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Edgar Allan Poe


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Omnia – The Raven)
Happy Birthday, 
Edgar Allan Poe Death the great Master of Dark literature and my huge inspiration small heart - black (January 19, 1809)

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Once upon a Midnight Dreary by IrenHorrors  H.P. Lovecraft by IrenHorrors 
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If you find the living a bore

There's a place you can go

Answer the call, go over the wall

Where the crosses are all in a row

Mind the trees, get down on your knees

Sneak in just like the breeze

Look around, though you won't be found

It's just you, Edgar Allen and me

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With poems like The Raven you have to wonder what demons Edgar was facing or better yet hiding within himself all these years. Perhaps like The Raven. Edgar went a little mad himself.
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But I’m sure he did find happiness with writing and being with his wife’s 😌

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Well sadly he lived a somewhat tragic life..he lost his mother and father at 2. He was adopted but never was at peace with his adopted father. His adopted mother and his wife died of tuberculosis. I forgot what Annabel lee died from. And I think he had a third wife?..but anyway he never was at peace until he died 😔

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Damn. No wonder he was able to write such dark stories...well...i hope he's finally happy now.

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My fave! lovely work as always
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I'm trying to pick a favorit in your gallery, it's damn hard eheh, your work is great
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Awesome! 'Love Poe! 'Love the Raven!

Maybe you should have added a wine glass though... I heard Poe wrote when he had too much wine.
ArtsyGirl7's avatar
That would explain some of his poems 😂😂😂
IamNoOneSpecial1's avatar
Word of warning... apparently he wasn't a happy drunk! More the opposite I heard! Apparently he was the kind of person who become easily angered and aggressive... 

I read somewhere that's partially how "Hop-frog" came to be.
ArtsyGirl7's avatar
Oh no, glad I wasn’t around then and knew him, wouldn’t wanna get punched by a drunk poet 😂😂😂😂
IamNoOneSpecial1's avatar
Uh... never heard of such an incident... considering how famous Poe is, I'd think something like that would be common knowledge. 

What I do know is that his drunken violence and anger and, well, dark thoughts... well, he put them on paper. 
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This is lovely!! :heart:
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He seems to be pondered, weak and weary... :p

Your style suits him so well !
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We've just finished studying about him and his life. I must say, it's a masterpiece.
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I remember being introduced to Edgar Allen Poe at 10 years old. His stories and poetry always gave me chills as well as a nightmare or two, but I could never put them down. You have a beautiful gallery and a distinctive art style :)
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He is the greatest poet/story write of all time! I love his works!
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I would LOVE to have this drawing of yours hanging on my wall in my room it is AMAZING! ^_^
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I really like the style of all your artwork. So much to look at. I love poe's creepy vibe. His death is really strange. Poe was found delirious on the streets of Baltimore, "in great distress, and... in need of immediate assistance". Some sources say that Poe's final words were "Lord help my poor soul".…

I have a collection of his and HP lovecraft's short stories. I'm re-reading Call of cthulhu right now! I'm really enjoying going through your gallery. ^_^
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Beautiful. 👍🏻☺️
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Awesome job, with the mood and the pose I recognized the man amongst all your gallery's thumbnails.
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