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Hades and Persephone


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(Music: The Rigs - Devil's Playground)

Made a new piece with my all time fav couple, Hades and Persephone 🌿♥💀
Need to draw a personal artworks for both of them separately, cause I always draw them only together 😏

Magic of Love by IrenHorrors   Hades and Persephone by IrenHorrors  Rulers of the Underworld by IrenHorrors 
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Beautiful Romantic

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So sweet and beautifully amazing! :heart:

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I feel that Hades is amongst the characters unfairly maligned by the Hollywood hacks, whose already meagre knowledge of the Greek mythology is further hampered by tired Christian stereotypes. At no point while reading the myths and legends of ancient Greece did I get the impression that Hades was a malicious character in any way. He comes across as a dutiful custodian of the dead, and when he's a dick, he's less so than most of his relatives. But guess who's always typecast as the villain of ancient Greece in every other American work of fiction? That's right, Hades. Because he rules the underworld, and I guess the train of thought is "underworld => hell => EVUL >:("

awesome couple

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Вы невероятная ° ˖✧◝ (⁰▿⁰) ◜✧˖ °

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I'm a sucker when it comes to Hades and PersephoneYuiko Kuruguya (Adorable) [V1]

And this amazing art can only be describe as...

DEADLY BEAUTIFUL [F2U] Yumeko Jabami's Confidence

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These are the best renditions of this couple I have seen. Well done!

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So glorious, enchanting, and beautiful! It is absolutely breathtaking! :love: Pixel Rose

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Only 6 months....such a short time to be together.

I always love the amount of care that Hades clearly shows for his wife in your pics, holding her as if she were a delicate flower. Which she kinda is, if it were six feet tall and had razor-sharp thorns >:3 Persephone ain't a pushover after all, not with her title as Queen of the Underground. Point is, he doesn't HAVE to be so careful, but he IS. Because he CARES!

:squee-love: - PLZ

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Aww, this one is so adorable!

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GORGEOUS!!!! <3 <3

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ahh.. good ol' hades and persephone

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I really love their design!!!

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*sigh* My relationship goals right here.

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ALSO my favorite all-time couple, love seeing your drawings of them <333

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I love that song lol nice choice to accompany the illustration ;D

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Oh, my favourite couple :heart:

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