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Dark Arts Studying

(Music: London After Midnight - Love You To Death)

Lord Voldemort gives Bellatrix some Dark Arts lessons 💀
Oh that feeling, whan people commissioned something really interesting! I love this characters so much La la la la 
Art prints available on society6

Pigmented ink fineliner, watercolor and a bit of Photoshop
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I love the dark arts book literally having DARK ARTS on the cover. It gets a giggle out of me every time.
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I don't like how young Voldemort looks here, I much preferred Christian Coulson's design for Tom Riddle since it matched the books and it conveyed how handsome he was, this version isn't attractive to me at all, plus I don't like the couple Bellatrix/Voldemort I much prefer Tom Riddle with Harry Potter lol (as a ship) but that's just me.

I still think this was drawn very well, like the training pose, and dark arts scenery, it appeals to my gothic side so I still faved it xD

I would still love to see you do a comission for Tom Riddle and Harry Potter as a ship one day tho...but I'm not sure if you are LGBT friendly...

I know in the LGBT fanbase for Harry Potter people always ship Draco and Harry even tho Harry rejected Draco on his first day XD but Harry always had a powerful connection with Tom Riddle and Voldemort, and they are literally soulmates so I love to see their chemistry as art, but that's just me. 
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harry and tom would never be a couple because of their conflicting personalities
and when harry is of age voldemort is about 70 (give or take a couple of years but that doesnt really change anything)
but thats none of my business 
Kermit 'That's None of my Business' Emoticon GIF 
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They don't have conflicting personalities they are literally so alike Harry is more alike to Tom than he wants to admit. Even Tom pointed out how alike they are.

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I love this awesome basic style of art!
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This art will inspire many fanfictions to come - which I will google right away.
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This is amazing!
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Well, Bellatrix did say that she was personally taught by him. I kind of like to imagine the chemistry they would have had when they were younger. It sounds interesting...and rather dangerous. Two pyschopathic sociopaths practicing the Dark Art...That's danger with a capital 'd.'  
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He's not supposed to have a nose!
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Are you sure? You need to learn about this character more before make such uncompromising statements. :D (Big Grin) 
The young Lord Voldemort, after graduating tried to get work in Hogwarts, and also worked in Borgin and Burkes and even then he had quite an attractive appearance, even though it has already started creating horcruxes. Nose loss was one of the final stages of appearance degradation caused by the division of his soul into too many parts.
In this illustration, both characters are still young and Bellatrix just started her sincere passion for the dark arts. So Voldemort looks exactly as he should :) (Smile) 
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when did this happen because Voldamort looks more human then he was in the movie?
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Actually the nose loss and Voldemort’s backstory of when he was still Tom Riddle are actually explained in either the sixth or seventh book unfortunately I can't remember which it is. The scene in the picture is actually a scene from the dark Lord's past.
Come to think of it, did the books ever specify voldemort as bald?
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To be honest, I do not remember, perhaps in the Goblet of Fire, after his rebirth he really was described as bald, but I'm not sure
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Well he was bald in 1st book when he was a parasite.
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Interesting shipping, enough they had a child after there hook up.
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I think it's a bit...ridiculous twist of the Cursed Child  :D (Big Grin) 
But anyway I always wanted this two have some relationships :) (Smile) 
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I really like the way you draw Voldemort! great work :)
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