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(Music: Wardruna - Solringen)

In Norse mythology Iðunn (Idunna) the goddess of youth or rejuvenation. She was the keeper of the magic golden apples of immortality, which the gods must eat to preserve their youth.🍎

Norse mythology:

Skadi by IrenHorrors Loki by IrenHorrors  Freya by IrenHorrors  The Norns by IrenHorrors  Loki's Children by IrenHorrors
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Jan 21, 2019, 2:25:11 PM
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Ehsol-namu's avatar
considering most norse myths seems older or just as old as greek myth i'm willing to bet that this golden apple is essentially the same as hera's golden apple tree 
petrino's avatar
ketchup girl! (there's a ketchup brand with her name in norway)
neruth's avatar
what a strange ketchup. Made of holy apples
neruth's avatar
it was a joke
NatAliDenton's avatar
I really love your style

PaopuTree's avatar
Hand-Sam-Art's avatar
Great piece, I can't find the right words for this!
It's all so elegant, well designed and excellently executed!  Graceful and delightful!
TheLittleMusic's avatar
So much beauty and grace! Love the colour palette too Heart 
Akuba-Link's avatar
Rappel sympa avec l'aigle (Thjazi), très beau dessin !!
herofan135's avatar
Beautiful work on this, love the composition and how you drew her dress. It looks very elegant. :heart:
Zmeu84's avatar
great! as allways!
Великолепно! Как и всегда!
Rosirika's avatar
ebonykun's avatar
Her myth makes a great inspiration for stories on mortals who desire eternal life! 
Lizzy-Sakura's avatar
Ururuty's avatar
she's very pretty!!
wonderful picture!!!
SpectralClandestine1's avatar
I am in love with how flowy her gown is as she picks fruit from the tree's!
Such a lovely interpretation of her! :D
Rassilon001's avatar
I remember her.  Those Norse gods were weird... but interesting.
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