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Drawlloween Dark Forest


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(Music:  Dead Can Dance - Windfall)

Day 25 of #mabsdrawlloweenclub was Dark Forest ↟

October is over, but my work on the prompts is not finished yet, so here is Wendigo, roams in the dark. Be careful walking deep in the unknown forest 💀

Untitled Drawing by IrenHorrors 

More Wendigo art:
Wendigo by IrenHorrors 

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As someone from Nova Scotia... I approve<3

This looks wicked, my friend. Keep up the amazingly spooky great work! xxo

That creature is looks similar to wendigo to me. :D :) ;)

Evodolka's avatar

it IS one, maybe that is why :D

Domee's avatar
Elias Ainsworth! is that you??
Maniax80's avatar
I would love to pick your brain on this, do you like F13 and ANOES?
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DarrolLayman2015's avatar
Either he's aimlessly wandering, or searching for a victim to feed on.

Either way, it is an amazing portrayal of the Wendigo.
Zaloffshat's avatar
When there's a dark forest, there has to be something lurking for fresh blood...
Holda-volk's avatar
great and amazing! 
Yun77's avatar
I love it !
kraftdorian's avatar
Unbelievable scene, excellent artwork!
naaprimerjanez's avatar
Looks like Grims from RWBY. Nic werk.
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This is going to be weird and long and talk about my mental illnesses so :/

It makes me feel so weird that there are so many depictions of "wendigo"s, yet your wonderful scenes involving them always match detail for detail to the hallucinations I had as a young child, all the way up to now. I never learned about Wendigos as a kid, yet I saw these creatures CONSTANTLY. Always on the outside of my view, lurking in shadows, watching me from behind trees, etc. I realize that that I most likely had these hallucinations due to some other thing that I just don't remember, but I cant help but be shocked and confused whenever I stumble upon art that captures my childhood nightmares so vividly.
Excellent piece, definitely well deserving of a fav, and you are well deserving of a watch. I can't wait to see more awesome stuff like this! Hella props for sticking to the October prompt list, despite October being over. I definitely am not as strong willed as you for that LOL

P.S My mom would always play Dead Can Dance during my childhood, so that added to the spook of seeing this !!!!
dandreclyburn's avatar
Nice Wendigo. That's not how I envisioned them but, it's cool. I envision them to look like Until Dawn Wendigos. However, I do love your interpretation of the Wendigo👌.
sabson's avatar
Looks like the bastard
would fit into Darkwood 
PenciltipWorkshop's avatar
it's cool that you're still going despite october being over.
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