing work~!
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She's just adorable.
This artwork inspired me to start working on a comicbook.
Then I realised I can't draw digitally at all so step 1 find time to practice
2 practice
3 come up with story
4 write the story
5 draw the story
6 profit
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beautiful! and the music suggestion is sublime!
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amazing picture!
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This is an amazing picture, the colours work really well together and the face looks really nice. Those details, the background and fog also create a really nice atmosphere.
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