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(Music: Butterfly Temple - Hounds of Chernobog)

Chernobog (Black God, Black Serpent, Чернобог) - the main antagonist in the mythology of the ancient Slavs. He was considered to be an allegory of everything dark in the world and people.

He was born in the impenetrable gloom of Underwold (Навь) after Svarog had forged the universe. He had no father, no mother, only shadows, and echoes of the most secret desires of the first living beings became his parents. He appeared in the world as the embodiment of absolute evil, as the conciliar spirit of the most cruel human instincts and dark sparks of divine radiance. And there was no other goal for Chernobog except destruction.

All the creatures of underwold are obeying Chernobog - dark spirits, aspids, manticores, basilisks and other evil spirits. This god has unique abilities in terms of magic, which in combination with immeasurable physical strength makes him an extremely dangerous creature. Chernobog brought to the world such characters of ancient Russian folklore as Viy, Koschei and Goryn Zmeevich.

Chernobog is an obvious allegorization of the dark side of the personality of each of us. He is incredibly strong, he is practically invincible, however, without the evil of the existence of the world is impossible. Its polarity, its double-valuedness is the basis of the harmony of the universe.

P.S Most of you voted for Greek mythology in the poll on my page, so the next piece will be related to it :) (Smile) 

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This could either go in two ways for him

1: he‘s the main antagonist

2: he’s misunderstood