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(Music: Wendy Rule – Hecate)

Hecate, Greek goddess of crossroads, she is associated with entrance-ways, night, moonlight, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery. Her attributes are the key, dagger and torch. The sacred animal of the goddess is a black dog. Hecate is very powerful patroness for many witches. She was generally represented as three-formed, though the earliest known images of the goddess are singular

Previous take on her from 2016, still love this piece and her triple form:

Hecate by IrenHorrors 

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Wow, really cool !

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Very cool!

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As someone just beginning to study witchcraft and a few of the patron gods and goddesses I am drawn to Hecate and a majority of what she represents. Love love love that you put her in purple. It's the color of magic and majesty, and my favorite.

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Another lovely image

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RockStarKnightStudent Digital Artist

She looks so dark and mysterious.

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thecollision998New Deviant

watch for watch anyone it really helps reply done so i know

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DianaDarkstoneHobbyist General Artist

Love this picture! Hecate is one of my favorite Deities

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Lovely job

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AllisonBosticHobbyist General Artist

This is absolutely amazing

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the three in one returns!

beautiful picture!!!

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JAFNOVAHobbyist Writer

Nice work!

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As with your previous Hekate piece, this perfectly captures her! I love it!

Also, black wolves are sacred to her. ;)

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Great Hecate, Queen of Night and the Crossroads.

Isn't there a theory to the effect that she came to Greece by way of Egypt due to the similarity of her name to the Egyptian word for magic, hekau?

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I always wondered about her, You create such sinister beauty!

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LennaLoopNew Deviant
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Amazing drawing of Hecate!


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asari13Hobbyist Traditional Artist


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A magnificent portrait.

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So very mystic!

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isfoss86Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Very nice! I love your work. :)

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Thalia-DawnbringerHobbyist Writer

Beautiful - so dark, elegant, and striking!

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My personal favorite Greek goddess!

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