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Grim Reaper Mermaid


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(Music: DEgITx - Grim Reaper )
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Hand-Sam-Art's avatar

Certainly an INTERESTING portrayal take!!

relsgrotto's avatar

So cool! I love it. Idea + execution on point!

LadybelleofPemberley's avatar

Aww I love her expression😁

TheAnimatingFanatic's avatar

A skelton mermaid reaper?! This is so awesome!!!

RavenCorona's avatar

That's the type of mermaid I like.

Hardwing's avatar

The death of the sea!

IamNoOneSpecial1's avatar

Never seen the Reaper presented like that... except for that Skull Reaper in Sword Art Online... that kinda came close.

Kyouken0w0's avatar
Dialivia's avatar

I love how you incorporated those blank deep sea eyes

feral-ferns's avatar

so cool and creepy, how the tail wraps around the scythe is just perfect.

manati20's avatar
dwalters0276's avatar
I love your work! 💚💚
Thalia-Dawnbringer's avatar

Ooh, creepy and entrancing! I love the detail with the skeleton!

LadySionis's avatar

Please tell me....where oh where do you find your music?!!! I MUST KNOW!!

maskiliz's avatar

You're genuinely so talented! :heart:

Kuato-Lives's avatar

This would make a badass tattoo.

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glowworm56's avatar

That is so awesome!

PookaWitch's avatar

Sooo cool! What a great concept, it's really original. :D

Ngl now this is a mermaid I could get down with, beautiful, dark, scary, very nice indeed

firlenwergion19's avatar
Good work, keep it up !!! 🖤
Fractaldragon's avatar

Looks like she could be having some trouble with her scythe!

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