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(Music: Derek and Brandon Fiechter – Bastet)

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth.
She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. cat planet cat planet

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Bastet's mask makes me think of Halley Berry's Catwoman.

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Beautifully outstanding and amazingly done!! :heart:
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Loving this depiction of Bastet! :)
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I like her cat helmet and gorgeous eyes! Lovely! 
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By the way, have you drawn Sekhmet? I think she would go great with the genre you have.
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I'm not saying you should stop drawing Bastet as a human, but she was never portrayed as that in the myths. She was always just a cat while the rest of the gods had animal heads with human bodies or just the animal form. In ancient Egypt, if someone killed someone's else's cat, even on accident, they would be killed. That's how much the Egyptians worshiped cats. I still really like your art. It reminds me a lot of Gris Grimly, but with better proportions.
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Actually, the ancient Egyptians used to think of the gods more like concepts than creatures; it's just damn hard to draw a concept, hence, human bodies and animal heads. Or an ostrich feather for a head in Ma'at's case. So I don't think you should stick to this or that when drawing them. Anything goes!
Sincerely, a Kemetic Wiccan

Also it's common courtesy not to liken an artist's work/style to another's. Even if you like the proportions better.
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Thank you. I didn't know they were more of concepts than animals. Also on iren's profile she says she bases her style off of Gris Grimly. I thought that could be taken as a compliment.
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Thank You! Hug 
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This is... AMAZING! Love it~~~
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Don't ever call this cat lady "crazy"
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Well in some mythos, Sekhmet is basically second face of Basted and Sekhmet is batshit crazy at times.

Indeed. Originally, Bastet and Sekhmet were one Goddess : Mafdet - "the Runner" in ancient Egyptian. Her cult dated back to Dynasty I era (c.3100 BC - c.2900 BC), and she was both a judging Diety, defender of houses and Temples, healer of both mind and body, as well as a shredder of evil forces. She was similar to Bastet in appearance, tho sometimes with a panther face instead of a cat's, but was also a warrior goddess and a provider of sickness and healing alike, like Sekhmet.

The full extent of her cult is unknown, but we do know that her healing aspect was put forward the most. Her cult was overthrown by Bastet's around the Dynasty VI era (2374 to 2140 BC). Basically, Bastet was mainly Mafdets friendlier aspect, as a patron Diety of mothers, children and households, a provider of joy, and sometimes as the Goddess of Love (Bastet is assimilated to Hathor, like Sekhmet).

And yes, many descriptions of Bastet say that Sekhmet is her ferocious part. The Lioness Goddess seems to have inherited all of Mafdet's less friendly aspects : a warrior-Goddess prone to frenzy, a sender of plague, disease and other miasmas.

It is said that she was unleashed by Amon-Ra upon Eart once to punish the Humans who had become lazy, insolent, jealous and impious. Problem is that Sekhmet took too much pleasure in inflicting pain and death to the feeble and puny Mortals. Taken by remorse upon the guilt of threatening the Humans with genocide and afraid that Sekhmet's rampage would soon extend to the egyptian pantheon, Ra prepared a special brew of beer tainted in red to imitate the blood Sekhmet so craved. Tired and drunk as a skunk, Sekhmet fell down to sleep and turned either into Hathor or Bastet.

The two Goddesses, Bastet and Sekhmet, are told to participate, either as separate individuals or togather as a panther, to the nightly struggle of Ra against Apep, the Snake of Chaos.

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would you really call a god crazy to their face? if so, then you got bigger balls than I do XD
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Very underrated! Really cool design, making her seem utter-earthly and yet feminine at the same time. Plus, the cat themed is well played out.
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Now this is a Catwoman I could get behind, haha. Great work, she looks really cool.
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I love this, and also the way you draw cats, such an unique style.
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CATWOMAN 101 :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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The cat lady of the Egyptians.
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:sluglove: i love this sooo much! 
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Mmmmmmmmmm... Voglio essere un gatto....
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The first cat womanPusheen Emote 
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