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I heard the new Addams Family animated movie will be released this October, cannot wait! Made a new little Gomez and Morticia piece 🖤
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Wow, adorable and perfectly drawn! Very gothic indeed.....LOL

Awesome work!

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I used to watch the 60s show on TV. Everyone else in my class (we´re talking 1st-2nd grade) was scared of the show but I loved it. They loved eachoter so much and were the happiest family I ever seen.
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It is amazing! So funny and Mortica and Gomez are so wonderful- the whole family is so wholesome and really care for each-other.

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I know! They are adorable!

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Yes and I always loved they have a lion as a per. And Cleopatra XD.

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I know right?!

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YASSS, GOMEZ AND MORTICIA ARE ONE ONE OF MY FAVORITE COUPLES!!! Raul Julia and Angelica Huston simply killed it in the 1990s films!!!!

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Love this!! They are one of my favorite couples!! :D

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The perfect couple ^^
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Can't go wrong with the Addams. Is that actual watercolor in the background?

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Just Brilliant!

So slinky and slick ... both of them!
Gruesomely Awesome :D
I like some of the Addams Family cartoons and the old black and white tv series gave me a laugh
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This looks really great! Fantastic work ^^
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So cute (in it's dark, gothy way ;) ) I hope the animation will be good, please!
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F2U Moon pixel Mortcia and Gomez best couplePurple Heart of Love Mini  I love it!
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One of the greatest couples ever! 
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