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Cozy Sabbath


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(Music: Ordo Funebris - A Witches Song)

Cozy Sabbath 🍂🎃🖤🔮

Finally done! Happy Halloween and blessed Samhain, witches! Heart 
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Ooooo, I love this art syle! And Ordo Funebris? Perfect!

Hand-Sam-Art's avatar

Excellent Gathering of Wiccans, Witches and Practitioners of magic and spells and such!

Nice groups, human and animal/mammal!!

Kuato-Lives's avatar

The level of detail in this is amazing.

Misteriem's avatar

Oh, just look at all those adorable hellspawn. :)

and the same to you and thank you for this great work of art!

MrTuke's avatar

Double Double Toil and Trouble, indeed. Nice artwork, sir! :thumbsup:

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loreleifan1's avatar

Fantastic picture :)

MoonyMina's avatar

this is really beautiful and heart-warming :) makes me smile!!

pirateking999's avatar

How come one of the witches has bright bugs round her head? Is that a reference I'm not catching on to?

GwrachSeren's avatar

Hey do you sell this anywhere as a print? It's gorgeous!

glowworm56's avatar

Beautifully done.

Hardwing's avatar

An amazing Sabbath!

Love the different familiars around.

Fractaldragon's avatar

Lots of delightful details in this! Blessed Samhain!

MarshmallowCoockie's avatar

Happy halloween!! Amazing art!!!

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Fabulous work! :D Happy Samhain!

very awesome!!!

amazing picture!!!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Designs and varieties of witches have really been exploding lately :D

ammotc's avatar

I aspire to be dressed like one of your witches someday

DarkElixir's avatar

They look pretty excited. It's great how you've drawn them showing off each of their personalities in the clothing and attitudes.

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