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Published: November 19, 2016

(Music: Wendy Rule–Hecate)
Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic🌙

Special commission for Cauldron Master - The Witch themed card game
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Pigmented ink fineliner, watercolor and a bit of Photoshop
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MegFireHobbyist General Artist
Holy crap!! I’ve had this image saved for a long time on Pinterest but didn’t know where it originated. Imagine stumbling across the artist when I returned to DA after years! Your work is incredible!
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Bare foot barely seen beneath this flor-lenght dark purple dress...

For me this is a very sexy thing...

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Hecci666Student Traditional Artist
Just gorgeous! I'm named after Her. 

Also she's the Goddess of the Moon, Queen of Witches, and the Guardian of the Crossroads. She's also a minor Goddess in fertility, necromancy, ghosts, graveyards, and the unknown. I work with Her a lot. She was often worshiped as a protector of the household in Ancient Greece, and was a member of the original twelve Greek deities.

She's never carried a chalice or a dagger as far as I know, and her forms are of a young maiden, a mother, and an old crone, not just three young women. But those things aside it's a beautiful piece. :hug:
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Well she wasn’t ever really one of the twelve olympians but she held a lot of honor for siding with Zeus against her Titan kindred. Also later greeks conflated her with her cousin, the much more popular Artemis (by now Selene was also being worshipped as the Artemis) or into the Triple Goddess, which consisted of Selene in the Heavens, Artemis on Earth, and Hecate in the Underworld. She’s one of my favorite mythological figures cause of how Zeus honored her with a place in the heavens, the earth and the underworld.
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CieloWorldHobbyist General Artist
I really love this, she is my Goddess and that is hwy I admire this artwork
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Gyzmo-GrimHobbyist General Artist
She's my goddess too; she's amazing.
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She’s a big focus in my pantheon. Her ancient cult is fascinating, and it would seem that she had ties to the Orphic sect as well.
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I wonder where the inspiration of the crown comes from, because years ago I designed a dress for Hecate with a very very similar crown, only different colors. Strange but funny. :)
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ciucurlorenaStudent General Artist
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I absolutely love this picture. 
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Again, so brilliant! /l\
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MidnightrazorheartHobbyist General Artist
I'd love to see you do a piece of Hades
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Hecatombe basically means the sacrifice of 100 animals to a god, nothing to do with Hecate as to where the word comes from. I am speeking for the Greek word though.
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After searching a little more (because I don't completely trust wikipedia), I can see you are right.
I can't find the book where I think I have read that, so I can't say if I have just "imagine" that because the two words are very close, or if I have been misguided.
Thanks anyway because I don't want to spread false info. ^^
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He-He-Hecate! Lovely Hecate!
You're the only Goddess tha-tha-that I adore!
When the M-Moon shines over the Forest,
I'll be waiting for you at the T-Temple door!

Approximately to this tune:…
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SwankyArtsStudent Digital Artist
Is she also known as The Morrighan? Reminds me of her.
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This is gorgeous and I love all the symbols you included for her!
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DesignsbyDesdaemonaStudent General Artist
This is gorgeous!
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FlosSapientiaeHobbyist General Artist
Hecate, my favorite goddess of Greek mythology! ❤
The band Daemonia nymphe, made a great song about her!
Listen here:
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xXArtyMuseXxHobbyist Traditional Artist's beautiful! 😍💀
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DreamCaptureImagesProfessional Photographer
Beautiful depiction of her.
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